We used to be good at theology.

That we in Jamaica have come to consider the above as “debate” is a sad reflection on the low level of intelligence of our public intellectuals. Of course, he has been soundly rubbished here and at other places, but I still have some questions about his intellectual capacity (or lack thereof)

Why is it that this gentleman cannot tell the difference between a parody and a fantasy? Why is he unable to properly cite a Lancet article? Or explain why buttfucking is a social ill? And who or what exactly is this Omniscient Ominous Council of Vaguely Described Battymanism?

The gentleman has stated that the “Gay Lobby” wishes to lower the age of consent. Well, lets check that.:

A) We demand passage of a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender civil rights bill and an end to discrimination by state and federal governments including the military; repeal of all sodomy laws and other laws that criminalize private sexual expression between consenting adults.

1. Passage of “The Civil Rights Amendment Act of 1991” (HR 1430 & S574).

2. Repeal of Department of Defense directive 1332.14

3. Repeal of laws prohibiting sodomy between consenting adults.

4. Repeal of laws prohibiting cross-gender expression (dress codes) between consenting adults.

5. Repeal of laws prohibiting non-coercive sexual behavior between consenting adults.

6. Amendment of the Code of Federal Regulations to recognize same-sex relationships.

7. Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

8. Implementation of, funding for and enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991.

    9. Passage and implementation of graduated age-of-consent laws.

Graduated age of consent of laws mean that an age gap between two teenagers involved in sexual relations would be taken into consideration. These are also known as close-in-age exemptions. From the Wikipedia

Some jurisdictions have laws which explicitly allow minors under the age of consent to engage in sexual acts with partners who are close to their age by enacting legal close in age exemptions: for instance in Canada the age of consent is 16, but there are two close-in-age exemptions: minors 14–15 may have sex with a partner who is less than five years older, and minors aged 12–13 may have sex with a partner who is less than two years older. These different defenses can change dramatically from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, even between neighboring states of the same union with the same age of consent. Other countries state that the sexual conduct with the minor is not to be punished if the partners are of a similar age and development: for instance the age of consent in Finland is 16, but the law states that the act will not be punished if “there is no great difference in the ages or the mental and physical maturity of the persons involved”.

Fortunately for us ‘good’ Jamaicans, Peter Garth’s is about as intelligent as Portia Simpson-Miller with Down’s Syndrome. This is indeed sad, considering Jamaica has produced some very good theologians such as

Gladstone Wilson, a man who had 3 doctorates and spoke 14 languages – at the age of 28. He was also considered the world’s seventh smartest man, which would put him on the same level as Black Panther and Reed Richards. But we have also produced Sam Sharpe, Raphael Morgan and Herro Blair. Compared to men like these, Garth and the rest of the Jamaican fundamentalists have produced nothing of merit, other than being talking heads and little else.

We may live in postmodern Jamaica, but that doesn’t mean that our experience parallels that of other nations in postmodernity. Between the time the Spanish brought the first African in chains to the time we were emancipated, the Western world had undergone two events that we were not privy to – the Enlightenment and Romanticism. Those two movements were essential in separating Man from Nature, and thus giving us the idea of the individual. It would behoove us all to learn the lessons from that time.