Frances Cress Welsing was crazy. Get over it.

The microphone represents the white man’s desire to possess the black man’s penis, as can be seen from the one large white ball at the end of the long black stick. By holding the mic, he can then symbolically prevent his genetic annihilation by passing on his seed through the black man’s genitals. That’s why there’s so much interracial cuckold porn online. Also, by Dr. Cress-Welsing putting the microphone to her mouth, the white man can visualize himself making her submit to him. Just as planned.

Francis Cress Welsing was crazy. Do not attempt to deny this.

The Best of the Isis Papers

Now, some of you may have read elsewhere that Frances Cress Welsing that she was a singularly unique black intellectual, who has proposed an analysis of “color confrontation” that explains worldwide white supremacy in a scientific, falsifiable way, based on an empirical method. Be not deceived. Her work is not science, it is comedy. Here are just a few excerpts from her book, “The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors”:

Why do white people love dogs so much?

For example, the dog rather than God proverbially is considered Western man’s best friend. This is contrary to the beliefs of skin-pigmented peoples regarding their relationship to God. This Western concept of the dog as man’s best friend is linked to the mythology of the founding of Rome. According to this mythology, Rome was founded by two orphans, Romulus and Remus, who were suckled by a wolf. Both the wolf and the dog are canines.) These two presumably white infants are said to have founded the state that began Western Civilization and culture. When this is decoded, Romulus and Remus are the symbolic representatives of the early albinos who were abandoned by their Black mothers in Africa as genetic mutant defectives and in the process of their northward migration for survival, were “left to the dogs” – suckled by wolves. This decoding explains the worship and love of the dog (canine) in Western civilization…… And, is this love and worship of the dog reflected in the mirror-image of the words “God” and “dog” – even at this “advanced” stage in the expression and evolution of Western civilization and culture? (page 27-28)

On Homosexuality:

At another level, white male homosexuality may be viewed as the symbolic attempt to incorporate into the white male body more male substance by either sucking the penis of another male and orally ingesting the semen, or by having male ejaculate deposited in the other end of the alimentary canal. Through anal intercourse, the self-debasing white male may fantasize that he can produce a product of color, albeit that the product of color is fecal matter. This fantasy is significant for white males because the males who are able to produce skin color are viewed as the real men. (page 47)

On Smoking (remember, non-white people don’t smoke.)

This same sense of maleness-deficiency in the white supremacy culture causes the behavior patterns of smoking either small white phallic symbols called cigarettes, large dark brown or black phallic symbols known as cigars, pipes and the long brown cigarettes called Mores. (Or does it mean Moors?) These are sucked, swallowed, puffed and otherwise bodily ingested, ultimately leading to self-negation through potential cancer-caused deaths. Also, it should be noted that for the white male collective, the greatest sense of male power comes from smoking the large, dark brown, phallic smoking objects- cigars and pipes. Thus, cigars are given at the birth of a son! (page 47)

On Food and Christmas:

The most favored drinks are all dark brown in color: coffee, tea, coke, beer, and whiskey. These are all symbolic of the blood or genes of Jesus. A favorite meat is steak, which comes from the bull or cattle. (See Chapter 7.) We need not mention the hot dogs, half smokes and all the other varieties of sausages. Also, are not bulls castrated to make them taste better when eaten? Are not football players fed steak before they attempt to go out and capture the large brown balls? (See Chapter 10.) I further understand that “bull’s balls” are eaten as delicacies in some bars and other eating establishments in the white supremacy culture. (page 75)

Likewise, the symbolism in the major holidays of the Christian religion is supportive of my interpretations. At Christmas, the tree is one of the most important symbols. The Christmas tree is, in its abstracted form, a cross- the symbol of the Black male genitals. (See Diagram V.) First, the Christmas tree is chopped down in the forest. Then it is taken home. In the U.S., when the Christmas tree is decorated, colored “balls” are hung on the tree. When the tree is taken down and burned, the “balls” are first taken off. Then all can dream of a “white Christmas” and a surviving white Christ.

Mmmm, Chocolate……

The favorite candy is chocolate candy (chocolate comes mainly from Africa), preferably with nuts. Recall chocolate kisses and all of the myriad chocolate candy bars. Nuts are also important in the white supremacy culture. Some have focused on peanuts and become millionaires and the most powerful persons in the world. Finally, given the symbolism behind such eating practices, it follows that oral sexual practices would be a favorite in the white supremacy system/culture. (page 75)

Chapter 10 is a goddamn gold mine

On Pool and Bowling:

In the game of billiards or pool, there are eight colored balls, a white ball and a long dark stick placed on a table. The object of the game is to use the long stick in causing the white ball to knock all of the colored balls under the table. The last colored ball knocked under the table is the black ball. When the game is over, the white ball is the only ball that remains on top of the table with the long dark stick. Then the game starts again.

Bowling is also an interesting ball game in the white supremacy culture. Usually, this game is played with a large black ball being rolled forcefully down an alley where it is expected to knock down 10 white pins; the central pin is referred to as the “kingpin.” Clearly, the bowling pins are white and, in shape, are phallic symbols. In other words, the pins are white phallic symbols that are knocked asunder by a heavy black ball, over which the bowler attempts to gain mastery. In symbolic fantasy, the bowler sees himself as master and possessor of the larger black ball and thereby in control of the harm it can bring to the white male genital apparatus (the white pins). (page 135)

On goalposts and nets:

It is of symbolic importance that the large brown basketball is thrown into a circular opening (the basket- usually a white net) that can be viewed as a symbol of the white female vaginal orifice. Similarly, the large brown football is kicked through a white upright opening (the goal posts) that can be viewed, again symbolically, as the uplifted legs of a white female in the act of sexual intercourse. Perhaps unconsciously the white male psyche considers here that the white female’s preferred sexual choice is “tall, dark and handsome.” In tossing or kicking the large brown balls into the white net or the white goal posts, the white male is able to fantasize that he is satisfying the white female maximally via an identification with the Black male and the brown balls, which the white male – in play – believes he now possesses or controls…. Thus, the Black male is their true standard of real manhood and genetic power – the ultimate controller of the Black “ball.” As white males attempt to master the placement of these large brown “playing” balls in “openings,” their activity can be viewed as attempts to resolve the dilemma of their self-questioned manhood. Their manhood is always in question because of their genetic recessive status compared to the genetic dominance of the world’s majority.

On golf:

Interestingly, golf, the most “elite” of all of the ball games in the white supremacy culture, is played with a long dark-colored stick or “iron” held between the legs. This iron is smashed against the side of a very small white ball. The object is to knock this small white ball into a hole in the black earth (black mother earth- the Black female?). By attempting to place his small white ball in the black earth, using a long dark stick, again the white male is attempting to identify with the possession of the genital equipment and privilege of the Black male, whose rightful partner is the Black female. If this pattern of play in golf does not qualify as the very essence of male genital symbolism and neurotic conflict in the white male psyche, as formulated in this specific discussion, then nothing does. Again, is it only a coincidence that the major event in golf competition should be called the Master’s Tournament? Is this not a fitting title for the most elite of all ball games played by the masters of the “master race”?

Leaving the balls behind here’s what she has to say about the ladies:

I emphasize here that Black men are oppressed because ultimately, it is male muscle mass that oppresses a people, and only male muscle mass has the potential for achieving liberation. If the men of a people are oppressed, the women are brought under oppression- as they are dependent on their men for protection and the muscle mass to liberate a people and defense. Women do not have the muscle mass to liberate a people and protect the young. Women develop the young but their men must provide the protection and the security apparatus

It should come as no surprise that the paranoid conspiracy theorist who sees all kinds of strange connections in even the most mundane statement is a comedic archetype in Black American media

Now, according to her, the reason why normal human beings see all of the above quotes as utter complete nonsense is that we are looking at symbols on a surface level. But Cress-Welsing proposes that our brains function as a typical computer with something like a Von Neumann architecture. In this model, a set of shared symbols located in human collective unconscious that is manipulated on an unconscious level by said “brain-computer.” If we claim to be doing science, then we can only deal with the physical world, and the Jung’s collective unconscious is as far from physical as one can get. Where, in the brain, or in the physical world, is the collective unconscious? Abstract symbols cannot affect physical changes in the brain. Take cocaine. We know how cocaine affects the brain’s neuro-transmitters, leading to addiction. But a symbol is by definition abstract, its interpretation is dependent on context and culture, not some universal collective unconscious.

For example take her drawing for the male genitalia:

I was initially skipping through my copy of the Isis Papers when I first saw the above. The first thing that occurs is not male genitalia, but, in fact, it’s complete opposite. What I thought I had initially glimpsed was an abstraction of the female reproductive system on learns about in high school. The fallopian tubes seemed a bit shortened, but the eggs and uterus were there for all to interpret

In other words, there is no universal symbol system that is understood by all human beings. Even if there were, symbols can have no physical effect on the brain, as brain is not some mental abstraction but a physical, biological organ that is affected by physical processes. Yes, some symbols may have some hidden meanings. But like the man said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

It’s just a cigar people! Nothing to see here. Keep it moving!

Physics Envy (PE) + Non-Intelligible Sophistry (N-IS) = PEN-IS

Leaving aside the more laughable examples from her book, The Isis Papers, we must now look at the method to her madness.

  1. Any time a white person has sex with a non-white person, the whiteness is removed
  2. Continued interbreeding of whites with non-whites will lead to the extermination of the white race
  3. Therefore, the white man will do whatever it takes to destroy non-white races, as well as to prevent interbreeding among blacks and whites

This whole three-step fuckery pyramid rests upon the unspoken assumption of the One-Drop Rule. She must therefore ignore the countries where the One-Drop Rule does not apply. The fact that in Brazil, if Lawrence Fishbourne had straight hair and a professional job would be considered white cannot occur to her. Instead, her theory, with regards to the One Drop Rule aspect, is simply a case of a Black American foisting their own peculiar situation as the base case for the world. But why doesn’t she only consider that the whiteness is removed – why not the blackness? Enter Melanin Theory. Apparently, the less melanin one has, the less able one is to absorb energy and signals being emanated by the universe. This makes people with less melanin less empathetic. Or something:

As mentioned in the Color-Confrontation theory, white-skinned people, who lack any substantial level of permanent melanin in their skin, historically have contrasted themselves with all people in the world who have substantial, recognizable and permanent levels of melanin…

This has been refuted by people brighter than me, but let’s walk down this path anyway.

White skin is a form of albinism. There is no difference, microscopically speaking, between the white skin of a white person and the skin of a person designated as an albino.

We are given no evidence, cited no papers, detailed no experiments. The assertion that whites are a type of albino is simply stated. She says that albinos and white have the same skin “microscopically.” Then why not shows a picture comparing the two. After all, the book is full of bullshit diagrams, why not include one that supports your point? But wait, it gets better!

My central thesis here is that white-skinned peoples came into existence thousands of years ago as the albino mutant offsprings of black-skinned mothers and fathers in Africa. A sizeable number of these Black parents had produced, rejected and then cast out of the community their genetic defective albino offspring, to live away from the normal black skin-pigmented population with the awareness of their rejection and alienation (as in leper colonies).

The white tribe’s eventual migration northward, to escape the intensity of the equatorial sun of the Southern hemisphere, left the albinos eventually situated in the area of the world known as Europe-now recognized as the home of the white tribes.

Again, no evidence other than an interpretation of the Adam and Eve story that sounds like it was devised by Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud while they were smoking from a LSD laced bong. No archaeological evidence is given. No historical evidence of albinos being expelled is given. These albinos trekked all the way from Africa to Europe, yet no evidence of albinos along this trek is found and stated. The facts are as follows; the people who arrived in Europe were dark-skinned, light skin as an adaption
that came later. Dark skinned Africans settled Europe 40,000 years ago. Albinos may be despised, but they were also regarded as “semi-gods” – this is even quoted by Cress-Welsing herself!

If you go on Wikipedia, whenever you see something that is not backed up by a primary source. You will see the familiar [Citation needed] superscript. Well that can be used to describe this entire set of papers The Isis Papers – [Citation needed]. At no point in the book, is any specific gene named. We are never given specific dates for when the Mass Albino Migration to Europe took place. Unlike Freud and Jung, she does not perform any interviews or psychoanalysis on the white people she is so fascinated with. To see how the “brain-computer” works, how the unconscious recognition of symbols is translation of actions, she puts no one in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine to find this out. In other words, she has no experimental evidence for her theory. Therefore, she is not doing science. In fact, her ideas on recessive and dominant genes sound like they came from some B-movie or videogame.

But what she’s doing sure sounds like science, don’t it? I mean she describes her work as “Unified Field Theory Psychiatry”, she speaks of “brain-computers” and what-not. But the fact that she uses science sounding terminology borrowed from physics and computer “science” does not make what she is doing science. Rather it represents the same modern-day hucksterism that one sees on late night infomercials, business consultants and New Age wierdoes – an appeal to scientific methods to justify their ridiculous ideas.

Do you want a revolution? Apparently not.

Let’s say that the Cress-Welsing, in spite of her silly “science” and nonsense analogies has a deeper point, a deeper point that is just poorly explained. The main point being, that white people have a biologically ingrained inferiority complex towards non-whites, which results in their creation of social, economic and political structures that destroy non-whites, both physically and mentally. What makes this “theory” seem revolutionary is that she takes the usual racist critique of the dominant race being socially and economically motivated, to racism being a direct result of biological imperative to avoid annihilation. But even this fails 0n most fundamental ways.

The history of Western Civilization is not one of whites killing and dominating non-whites. It’s that of whites killing themselves. Hundred’s Year War, Thirty Years War, Rome’s Social Wars, the Napoleonic Conquests, World Wars 1 and 2 and everything in between. Even in the Cold War, those big nuclear missiles weren’t pointed at Africa – they were pointed at the whitest places on Earth. When non-white people do factor into Western Civilization, it is not as the main course, but the side dish. France and England didn’t conquer Africa and India to wipe out non-white people. They used them as manpower to fight their European continental wars, and to use as fresh markets to hawk their goods to from the European continent. Even the native populations that got wiped out in the “Age of Discovery” died from lack of immunity to diseases, or the overwork and general sadism of the “Discoverers” – not some systematic genocide plan akin to the Nazi Holocaust.

But whether you take out the fundamental point above, or incorporate the rest of the book, which is basically saying that white people are evil because their skin is white, it really doesn’t matter. I mean, with this information, what action can you take? If racism is not a product of nurture, but of nature, then white people can never change. Society can never reach any progressive goal that sees race based prejudice as a mere anachronism. If white people cannot change from wanting to destroy blacks, then isn’t the next step Race War?

I read the writings of Cress-Welsing and her friends, and can’t help but thinking about the writings and actions of mathematician/terrorist Theodore Kaczynski. You read his stuff and see him mailing out his little bombs and shit and you know that those actions are never going to change society. And deep down Kaczynski knows this as well. Same thing with Cress-Welsing and her Melanin Theory followers. What is their solution tom the problems facing black people in America? Have stable families. Seriously. There is no serious examination or strategy for the solution to mutant albino problem. This is just one set of East-coast American blacks espousing their own warped personal experience to other blacks, as if it were a universal experience useful for all blacks. All it is, is a hyper-conservative set of beliefs that will do nothing for blacks but leave them scientifically and socially illiterate. Maybe, just maybe, these ideas and the people who espouse are genuine, but have been held back by more mainstream authorities. Or maybe crazy is just crazy.

The J-FLAGging of the Postmodern Rasta

I had the pleasure of listening to “culture” musicians Queen Ifrica and Tony Rebel quibble like a bunch of market women quarrelling over who stole their bleaching cream on Nationwide News last night at around 7 last night. Naturally, it was about homosexuals. As you may already know, Queen Ifrica managed to make a fool of herself at the Independence Day Gala with some of the usual crap about shit she neither understands nor has any business talking about. Not surprisingly, J-FLAG complained about her, as they had done about Tony Rebel a year previous, so naturally Ifrica was pissed off at them

Queen Ifrica has deemed herself an expert on matters of sexual perversity due to her songs “Daddy don’t touch me there” and some encounters she had with young male prostitutes. Because some of these young men had been molested by male relatives, she decided to point out that many homosexuals had “initiated” through molestation, and the work that she done to “help” these young men. Tony Rebel then joined in after the commercial break to bitch and moan as well.

Enter Dane from J-FLAG. Dane from J-FLAG wanted to defend his organization, and by extension, the “Jamaican Gay Community” by stating their position on the matter of Ifrica’s and Tony Rebel’s statements. The problem is that Dane from J-FLAG did this by going on Nationwide News Network, instead of a news program, or a media station dedicated to bringing news and facts to the Jamaican people. The result was that Dane from J-FLAG got utterly and completely clowned, owned, mocked and made fun of. You see, Cliff Hughes and company do not deal in news – they deal in entertainment. It is impossible to have a serious discussion with the type of round table format used on that type of program. Nationwide News does not have the capability or the desire to do the investigative journalism, undercover specials, multi-part documentaries or thoroughly researched interviews that one sees on BBC Hardtalk –the types of activities that generate actual new-stories so that the Jamaican people make sense of their historical, economic, social and existential position. Neither is he or his staff funny enough to do satire like Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. All he can give is a pastiche of a news program, with him pretending to be a referee, when his and other Jamaican news programs serve as a mirror to reflect the collective consciousness of the Jamaican people. Only last night, he reflected Queen Ifrica’s ugliness.

No, that is not a crossdresser

The extent and significance of Queen Ifrica’s fugliness cannot be overstated, so I will give it a paragraph here. Fucked up teeth. Reptilian jawline. Overall masculine facial characteristics and behaviour. Is it any wonder that the Rastafarian male community has turned away from Rastawomen , and are now more interested in non-Rastafarians? Just take a look at any video from Buju Banton, Sizzla, or any of the rest of them. All women with pounds of makeup and weave. Considering the Rastafarian male to female ratio is 6 men to 1 woman, this should come as no surprise, but what does come as a surprise is the utter breakdown of Rastafarianism as it is traditionally thought of in Jamaica Not only is the sight of Rastafarians eating chicken patties from Tastees or oxtail lunches from your local tuck shop, but one can see them freely walking around with white women in Half-Way-Tree, turning out at political rallies, and all the other things that would be verboten to Rastafarians recent as ten years ago. In other words, all that is required to be considered a Rastafarian nowadays is the hair, and the attitude, no belief system necessary.

Back to Dane from J-FLAG. Had Dane from J-FLAG been have had sated that although he was a member of J-FLAG, he was speaking on his own behalf. As a member of an organization mainly concerned with generating publicity for themselves and crafting press statements, he should have had focused on rhetoric, instead of trying to assert facts. He could have had brought the fact that anti-gay activists can have a noticeable effect on the already all-time low reggae album sales (Ifrica’s 2008 album sold only 2800 copies.). He could have had mentioned that both artistes would be concerned about the effect that the international network of gay activists could have on their ability to make money from international tours.

Oh no!!! Gays fucking up my album sales and tours. One ting alone fi dem battybwoy….
…now I can tour again!!! Yippeee!!!!

Lastly, he could have mentioned that all their bravado was just an attempt to backtrack on their statements that they made at the Independence Galas as an attempt to “get a forward.” But no, he simply played his part in the Cliff Hughes Variety and Comedy Show. Hughes pretending to be the impartial referee, Ifrica as the valiant heroine, avenging the injustice done against her by the faceless organization called J-FLAG, Tony Rebel as the calm, impartial, mature but forgiving Rastaman. And then we have Dane from J-FLAG, the badmind effeminate faggot who gets put in his place by the righteous Rastas. Everyone played their appropriate part.

The joke is, J-FLAG and the Rastas have much to offer each other. The picture of a Jamaican butch is not baggy pants and canerows, but a dreadlocked woman with tongue ring and oxford shirt pushed neatly into pleated dress pants. And as stated above, the Rasta male-female ratio isn’t looking too good. So what J-FLAG and the Rastafarian community need to do is unite. The butch lesbians can offer the straight Rastaman threesomes, and the Rastamen can let themselves out of the closet, as the only type of person who would want to be a Rastaman, in this day and age must be already gay as fuck. It would work out for the best – two organizations who have abandoned all ethics and integrity for the sake of publicity belong together

BWE and the Wall of Silence – An Addendum

How did things get this bad? How does the minority get to speak the loudest?   The Wall of Silence (WoS) and the Black Women’s Empowerment (BWE) Internet movement may just be symptoms of a disease, but with some diseases, like AIDS, the symptoms are the disease. This is the principal issue of BMV/BWE, they are like AIDS, not an Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, but an Acquired Ideology Deficiency Syndrome. It seems that at the end of the 20th century, black people in both Jamaica and the United States lost any sense of connection to a Grand Narrative. By a Grand Narrative, I mean a story of human history that gives meaning to the past, explains the present, and provides guidance for the future. Its purpose is therefore, not only historical, but teleological – it gives history and meaning. A past example would be that of Marxism. Modern examples would be Christian Fundamentalism, Californianism (technological utopianism driven by the belief that Moore’s Law can go on forever) and Radical Neoliberalism (the Kool-Aid imbibed by most of the West’s ruling parties)


Around 2007, a group of individuals came up with their own Grand Narrative of Late 20th/ early 21st Century African-American history. They intended to use their Grand Narratives to cause social change. They focused mostly on gender relations, each one blaming the other for the faults in the African-American community. The Wall of Silencers (Black Men Vent, Diary of a Tired Black Man, Sergeant Willie Pete) chided black women for their perceived masculinity, moving the black community away from black unity and black power by allying with the Feminist movement, destroying the black family unit, and whoring themselves out to men they call “thugs”, “bad boys” and other such undesirables, instead of choosing (of course) they. As such, they vowed to ignore and scorn any black woman that did not agree with them,and to stop talking about black women The Black Women’s Empowerment Movement makes the claim that black men fail to protect black women from insults and violence, has destroyed the black family by abandoning his woman and child, and failing to marry his woman en masse, is more willing to give love and devotion to (grossly overweight) non-black women, and sacrifices black women on the altar of the Black Community.


Now, there is nothing wrong with a narrative being ahistorical. The Jews, with their religious narrative, have it written in their Holy Books that they had been enslaved in Egypt by a cruel pharaoh, and were then liberated by the great leader Moses. That there is no archaeological evidence of this ever happening is irrelevant – enough time has passed between the time the enslavement was claimed to have happened and the time it was mythologized. Thus, the Jewish people have a powerful spiritual tradition to serve as a Grand Narrative. This is not the case however, with the Wall of Silencers (WoS) and the BWE. History does not agree with their narratives.


With the WoS:

  • Black women’s masculinity is played up by the media and their sassiness exaggerated by performers, such as actresses, comedians and cartoonists
  • Black women have consistently been a part of black Civil Rights movements; even their offshoots of feminism were rooted in black power. In fact, black feminism has usually been a response to mainstream feminism, not an offshoot of. Even now you can see this in black women’s apprehension to participate in “slutwalks.”
  • Like most women, black women are attracted to charismatic men. The WoS has created a false dichotomy of “nerds” on one side and “thugs” on the other. It ignores that the type of man (Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Idris Elba, Barack Obama, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Michael Eric Dyson) who is able to attract several women to his company is not a passive-aggressive “nice guy”, but a charismatic person who radiates self-confidence. That the word “swag” has replaced the word “charisma” is irrelevant, the meaning is the same.

The BWE movement does not acknowledge:


When a Jew is presented with the facts regarding the Exodus, he may get upset with you, but based on who you come across, he might just shrug it off. But the BWE/WoS will not have anything to do with facts, preferring instead to stick their fingers in their ears and chant their mantras of DBR and ankle, hoping that the facts will just go away. And when they don’t, they create even deeper delusions for themselves. They then begin to echo movements in their decline like the Black Panther Party, embracing internal repression, paranoia and self-exaltation, while at the same time labeling anyone that opposes them on their turf as “sock puppets” and “concern trolls”. Thus, they begin to look less like movements, and more like cults. The question is, how did they get this way, and how can movements avoid becoming this way?


It is no coincidence that both these movements came about during 2007 – 2008. This period saw several brutal gang rapes occurring in poor black communities, such as the particularly sadistic and brutal Dunbar Village rape. There was also the repeated television specials that appeared on various new programs that were  backhanded compliment to black men and women. But the BWE/WoS movements could not have been possible without ta technology that saw is mass proliferation at this time – Web 2.0. Presentable blogs replaced unwieldy sub-domains, combined with Twitter, social media such as Facebook and  video streaming sites such as YouTube gave ordinary people with the strangest ideas a medium to express themselves to the world. The problem is that Web 2.0 is a medium best suited to delivering messages – not ideas. An exchange of ideas require an embodied presence – think the signers of the Constitution arguing, or the sit-ins during the American Civil Rights movements. But the BWE/WoS do not believe in social change – or ideas for that matter. Th e perfect example of this can be seen with Christelyn Karazin’s response to Mikhail Lyubansky regarding his article about her No Wedding No Womb movement. Lyubansky first states:

My point is that Civil Rights movement focused on systems change, not on helping black folks make the best of Jim Crow. State-supported segregation is gone but many systems, including the education system, continue to be racially biased.  There’s nothing about the value of education that black youth haven’t heard 100 times.  They just don’t trust the education system to deliver on its promise….. But there IS a reason to change the system, and we need to work to make it happen, because the history of social change is that it doesn’t happen by itself.  And for all its good intentions, No Wedding No Womb not only doesn’t aim at systems change; it distracts from it.


To which, Karazin responds:

We Can Work for Change but..

It’s takes too damn long! The STRUCTURE is what IT IS. You and I both know we black folks have worked for structural change since the 1800’s. That mess takes time. You know it, and I know it. Also, didn’t you know that our government, the primary facilitator for “structural change” is bankrupt? THERE. IS. NO. MONEY. Combine that with the declining voting bloc of African Americans and “HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!”


And that, sums up the philosophy of BWE/WoS – don’t think about the future. Its too far away, and besides, it takes too long. Just work on what you can from the system now. The sad thing is, that the people who created the modern structure were in the smae place she was, but they chose to work hard and bide their time. Mises, von Hayek and the Mont Pelerin Society were the laughing stock of the economic community for thirty years, yet their neo-liberal ideas are the default economic system for the modern world. The Christian Fundamentalists that were once thought theological dunces.are now the mainstream in much of America and the Caribbean.And so it goes. It would seem that if any movement truly wants genuine change, they will have to actually grit their teeth and put in the work. Let the BWE/WoS , Human Bio-Diversity types, the (batty)manosphere and the Pick-Up Artists huddle together, and rant impotently. The rest of us have too much at stake to waste time with such foolishness.



Black Women’s Empowerment – An FAQ

Everything to be said about Black Women’s Empowerment. in one picture.

Interested Reader: Hey Satan! I’ve recently stumbled across a subgroup of black women on the Internet called the BWE. What exactly are they?

Satanforce: Black Women’s Empowerment is a subculture of black women that believe in separating from the black community, which they view as a cesspool of nihilism and death, by intermarrying with white men. Or by learning parkour.

Interested Reader: Oh damn! Why do they feel this way?

Satanforce: Haven’t you heard? Black men beat, rape, sodomize. cheat on, disrespect, publicly humiliate, pimp, divorce and abandon black women at a rate unseen in any other race of men!  But when it comes to other races of women, well –  they know how to behave themselves!. Just look at the first Presidents of Senegal, Angola, Nigeria and Botswana, C.L.R. James,  Cheikh Ante Diop,  Richard Wright,  James Farmer, W.E.B DuBois, Thurgood Marshall…..   At the same time, they use black women as sacrificial mules for their little  ‘movements ‘ , using black women’s labour for their own personal advancement, and to gain access to… a better class of woman.

Interested Reader: What are some these BWE websites?


And an overview website:

Interested Reader: I’ve been reading some of these BWE blogs/websites, and boy, they are full of jargon like DBR, rainbeau, and NBAB! What does it all mean?

Satanforce: Damaged Beyond Repair (DBR) Refers to all (and only) black men. The idea is the for whatever reason, black men who are not these women’s kin are troubled misogynists, who are verbally abusive at best and serial rapists [insert white male police link] at worst. This is of course, backed up using confirmation bias ad highly circumstantial statistics.

  It stands for Damaged Beyond Repair. TM Evia’s blog. Which is a person, usually a male who brings new meaning to word dysfunctional and takes out his inferiority complex and pain on unsuspecting (usually black) women. So a DBR isn’t always racially or gender based. It’s about the behavior, but the behavior tends to be displayed mostly by black males – because of all of the above

Rainbeau – A handsome non-black (but almost always white) man who is interested in an interracial relationship with a black woman. A portmanteau of Rainbow and beau.

Mammy/Sista Souljah – One of the fundamental doctrines of the BWE is that black woman handicap and martyr themselves at the altar of the black community and black men. They see these women as being caught in a trap set by black men, who use black women to fight on their behalf while castigate black women for this “fact” by condemning black women who have anything good to say about black men, or participate in civil rights as “mammies” and “Sista Souljahs.”

Guardian of all Things Dark and Lovely (GATDL) – A person or organization (eg. Abagond,Jim Crow Museum) that refutes the stereotypes about blacks through empirical, statistical or rational arguments, while at the same time taking pride in their blackness. The phrase is of course, used sarcastically.

Nothing but a brother (NBAB) – a designation given to black women whose relationships are exclusively with black men, and who enthusiastically avoid white men.  The BWE ‘movement’ sees these women as a threat to their cause, as they put out the message that black women wish to have nothing to do with white, I mean , non-black men.

Interested Reader: Okay, I’m understanding now. But  why do they feel that white men would be interested in them?

Satanforce: Ah! Enter the movement’s bible – Is Marriage for White People? By Ralph Richard Banks! Just by the subtitle “Get you a white man ’cause niggas ain’t shit”, you can see that this book captures the attitude of the BWE ‘movement’ perfectly!  The main point is that black women (in the United States) have so outstripped their male counterparts in terms of achievements that they should look to white, I mean non-black men for relationships. Black women are more likely to marry down, when they should be marrying out (of the race.) Just look at the statistics! Twice as many black women are college graduates!  And all the “good black men” are  dead, in jail, gay, or worse, with a white, I mean non-black woman.

Interested Reader: I just skimmed through his book and Amazon and, well, he seems to have a point. There are definitely more than enough white men (in America) for every black woman and the relationship market is definitely messed up for black women who want black men on their level. Why should black women be held hostage to black men’s failures? I  mean, these guys just go around getting black women pregnant and then abandoning them with their children?  Why shouldn’t they abandon those losers and marry outside their race?

Satanforce: This is going to take some work.

  • There may be more than enough white men for every black woman, but there aren’t enough white men for every white women. In fact, while black women outnumber black men by 1.9 million, white women outnumber white men by 4.6 million. That’s some competition.
  • There is a counter study that debunks many of the “memes” that have been floating around about black men. Rich black men DO NOT overwhelmingly marry outside of their race, they are not significantly out-earned by their female counterparts, and college educated black women are actually more likely to be married than their less educated peers.
  • The idea that black men are two legged penises screwing down the damn place then running away removes any sense of responsibility from black women. Yes, black men shouldn’t be having sex without protection, but when black women have modern medical technology that allows them control of their reproductive system before, during and after intercourse, they have no excuse. They literally hold the keys to the castle.
  • Relationships are not some interaction between supply and demand. Too assume that would require one to make essentialist claims that fail to take into consideration the unique traits and individual characteristics of one’s partner. Relationships require work and time, not stereotypes and how-to books.

Interested Reader: Phew! I almost got caught in the Matrix there! So what do you think that the BWE should do?

Satanforce: Black woman have managed to (not undeservedly) build up a shield that effectively prevents them from being criticized. I call it the “Maury Shield.”

No matter how many times she fucks up, there’s always someone to pick her up, tell her its alright, and go after that bad old black man!! Black women do not need a million and one blogs telling them that they are beautiful and great, and wonderful. The only thing they need is to make choices and take responsibility. That is all.

Angry Black Woman responds.

Angry Black Woman: LOL Satan! You’re such a loser !  You’re just upset that you got you’re ass kicked all over the place over on Christelyn’s blog!

Satanforce: You are quite free to read that exchange and judge for yourself just who is in the right. You can also check my responses to Jay from Philly over at Dr. Goddess’  blog.

ABW: OK Fine!  But you must admit that a black man is hardly a catch for a black woman , yes ?  I mean, just look at the statistics –  there are only 3 eligible black men for 100 available black women! Let me break it down for you. Its 87 black men to 100 black women, out of that 87, minus 2 black men that are gay, minus  8 black men who only want white women, minus 25 men who are felons,  minus 10  blah, blah , blah….

Satanforce: That may be true, but African-American women do manage to even it out. 80 out of 100 black women are obese, leaving only 20 out of 100 black women for the majority of black men that are not chubby chasers.  37 black women are single mothers, bringing the additional burden of another man’s child into the relationship. 5 black women are in prison,  2 black women are carpet munchers, 48 black women have herpes, and 6 black women are HIV positive. So that leaves -78 black women for every 100 black men.

ABW: Wait a minute! That doesn’t make any sense? Some of those results are going to overlap! And what were the years that those studies took place? Where did those studies take place? What were the sample sizes? What is the criteria used for herpes infection?  You’re messing with the statistics!!

Satanforce:  I’m glad that you feel that way. Yeah you got me. But by extension, I got you too. That’s what we get for using  various data sources with overlapping statistics. The correct set of statistics can be found here.

ABW: Yeah whatever. But you must admit that more and more black women are leaving black men and the decrepit black community for, ahem greener pastures, yeah?

Satanforce: Perhaps. But I doubt that their motives are as clear as you say. I can thin of a few reasons why black women would want to cling to your little “movement”, as well as how you are counting black women who may have motives not having to do with your agenda.

  • Including men who want to fuck black women but not want to marry them.
  • Pumping up the numbers to include “low value” white men who may be married, un/deremployed, less educated, or traditionally unattractive. One need only look at the panoply of literature that make sport of white male underachievers.
  • Including Black women who do NOT have issues with black men even though they may have noo sexual or romantic interest inn black women
  • Holding black men to lower standards than white men
  • Women who use the BWE as a shield because they are afraid of being attacked by black people who do not approve of their relationship

ABW: Anything else?

Satanforce: Black women who just want sex from white men.

ABW: I was being sarcastic.

Satanforce: Sure. Don’t forget black women who use white men as sugar daddies.

ABW: See, that’s the thing with all you black men! You want to shame black women for making their own choices!! Well, we’re not gonna take it!!

Satanforce: No. No one was up in arms when Angela Basset co-starred with Ralph Fiennes in “Strange Days”.  I still read G. Pascal Zachary’s articles, especially after he married a Nigerian woman and moved to Ghana with her. What we dislike is the blatant pleasure you all seem to get at the thought of a poor black man or a fat black woman failing. That’s the rub. You seem to believe in getting a white man and a graduate degree, not as measuring rod for personal success, but as a beating stick for those who you feel are lesser than you. The truth is, the only thing that anyone needs to feel good about themselves is the ability to make choices and take responsibility. You don’t need a white man, or any one else to make you feel good, and certainly don’t need to demonize black men feel good about  yourself either. All you need do is be yourself, and love yourself. That is all.

Next Up – Afrocentrists.

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I don’t find most black women attractive. No, I’m not some brainwashed , self-hating black woman hater like what you see on YouTube ranting about black women choosing “thugs”. Nor am I particularly colourstruck – I’m sure there’s some woman out there for me. My problem, well one of my problems is this. No, not the surgically attached battyjaws. Nothing wrong with that. The dead animal hanging off of the top of her head is another matter completely. And yes, if you’ve gone and put chemicals in your head to straighten your hair, we still have problems.

No Straight Answer on Hair Straightening

The practice by black women of altering their has to make it look , ahem, more presentable, has always been something that bothered me , as well as the young men in my peer group. I remember growing out my afro while sitting for my A-Level exams. Me and my friends would ask the young ladies in our peer group why they did not grow their natural hair. We would get laugh at, dismissed, deflected, but never a straight answer. When I do get answers, they generally fall into the areas of function, or form.

The functional answer is usually based upon on how easy it is to maintain false hair , and more styles being available for straight hair. This obvious cop-out can be shown for what it is when you realize that there is now an entire sub-industry for black women with natural hair.

The same goes with the notion with regards to form. A black women with Caucasian hair is like a car with bicycle wheels for tires – they just don’t go together. The pink skin on a white woman’s face is usually quite well complimented by her long straight hair, as the colour of her skin does not reflect light and shadow the way the chocolate toned hue of a black woman does. Anyone who has had the pleasure of staring at a black woman’s face will understand what I mean. The way that shadow contours itself so smoothly against the hue of her cheeks, the softness of her eyelids as the light curves around her brow, is something that is unique to black women, and is not complimented by having tufts of straight hair hanging down the side of her face. The straight, striated, hair that grows naturally on white women perfectly compliments their angular cheeks, eyes, and noses. Black women, however, have hair that grows upwards, or, in the case of dreadlocks, in identifiably separate strands, that allow that perfectly compliment their rounded features.

Straight , stringy hair for angular features….
and an updo to show off facial features.

Of course, you cannot say this face to face to a black woman. That is a no-no in most black communities, where you will either be laughed at, or called a “natural hair Nazi.”

There is no such thing as “Natural” Hair

The term natural hair Nazi has come to describe a person whose vigilance in espousing the benefits of wearing Afro textured hair is so intense that it comes across as proselytizing, condescending, patronizing, annoying, and rude. I don’t know about the patronizing behaviour, but the idea of a “natural hair Nazi” is ridiculous to me. Not the Nazi part, Godwin’s Law notwithstanding, but the “natural hair” part.

If you go to a white woman, and ask her if she wears her in its natural state, she is going to look at you funny. Ask a woman of East Indian descent she wears her hair “natural”, she looks at you funny. Same thing with an Asian. Same thing with a Native American. The idea of natural hair is a misnomer to them because hair either hair, or extended hair, or processed hair.The idea of “natural hair”, to them, would be something like “wet rain” or “hot fire” or “dishonest PNP politician” – it is so redundant as to be unthinkable.

So if white women don’t have “natural” hair

Asian women don’t have “natural” hair

And all other women don’t have “natural” hair,

Why do black women have “natural” hair?

But within the Black Jamaican community “natural hair” has come to represent the (small) subset of women that do not chemically alter their hair, or use weaves. That an entire subculture has had to created for women who keep their hair in its natural state, should be seen in the same light as black people who choose to keep their skin in its natural complexion – a choice so natural as to be non controversial. Just as black men escaped the spell of the relaxer and its direct descendant, the jheri curl, so too must black women.

Ironically, it is the adjective “natural” that makes anyone who wishes to espouse black women using their own hair so difficult. This is because using the word “natural” to encourage black women to wear their actual hair makes any argument seem like a naive’ appeal to nature.

The perception of natural hair is even worse in the United States, where it is seen as merely a social signifier. At best, it is a signifier of Black consciousness or upward mobility. At worst, it signifies that the person is exclusively interested in romance with other races, a hippie, a neo-soul fan or, worst of all, a vegetarian.

The best way to fix this would be to create new categories – hair, processed hair, and artificial hair.

Weaves are hyperfeminine

Take a look at the below picture.

now, compare it to this one:

The woman up top has a traditionally male haircut, a Caesar style (all-in-one). Would you consider her to look more feminine, or less feminine than the ones in the below picture?If you are a normal, properly functioning, mentally stable, sexually healthy, heterosexual male, you would definitely say no. The women at the bottom don’t look like women, they look like exaggerated versions of women. In other words, they are women that look like men that look like women. By taking on an exaggerated femininity, they look exactly like another group of people that are an exaggerated parody of femininity – drag queens.

Worse still, are the other effects of processing and weaving – the smell. If you have ever had to endure the chemical smell of the lye mix (or any other alkali that they put in their head) you will know what I am talking about. The weaves are even worse than that. If you ever had the displeasure of waking up beside one, you will know that it is an experience akin to the way the hot air flies out of a hot oven and just hits you. Just replace hot air with the stench of formaldehyde and raw sweat.

Yet these women wish to consider themselves as being some sort of royalty or Barbie. I find it hard to see how they can arrive at this. When we were in West Africa, black women would wrap their hair in cloth (sometimes rafia cloth), and decorate it with flowers. The hair would be styled upwards, as the head was usually the part of the body closest to the sky, and thus closest to God.


The effect was to make the hair look like an exquisite bouquet. Nowadays, black women buy hair cultivated from wildebeests, dead Russians, Chinese heroin junkies armpits and pubic areas, Indian temple goers and sofa cushions.Let me tell you, its hard to be black royalty when your crown is a Chinese junkie’s coochie hair.

Not royalty

They don’t call it a “yaki” for nothing.

Could it be that we all can just choose our blackness? That all our black is beautiful? The simple answer is no. If we can just choose our blackness, then we may just as well include the wiggers as black people. Saying that all black is beautiful while including features that are explicitly non-black ignores that blackness is not some belief system like Judaism, but has a specifically physically component that is inherently part of the black experience. Remember, there would be extreme consequences for any black who was  caught with an afro pick, or any other implement that was related to their indigenous culture.

But am I being too harsh? After all, white women get weaves too1 And you don’t see their men complaining about them weaving? That argument is like when white people say that they shouldn’t be held accountable for slavery, because “Arabs sold slaves too!” That type of derailment fails specifically because

  • White women are extending their hair – not replacing it with dreadlocks. In fact black people’s hair gets thrown into the garbage or burnt, instead of being resold back to us by Koreans
  • The fact that it has to be pointed out that white women wear weaves means that it is unnoticeable, and is thus intended for their head.
  • If the black women’s defense for wearing weaves is “black women wear weaves too!” then does it mean that they are trying to be white?

But the above delusional arguments did not just spring up out of nowhere. Black women rejecting their hair, to me, means a reject of blackness. Their rejection of blackness is a response to a metaphysical question that was asked by black people at the start of the 20th century -“Who am I?” and “What am I?” That question was answered in the middle in the of century by movements such as Rastafari and Black Power. But the way that they answered that question forced black women to make choice between being black, being a woman, or being a black woman. Those choices

Who killed natural hair?

That black women have, for the most part, disengaged themselves from issues of race is lamentable, but it was inevitable. You believe that black women still think of themselves as being a part of a community that is called Black People? Then go outside, and take a walk. Count how many Rastamen you see. Repeat that walk. Count how many Rastawomen you see. Maybe you live in another country, so repeat this exercise with Five-Percent Nation or Nation of Islam instead. I’m looking at something like a 6.2 to 1 ratio in favour (or rather, displeasure) of the men.

The reason why I chose those particular organizations is because in their respective societies, they represent the political vanguard of what is considered “Blackness” in each of their countries. Each of them eventually developed a culture of misogyny that was an exaggerated mirror of the the very societies that they claimed to be against. According to Barry Chevannes, Rastafari’s dominance by the House of Nyahbinghi in the 1940s, saw it take a fundamentalist turn, that embraced Old Testament biblical literalism. Specifically, the Book of Leviticus, complete with the cleanliness laws that have alienated black women from Rastafari – and by extension, most other black movements.

That’s just one example. Whether it be Stokely Carmichael telling black women that their only position in SNCC is “prone”, not to mention the treatment of women in the Black Panther Party, one cannot blame black women for being skeptical of any black movement. Here is Elaine Brown in th Black Panther Party.

“A woman in the Black Power movement was considered, at best, irrelevant. A woman asserting herself was a pariah. If a black woman assumed a role of leadership, she was said to be eroding black manhood, to be hindering the progress of the black race. She was an enemy of the black people…. I knew I had to muster something mighty to manage the Black Panther Party.”

The above statement epitomizes everything that would keep black women away from any movement that involved blackness or Black Power. And then we wonder why black women have aproblem with blackness.

I’ve realized that its going o be very hard to celebrate blackness, without celebrating black women (yes , warts and all). And the sooner that other black men realize this, we can start celebrating ourselves.

Marissa Alexander – Civil Rights as Public Relations

Abagond is one of my favorite bloggers.Not only does he have a very economical writing style, but he has very creative critiques on stock arguments used by white racist commenters, racist media tropes and classics of Western literature. Of course, his terseness can at times leave much to the imagination, and he makes no attempt to hide his Thomism

His most recent post is one on Marissa Alexander, a Florida black woman who now faces 20 years inn prison for firing a gun in self-defense. Who was she defending herself against? Her abusive husband. Or so the story goes. Yet already the comparisons to another Florida case have started.

Like the Trayvon Martin media movement, it will fail. Even if she has the charges dropped, no major change in American society will take place. That’s because American black women have a serious image problem. See below, from the Huffington Post website:

 Corey disputes the so-called warning shot into the ceiling with photographs that show bullet holes much lower, going through a kitchen wall and into the living room where Corey said Gray and his boys were.

“The fact that nobody got hurt has to be balanced with the fact that someone could have gotten hurt,” Corey said. “The kids being right next to him changed everything.”

About four months after Alexander was released on bail, on orders to have no contact with Gray, she got into an altercation with him at his home that gave him a black eye, Corey said.

Alexander was arrested and charged with battery, to which she pleaded no contest……”Everybody is still ignoring that she got out on bond and chose to go back over there and hit him a second time,” Corey said. “That was kind of an indication of where putting her on probation, where you might have been able to do that before, was off the table since she disregarded a judges order.”

In a 21st century media environment, where people are forced to navigate through dozens of of talking heads, hundreds of tweets, Facebook alerts and RSS Reader updates, people need their messages simple. Simpler than a newspaper article. Simpler than a 500 word word blog post. Simple as a stereotype.

This has nothing to do with civil rights. This is a public relations issue.

That is one of the main problems with blogs like Abagond’s. The message is simple, but directed towards the wrong people. Explaining something only unmasks that thing, it does not change it. In fact, it may only create a form of fatalism that is usually disguised with pie-in-the-sky hopes (reparations anyone?) and slave morality. Preaching to the crowd still leaves a crowd that only came to feel good. In 500 words.

When people think “Black woman” and “serious news” , who do you think comes to mind – Mae Carol Jemison? From Tawana Brawley to the Duke Lacrosse team case to the whole Srauss-Kahn incident, when people hear about black women, they think, “just give it a few more days.” That is why the us/them split when arguing on social issues inevitably fails, whether it be on talking head TV or on activist blogs. Both sides of the opposing argument demand unconditional surrender neither party will be willing to accept. But in a society with a massive power imbalance, in favour of middle-class white people, failure is the only option for everyone else.

500 words is good for the mediation of stereotypes – not their destruction. No, stereotypes can only only be manipulated, not destroyed. That should be one of the first things any movement should do, manage stereotypes.

The 1960’s Civil Rights movement in the United States is usually thought to have had started with  Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat to white person while traveling on a bus. But a nine months previous, a young woman named Claudette Colvin had also refused to do the same thing . The reason why the Outkast song is named after the former, and not the latter woman is because the latter was not a woman at the time, but a pregnant 15 year old that was a walking stereotype of what white people think about black women.

If you’re black, stand back. but if you’re brown, stick around…..

What does Miss Colvin think about having Rosa Parks getting all the credit for giving up her seat?

“Let the people know Rosa Parks was the right person for the boycott. But also let them know that the attorneys took four other women to the Supreme Court to challenge the law that led to the end of segregation.”

At the time, the NAACP at least understood how to mold people’s perceptions, when it came to public relations. If they had the sense now that they had then, the Shirley Sherrod affair would be a model for how to manipulate media outlets – complete with how to edit and leak videos for maximum effect. Instead, you have this fool Julian Bond trying to fit into a news cycle that apparently runs off the same steroids that Usain Bolt uses.

Marissa Alexander, Trayvon Martin and the We are the 99% movement highlight the problems facing modern mass movements all over the world. The followers of these movements see the marching but not the backdoor meetings and thinking that took place to give people something to march about. Those backdoor meetings designed, not just the political strategy, but the necessary ideology that was created to address the political, legal and economic obstacles that faced. And those ideologies failed. And continue to fail. Marxism continues to be a joke, with Afro-centricism being an even bigger joke

The massive decentralization that has been enabled by social media has come to be a curse, not a blessing. People become organized as individual, amorphous agents, acting in massively parallel steps, but without command or control. They are a body without a head. A movement without direction. A people without an ideology.

No one has managed to come up with a successful, practical ideology that can rejuvenate the black and white American middle class. Which means that no one has come up come with an ideology of the Jamaican middle class, seeing has how we scorn originality like panhandlers and Jehovah’s Witnesses.Which has left both of our societies in a downward spiral that has resulted in mass de-industrialization, debt traps, speculative bubbles and hopelessness.

Being able to relate to the public is what will be the first step in mobilizing the middle classes to create the change that will be in their best interest. For too long, our thinkers have divorced themselves from  the people, creating self-defeating narratives that are mainly retreads of past, failed ideologies. But that does not mean that the past is merely a garbage dump of ideas. We simply haven’t looked far enough into the past to show us the way forward.