Please Massa, Pick Me!


I can’t seem to write anything about Jamaica without some American craziness comes up.

Some people are upset at the lack of non-whites being nominated for the most recent Academy Awards. Some people are upset that some people are upset at the lack of non-whites being nominated for the most recent Academy Awards. Some people, as can be seen below, just don’t give a fuck.

The problem is not the Award Show. The problem is the set of persons and control techniques that pre-process, program and manipulate the market and non-market forces that ultimately decide the allocation of scarce resources i.e. The System. That black Americans aren’t being recognized and rewarded by the mainstream society or start their own film industry is irrelevant. It is that they are wrapped up with The System, Happy in The System, and Happy with the System.

Take a look at the nominations for the 47th annual NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Motion Picture:

  • Beasts of No Nation (Netflix)
  • Concussion (Sony)
  • Creed (Warner Bros./Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)
  • Dope (Open Road Films)
  • Straight Outta Compton (Universal)

Up top, we have the typical display of African child soldiers, and other such African savagery. But the black Americans will love it because Idris Elba sure can act! Fuckers never learn.

At bottom, we have Straight Outta Compton, next generation coonery with a side order of abusing black women.

Moral of the Story: Beat up black women, marry a white woman, don’t HIV, get a bunch of people to do the actual production, and you too, can be a billionaire. And no, the fact that Dr. Dre is a known woman beater is not why the headphones are called Beats by Dre. As for the rest of the group, well, who gives a fuck?

Last November the Fox TV rap video show Pump It Up ran a segment on N.W.A. in which it crosscut between members of the group dissing their former partner Ice Cube and a previous interview with Cube in which he bad-mouthed them. The members of N.W.A. decided that the clip made them look bad. On January 27th, Dre ran into Pump It Up host Dee Barnes at a record-release party in L.A.

According to a statement issued by Barnes, Dre picked her up and “began slamming her face and the right side of her body repeatedly against a wall near the stairway” as his bodyguard held off the crowd. After Dre tried to throw her down the stairs and failed, he began kicking her in the ribs and hands. She escaped and ran into the women’s restroom. Dre followed her and “grabbed her from behind by the hair and proceeded to punch her in the back of the head.” Finally, Dre and his bodyguard ran from the building.

Far from denying the attack, the members of N.W.A. insist that, as Ren says, “she deserved it – bitch deserved it.” Eazy agrees: “Yeah, bitch had it coming.”

“Coming like a motherfucker,” Ren continues, “she shouldn’t have done that.” Barnes says that she was against running the piece in the first place, but Ren disagrees. “She’s lying,” he says. “She had something to do with it. She sure was in that scene with [Ice Cube].”

Remember, these are our heroes

I won’t bother with the problems with the other movies, but still, even if black Americans were to create their own film industry, the films would still support the same Hollywood stereotypes, coonery, decadence, and erasure that is part and parcel of regular Hollywood. That is because black Americans are an integral part of The System, and it needs them as much as they need it. You want to leave The System, you have two choices – be black, or be an American. You can’t be both. There is no other way. Hey, you only hear about Jews, never Jewish-Americans, right?


One commenter on a blog confronted me saying:

satanforce wrote:
“Hahaha hahaha American blacks are so lame! You guys talk about being dignified and not begging, yet you want the Academy to give you all a pat on the head. And for what? The N. W. A. movie.”

Hahaha hahaha, my devilish friend, why don’t you put Jamaica on the map by starting a Jamaican film industry that matters? “Oh that’s right. Too hard. Have to get sponsorship and ads and all that. And you all can’t be bothered with that.”
Jamaican blacks are so lame! See how your argument can be turned back against you?

No Blacks nominated, big deal! Will Smith couldn’t get his Last Pharaoh film made, Danny Glover had no better luck with his Toussaint Louverture film. Two major black stars can’t get films made about black people who didn’t occupy stereotypical roles.

How about getting in touch with Mellody Hobson, George Lucas’ wife? I’ve read that they are worth a cool $5.1 billion. Oh that’s right, they want to keep that money and increase it, so no financing of black themed films for them. Mrs. Lucas is black, for those who didn’t know that.

She isn’t the only “black” person who controls a decent amount of cash, Oprah, Maggie Betts, the daughter of Roland Betts, “Founder and President of Silver Screen Management, Inc., which raised more than $1 billion in four limited partnerships from 140,000 investors to finance and produce over 75 films with the Walt Disney Company. Films include Beauty and the Beast, Pretty Woman, The Little Mermaid, and Three Men and a Baby.” And others seat on tons of cash.

Satanforce notwithstanding, some blacks in America are quite privileged and wealthy, and could do something if they deemed it worthwhile.
The thing that annoys me about posts such as this is the tendency to depict all black people as powerless victims.

I’ve mocked Lordy’s lame class analysis on more than one occasion here, but class explains far more than the race angle does

To which I replied:

No. You have missed the point completely. Jamaica doesn’t need to be “on the map” because we have nothing to prove to anyone. Blacks want to be accepted by the Oscars because they consider White institutions and values an objective, natural standard to which to aspire. No thought is put into why those standards are worthy of aspiration.

Putting “Jamaica on the map ” is no reason to start a film industry. However, if the problem is shifted to Industrialization in general, then the focus should shift to funding from blacks on an international scale. Similar to Amistad, I am sure people would see L’Overtute’s biography end masse.

My answer, is of course, a pile of bullshit. True, black Americans have not developed morality and values independent of The System. Neither has Jamaica.

25 thoughts on “Please Massa, Pick Me!”

  1. Iris did a good job, really good, but the kids are the stars of Beasts of No Nation. I thought of it more as a ‘heroes’ journey’-type film.
    I thought Dope was dope. It was funny and I think it started out as an independent film which was then picked up by a studio.

    Personally, I think stories based on the Orisha and their tales would make great movies – even as super heroes. For every Loki and Thor there could be an Eshu and Shango.

      1. I don’t mind Leo – I thought he was good in The Departed – but I didn’t care for Blood Diamond. Lord of War was better (to me) because it was more about how America benefits from conflict.

        I caught Beasts at my club after meeting a dude from Sierra Leone. I asked if the country was as bad as it is portrayed in the movies. (My only trip to the continent was to Egypt when I was five or six so I don’t remember much.) He said, ‘Yes and no. All of America isn’t Compton.’. We had about twenty people over to watch Beasts, SOC and Dope on all screens with the club’s sound system. We ordered dinner and talked during the movies.

        Each movie brought up different aspects of life in our town’s current political environment.
        We deal with dope boys and judges as equals.
        The conversation came up about using kids to solve adult problems (Beasts’ child warriors and Cube and his friends getting punked by Bloods on the school bus) and when it changed and how to change it back.
        We have way too many kids who follow leaders which will hinder their potential. One of the dope bosses pointed out that he told one of ‘my’ kids (the son of a former girlfriend – who I still check on) that he would beat his azz if he caught him trying to be a gangster. When I asked why it was that he still employs other kids, he said it’s because they have no other options.

        The movies were used to initiate talking points. Being in Texas – the dude from Sierra Leone fielded questions about Africa and questions about California (my home state) were directed towards me.
        People really don’t know and most have more questions than answers.

        1. First , I must thank you, and Herneith for commenting. I hope to see more of the both of you here during the ongoing Resurrection of Satanforce. While I do not believe that I can properly answer your comments at this time, I will be doing a series of posts that will address some of the themes you’ve brought up, as they dovetail into what another commenter EbonyMonroe brings up.

          What I intend for much of my posts on black Americans is akin to an “internal review.” This will also apply to Jamaican popular culture. I really believe that, not only are much of the themes put forward in the most so-called “conscious” or “progressive” works are antithetical to Black Progress, and even contradict themselves, but are also more dangerous than boogeymen such as Glam Rap and conservative media because they are given a free pass, instead of being recognized for the insidious values they are.

          You say that ” For every Loki and Thor there could be an Eshu and Shango.” Why? Shouldn’t we start with “What are we doing here?” and “What is the best way to teach and entertain the youth?” In other words, you have proposed an answer without realising what iit is you’re answering. What is the question to which “Superheroes based on West African Gods” is the answer? If your names are Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, then the question might be “how do i make as much as possible without letting on that I’m a self-hating Jew?” But if you’re anything like me , and you are interested in teaching , entertaining , as well as making money in the global black community, then the whole superhero genre may just have to be chucked out the window, if not modified extensively. Indeed,I fear that black superheroes and black James Bonds come not only from a “me too” culture, but an inferiority complex within the global black community.

          And its the same “me too” culture and inferiority complex that is at the root of the Smith’s boycott. Will did everything he’s supposed to. He got the big blockbuster roles, the big dramatic Morgan Freeman/Denzel type roles, joined scientology, told white America they weren’t racist, and pimps his children with all the gender -neutral stuff fashionable in liberal circles. Yet still he can’t get an Oscar nod! What gives? Looks like following the steps only gets you so far. Try again for Best Supporting, or go evil like Denzel in “Training Day.” That’s how the game is played. Or just don’t play at all.

          1. I have never understood this striving to be the mirror image of whiteness by substituting black for white. There is numerous literature, regardless of genres to draw upon, no need to draw upon the white versions.

  2. No, not ‘me too’ but ‘me first’.
    I like the Surfer – been a fan since I was a kid. I liked his, ‘others may battle with victory in sight…but the Surfer still strives when all hope is lost..’ battle scene with his boss. It was a moral question, one of honor.
    Maybe because the Surfer wasn’t any particular ‘race’ or ‘color’, I could see myself as him.
    Kirby and Lee may hate being identified as Jews but I ain’t mad at them – it was their stories which kept me thinking bigger than any situation or condition in which I may have been.

    The Orisha aspect is one I use when I take groups of kids from my rentals to see popular super hero movies. ‘ But they’re not real’, most of the kids say about the African stories. The next question is, ‘Why not?’. It’s odd that so many children can accept European or Nordic mythologies as having value but the are so quick to dismiss African folklore (even when similar stories, lessons and parallels are pointed out) . ‘Truth is truth, and knowledge is knowledge – regardless of from whence it came.’, I continue. Some smart kid will point out that we don’t need the Black stories because the white ones already serve the purpose if that’s all that matters. Which is true, as long as that smart kid understands that he is, in fact, just as equal and valid regardless of what anyone tells him and that he he needs to act accordingly. The conversations at dinner after the movie always leads back to deontology.

    1. Don’t worry about the children. A whole of them start with the “non-racial thing,” usually (unconsciously) believing in something akin to that Joseph Campbell crap. Then they have “Hmm” moment. In the 90s it was, why is the black Power Ranger a comic relief black man, the yellow Power Ranger a ditzy Asian woman, and the white Power Ranger a one-man army of intelligence and virtue, bicycle kicking his fool monster enemies? By the 2000s its Dragon Ball, with its skat-talking black boxer character, and the main characters becoming more powerful by transferring from brown haired, brown eyed to blonde hair, aquamarine eyed Ubermenschen. So , they’re looking at stuff like how you saw Silver Surfer – colourlessly, because they haven’t begun to see themselves culturally and racially. But something will come that makes them go “Hmmm.” That’s when you and me need to be there with the right stuff for them

    1. No.No. NO.NO. Bloodclaat NO!! No. No. No. Bumbo, Bumbo , Bumbobloodclaat fuck no. Just stop WTF no. What the fuck was that I just spent 1 hour and 40-odd minutes of my life watching what thhe raas O God, Jeezas Christ I don’t even know . No, we say NO to geeks and nerds. No, we say NO to these corny-ass black men worshipping these new-fad of Teanna Trump looking ambiguous race slimbitches that are showing up in every black movie and porbno aimed at black men. No, we say no to this NewBlack, hipsterfag , “blerd” New Millenium pop-culture Atlanta Compromise fuckery. I’m not angry at you, but I will have to post on this.

        1. From the start with the omnipotent narrator talking g about “white shit”, it using the whole false slogan of “acting white” to suggest that blacks do not care about academic excellence.

          The only blacks in Inglewood are thugs, or blends. Nothing in between.

          Why are the only women of note light-skinned, almost mixed?

          There is no poverty, or any evidence of policeman brutality. This is typical of shows that want to blame blacks for problems in the ghetto. In the movie, all social problems are caused by blacks. Do you remember why so many urban blacks cannot read or write music?

          But races my isn’t even the worst issue, but a set of ideas that are encouraged to ensure that the system keeps running.

          1. Yeah, I caught that ‘acting white’ comment while I rewatched it after reading your comment.

            Inglewood is mostly Mexican these days. It wasn’t as though there aren’t other types of working Blacks, they just weren’t what the story was about.

            Look at the old Soul Train episodes. West Coast body types are more Halle Berry than Beyonce. Sir Mix-a-Lot even brought this up with, ‘LA face with an Oakland booty’. Race mixing is also more common and accepted. They guys were telling their story from their perspective. Before I moved Down South (Texas and Louisiana) I thought Serena was fat (even though she was born and raised in Compton). Casting directors have been looking for that slim mixed type for decades so it’s more common.

            ‘I’ blame Blacks for the problems in the ghetto. We build our clubs in Black neighborhoods. We BUY and improve the buildings and surrounding area. We employ Blacks from the areas. We donate to organizations in the areas. Yet many times we are the only quality Black business in the area that owns our own ish. White, Mexican and even Asians buy up property and run businesses around us yet few Blacks are more than just tenants with big cars. We try to encourage Black business owners to compliment and promote each other instead of competing with them. At this time we have developed an ‘in clique’ (which was almost the opposite of what we wanted – we wanted to be all-inclusive not exclusive) who work together and always seem to get all of the media attention. Before we buy a building we tell every Black business owner in the area to BUY their building – we even give them the information on obtaining block grants and low interest loans. But then the areas become too nice and prices go up then many who were thinking about opening a business are priced out of the area. I blame Blacks for not consolidating their power and resources for the very existence of the ghetto.

            Umm, no. Why can’t many urban Blacks read or write music? I didn’t know this was the case. I know several band directors and they stress the ability to read and write music.

            I don’t know. The scene when they had to dodge certain blocks reminded me of my childhood walks through similar neighborhoods. I had to walk from Inglewood to the Colosseum during summer break from my uncle’s house to my aunt’s restaurant. We knew where to cross, when to take the long way around, who had dogs loose, and when to just make a run for it. I once found a big bag of heroin but I had no idea of what it was. I just gave it to a dope boss and refused payment. I think I liked the movie because it reminded me of stuff I went through (although I was probably a few years younger than the guys in the movie)

        2. From the start with the omnipotent narrator talking g about “white shit”.

          The only blacks in Inglewood are thugs, or blends. Nothing in between.

          Why are the only women of note light-skinned, almost mixed?

          There is no poverty, or any evidence of police brutality. This is typical of shows that want to blame blacks for problems in the ghetto. In the movie, all social problems are caused by blacks.

          Replied to you in a new comment box.

  3. @UBJ

    Umm, no. Why can’t many urban Blacks read or write music? I didn’t know this was the case. I know several band directors and they stress the ability to read and write music.

    I should have said rap producers, compared to their earler funk and soul cunterparts. Here in Kingston , and whenI was in the Bay Area, most of the producder I met was just using templates and standard memorized patterns in FL Studio.

    Look at the old Soul Train episodes. West Coast body types are more Halle Berry than Beyonce. Sir Mix-a-Lot even brought this up with, ‘LA face with an Oakland booty’

    I had to check in a Comfort Suites in Oakland. The receptionist their was a super-uicy black woman with a big yellow weave. She had ass, on top of ass. She had that Kelly Starr body type. I saw a lot of thse in Grocery Outlet when I went shopping too. Don’t forget, that Pinky XXX comes from there as well. But yes , I figure they’re using mixed women to increase the possible(liberal) audience. The thing is,this movie is a small budet movie that is supposedly directed at black Americans for consumption.

    I blame Blacks for not consolidating their power and resources for the very existence of the ghetto.

    If you are blaming blacks for the creation of ghettos, then based on the historical record, that makes no sense. But, seriously lets look at how the black ghettos were made, then how they stay in place. No conspiracy theories or anything like that, ust stuff we can verify with numbers and testimonies.

    What is the point of blacks consolidating if for half a century they are prevented from building wealth, accessing capital, or leaving impoverished areas? The atomization, cultural dysfunction and sellout behaviour is not the cause of the ghetto – but the result. Below is not some victim mentality justification, but just straight history fro 11930s to 1970s.

    Redlining – National Housing Act that used security maps to force blacks into specific geographical areas. While there, stuff like insurance and home loans would be difficult to get when the bank or insurance company saw the address. So you get area squeezed off, that has an increasing population that is migrating from the South, but whose residents are unable to access capital to improve the community. Sounds like a formula for an urban ghetto , don’t it?

    Predator Loans – The back in the day shit makes the 2000s adjustable loans look like a bargain. Loans would start at 30 odd percent then jump to 100 percent. No equity, so under the contract, you could get evicted for missing one payment. Of course blacks coming home from WW2 couldn’t get access to G.I. Bill and other such government assistance that whites could get, so they had to go to these unscrupulous types.

    Of course there is also blockbusting and a bunch of other stuff as well

    The impact is that you have lower class that has become an underclass that has never had schooling on the right level, whose parents had to work overtime just to make ends meet, leaving them in front of the TV or the videogame, never had proper policing to breakup the drug gangs and petty crime, never had proper public works – place full of garbage. So how are you going to consolidate and build anything in a place that has been all but abandoned by local and central government? You have no police or public works , so you can’t do shit.

    Don’t forget, a lot of these business types, and especially the suit and tie HR department type boasty slaves have never thought about themselves as black people – they are just “people.” They only turn black when shit reach them.

    When I’m in America, I see a lot of the techniques that the old British Empire used to pacify the population – excessive pornography, using migrant workers to upend local workkers, social atomization, drugging up the adults and children with evrything from Ritalin to lead pipes, and cheap entertainment , but expensive education. You will notice this works ust as well on poor whites as it does poor blacks.

    So what is to be done? First, stop announcing our plans to everyone (Google “Afrikaner Broederbond”). Secondly, forget about allying with bitch-nigga business owners. The consolidation and creation of a black power base is not something that can be done in 10 , 20 or even 30 years, so we have to focus on the youth. Things like small scholarship funds can be a big help – you have big college athletes cant get any money because they are out in the Midwest, or some other boondock. Indoctrination is a must , of course. But a lot of that stuff, and th rest of is to be done, will have to be discussed at another time.

    1. Yeah, there is a lot to be done and there is no one universal solution.
      And seeing oneself as Black takes a conscious effort once one has the financial, political and social means to distance himself from those without.

      And yeah… I know the history of how the hood was created but even in many currently Black owned areas the underclass is not afforded the resources to better themselves. From rental houses to night clubs my businesses aren’t necessarily in place so that I can become rich but I set up shop in these areas because they are where I am from. We try to leave the areas better than we found them and with those who understand the deontological responsibility of rule.

      1. Fuck no.I have no respect for those Hamptons types.

        The Afrikaneers differ from the Boule in at least one crucial respect. Perverted as their ideas were, everything they did was for the upliftment of the Afrikaneer people. These talented tenth jokers just want to be able to get a piece of the pie. The Boule just wanted to Massa to pick them over everyone else.

  4. Worldstar, even vladtv, what do you think of when you think of these website? “Who got stabbed? Who got shot? Who got beat up? Who’s got beef? Who’s a ho? And. . ..pornstars.

    But this is just a heightened extension of the very thing black entertainment has become ,and we celebrate these so-called black Heroes who have found a way to profit off of commodifying black archetypes. “Black archetype entertainmen,” has been around since the beginning of film and television, and since the slave trade, in print, in advertising. The only difference now is that Black diaspora artists musical and in cinema (although I can only teally speak to the Western world, here), benefit from it by adopting it to cross over.

    Sadly it has become so rampant it has completely conquered black diaspora art in the mainstream.
    How many times have you seen a black artist who lives in some version of the Hollywood Hills for years, in an all white neighborhood, claim they are “keeping it real” and telling their reality even claiming their current reality, by taking video cameras down to the most economically depressed black neighborhoods to use these cartoonish images of black people in their music videos while the music is filled with nothing but content about commiting some form of violence against other black male bodies, and deriding the degradation of black women in song and imagery?

    When they’ve scored their hit and collected the check, they go scooting off back to their all white neighbourhoods, to their maids and private schools, never to be seen from again. That is until they need those poor rundown neighbourhoods, those scowling black male figures and those half clothed and twerkin’ black Jezebel bodies again.

    That’s what black entertainment has become. A study in black pathology, it’s just precious, (pun intended).
    I didn’t and won’t be watching Straight Out Of Compton, I don’t live in an alternate reality where NWA were political warriors, I live in the real world where 1% of their work was about police brutality and over policing, while the rest was about flooding Black neighbourhoods with crack during the Reagen years, threatening other Black male bodies, running trains on black women and raping them for fun.
    No thanks.

    We live in the internet age now. People pick their own programming, that’s why artists who would have been seen as commercially inviable in the past, like Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole are suddenly finding success.

    On the Oscars, the truth is it starts with thecmovies that are selected to be shown at cinemas in the first place. Meryl Streep was talking about this but in the context of women in film. She said something along the lines of “it’s a self fulfilling prophecy that films with female leads don’t do well at the box office because only certain types of films with female leads are selected in the first place.” Those selections are usually rom-coms, generally speaking and I suppose action hero movies with hypersexualised female leads. That becomes a self fulfilling prophecy because there’s a lack of quality and diversity on offer. She said all the members of these film boards are men, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say they’re probably all White as well.

    Dozens of films with black casts are made every year; indie films that would be Oscar material but they’re just not selected to play in movie theatres, they don’t receive any promotion, and they’re not selected for online film companies such as Netflix. So, again, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. There are even dozens of animation films with all Black characters. There are people making these films, there are people making Black music that runs contrary to the kind of imagery and content we’re discussing here, but they’re just not given the chance. It would take some Black billionaire with some kind of conscience and initiative to decide to create a Black film board and national Black movie theatres line just like they have in Bollywood so that the pipeline is there for Black entertainers in the arts. No one has done that as yet. I guess the frustration for many and what prompts the eye rolls is the fact that so many could. But instead you’ve got Jada trying to disguise a temper tantrum over her husband as some kind of civil rights movement and you’ve got Jay z in the land of delusion with the most unnecessary and pompous business ventures of all time, better known as Tidal.

    1. How higher social class and black consciousness (or lack thereof) intersect is something that we really need to look into. Guys like Tyler Perry prove that you don’t need to be super-rich to appeal to black audiences. The thing is to find a way to actually make money in the Internet/Piracy age. I believe that there is a niche that would like to see new types of science fiction stories and video games that are not being put out on the market. Lots of stuff in black history worldwide from Bantu migration to the South African Border Wars, never mind the various future and alternate history scenarios. We don’t need Black billionaires to start a Black Silicon Valley, or a Black Hollywood. Just a lot people willing pay

  5. Wow, Has really went in with that song. And then he threatened to beat the crap out of anyone who corrected Gwyneth Paltrow on repeating the n world rather than just saying she didn’t mean it that way. Although, come to think of it, Has tends to be all over the place with this stuff, I remember when he wanted to fight The Roots for appearing in Spike Lee’s Bamboozled because he thought Spike and The Roots meant it literally rather than grasping that is was satirical. Then Spike Lee came out with Chiraq, which I haven’t seen yet so I’m holding my judgement despite hearing it’s a mockery. With that said, taking creative license to present the idea of curing an area plagued with violence due to the roll back of public housing and dozens of schools being shut down to provide more re funding for the 1% in Chicago, seems dubious considering the epidemic of rape. Spike may have a blind spot.

    Nas, Spike, scientology school Jada and Will and there the-fight-for-skirts-is-most-relevant-at-this-in-this-political-climate-kids, Kanye and comparing branding and fashion to the Atlantic slave trade.

    I’m confused and my head hurts and I’m like, whatever.

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