The Problem with PNP voters. In a 30 second video.

Based PNP.

It used to be that trying to obtain a better life for yourself in Jamaica was like a man running up a down escalator, not realizing that the escalator was running down. You had work ungodly hard just to get where you wanted to go. Well, what if you can’t even get to run up the escalator in the first place? An incident that took place at the People’s National Party rally in Half-Way-Tree on the night of the 31st of January, can be taken as what happens the escalator gets blocked.

The Jamaica Urban Transit Centre’s main Half-Way-Tree bus park is divided into an upstairs and downstairs section. When entering the conference for the first time, one gets of the (usually chartered) bus, walks to upper the section, and towards the centre of the city where the rally is situated. You may also walk to another upper section, the top floor, if you wish to easily get to your bus, or get to Molynes Road. That wasn’t happening about after about 7 in the evening. Police blocked off the stairs. Why? “Councilors and candidates only pass this point!” The upstairs section had then been refashioned to be used as a speech rehearsal room, among other things. So now that we were down, there was no way to get back up to where we were originally. Unfortunately, none of the supports that were with me seemed to get the symbolism of that particular event.

Notice that in the video, the supporters were calling the policemen “Labourites” (the main opposition party is the Jamaica Labour Party). It’s not that the councilors and candidates failed to create a secure area for them to congregate outside of the bus park. It’s not that they failed to realize beforehand that their supporters would need to go up- and downstairs, in the central location of the rally. What we have here is that the typical “die-hard”, not just PNP, voter fails to see that her political actions impact her personal life. The politicians up at the top know that they won’t be blamed for their actions, but that the police would be. They don’t see the need to curry favour with the supporters. They know that once there on top, they’ll stay on top. And that those on the bottom will stay on the bottom.

This is it. The final stretch. No, not for the election on the 25th of February, but final stretch as in final. For all intents and purposes, Jamaicans are now locked in three classes: rich, poor, and broke. Nobody talks about social mobility in Jamaica anymore. Yes, we do talk about education, Business Process Outsourcing jobs that are being created, and other such economic indicators, but those don’t matter. What does matter is that the 100 dollar bill can barely buy what it could 4 years ago, much more 8 years ago. And number of 100 dollar bills in one’s purse or wallet hasn’t changed. That is because our politicians are more focused on giving the IMF and multi-laterals interest on their loans than to be bothered with such silliness like sustained economic growth, stable exchange rates, and whatever. The type of PNP supporter that goes to such a rally simply cannot imagine a better life for themselves, not in the types of leaps and bounds that one sees in the history of nations like South Korea, or post-World War 2 Western Europe. The idea that your wallet can become fatter without having to stand in line at the Western Union or the MoneyGram is an alien concept to them.

What makes The System so perverse is that the typical die-hard PNP supporter cannot see how far he has fallen down the stairs. He doesn’t even realize that there was a staircase in the first place. Voting is more a social event done as a member of a tribe than a form of political action that is a necessity in a functional democracy for those attending these rallies. Tribal peoples don’t react to rational appeals. Splitting and ad hominem attacks are how they engage in political discussion. Those at the top of the staircase make their decisions based on how much more they will get from the next tax cut they will get this time around. After all, when you’re at the top of the staircase, its easy to catch the money when our political leaders decide to give out tax cuts and contracts. But how long the tribe will hold together when there’s no more space downstairs, or when the money stops trickling down is something I don’t want to be around to see.

4 thoughts on “The Problem with PNP voters. In a 30 second video.”

  1. Don’t be so silly, voter voting against there interests. What a ridiculous concept.

    I don’t know much about Jamaican politics, is this a case of voters choosing a socially conservative party that rapes the middle-class and poor to give tax breaks to the rich over a socially liberal party that’s pro middle-class? That’s the dynamic in the UK and US. Republican say they’re against gays marriage and abortion because they’re Christians but their economic policies look nothing like Jesus of Nazareth. But Republicans and moderate democrats (who are just Reblican lite), choose social conservatism and Phrases like economics, over constitutional rights and redistribution wealth economics.

    In the UK, I would say the choice for conservatives stems from the apathy with mass immigration and a desire for national autonomy apart from Europe, which is understandable because I agree with the referendum no matter how much short term instability it will cause, in the long run, it’ll be better. But, we are tiring of conservatives trying to privatise everything and their mothers, and every form of socialism we fought for post WW2. They’ll be out come next election. Cameron couldn’t even be consistent on the getting us out of the EU which is why he was elected in the first place. Tony Blair caused the country to lose favour with labour party because his economics were conservative lite even those he was elected as hope for the very opposite of Margaret Thatcher politics. Although Jeremy Corbyn seems to have revitalised the party. I’ll probably vote for him, since the green party isn’t happening any time soon.

    I’ve grown terribly tired of all conservatives at this point. I can hardly stand to look at them on the TV.

    1. There is no difference between Liberal and Conservative in matters of economic decision making in Jamaica, only adherence to a certain set of rules as result of most of our economic history being determined by the I.M.F.


      – Glorious Leader wanted to create a Nordic Society through increasing tax on foreign bauxite companies, threats to big business about socialist takeover of their shit , siding with Cuba and dissing America, printing money to cover up budget deficits and government nationalization of a bunch of private assets, all with declining revenue due to 70s recession. It didn’t work out well.


      One Don leader is an original Reaganite/Thatcherite. Does exact same government expansion as Glorious Leader above. Except with I.M.F. austerity. Manages to hold shit together using a dual exchange rate (from original I.M.F. recommendation put in place for Glorious Leader), and wage freezes.


      Glorious Leader is returned to power but early in administration gets cancer. He is replaced by bitch-ass deputy The Fresh Prince. What both Fresh Prince and Glorious Leader have in common is the complete abandonment of any beliefs or ideology. They have no ends. Just means. Well, in terms of ends , all they care about is getting foreign exchange (to finance balance of payments deficits) and winning elections. Sometimes these conflict, but the fact that Fresh Prince’s party stayed in power for 22 years says something bout their ability to juggle priorities.

      Important during this phase was liberalization of the economy to foreign imports, even though we lacked foreign money to pay for said goods. Also, I.M.F went away, to fuck up Russia and other places. The Fresh Prince and co. did fun shit like expanding money supply to allow people to buy all sorts of great stuff from overseas , then hiked interest rates to as high as 40-50 percent to “mop up liquidity”. The high interest rates ended up destroying agriculture and manufacturing, bankrupting small and medium businesses, and eventually destroying the banks themselves due to the fact that no one had any money left to pay the creditor banks. Of course, the government bailed out the banks (sounds familiar?) and left their debtors, the farmers and the small business holders to be hounded to pay up.

      Economy is basically structured to obtain debt, to obtain foreign goodies, because we fail to create the means of production to create actual wealth.

  2. ^^^

    *voters voting against their own interest

    *Republicans say they’re against gay marriage and abortion because they’re Christians but their economic policies look nothing like Jesus of Nazareth. But Republicans and moderate democrats (who are just Republican lite), choose social conservatism and Pharisee like economic policies over constitutional rights and redistribution wealth economics.

    * Cameron couldn’t even remain consistent on getting us out of the EU which was why he was elected in the first place.

    *Tony Blair caused the labour party to lose favour with the country because his economics were Republican lite even though he was elected in the hope that he’d be the very opposite of Margaret Thatcher politics.

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