Frances Cress Welsing was crazy. Get over it.

The microphone represents the white man’s desire to possess the black man’s penis, as can be seen from the one large white ball at the end of the long black stick. By holding the mic, he can then symbolically prevent his genetic annihilation by passing on his seed through the black man’s genitals. That’s why there’s so much interracial cuckold porn online. Also, by Dr. Cress-Welsing putting the microphone to her mouth, the white man can visualize himself making her submit to him. Just as planned.

Francis Cress Welsing was crazy. Do not attempt to deny this.

The Best of the Isis Papers

Now, some of you may have read elsewhere that Frances Cress Welsing that she was a singularly unique black intellectual, who has proposed an analysis of “color confrontation” that explains worldwide white supremacy in a scientific, falsifiable way, based on an empirical method. Be not deceived. Her work is not science, it is comedy. Here are just a few excerpts from her book, “The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors”:

Why do white people love dogs so much?

For example, the dog rather than God proverbially is considered Western man’s best friend. This is contrary to the beliefs of skin-pigmented peoples regarding their relationship to God. This Western concept of the dog as man’s best friend is linked to the mythology of the founding of Rome. According to this mythology, Rome was founded by two orphans, Romulus and Remus, who were suckled by a wolf. Both the wolf and the dog are canines.) These two presumably white infants are said to have founded the state that began Western Civilization and culture. When this is decoded, Romulus and Remus are the symbolic representatives of the early albinos who were abandoned by their Black mothers in Africa as genetic mutant defectives and in the process of their northward migration for survival, were “left to the dogs” – suckled by wolves. This decoding explains the worship and love of the dog (canine) in Western civilization…… And, is this love and worship of the dog reflected in the mirror-image of the words “God” and “dog” – even at this “advanced” stage in the expression and evolution of Western civilization and culture? (page 27-28)

On Homosexuality:

At another level, white male homosexuality may be viewed as the symbolic attempt to incorporate into the white male body more male substance by either sucking the penis of another male and orally ingesting the semen, or by having male ejaculate deposited in the other end of the alimentary canal. Through anal intercourse, the self-debasing white male may fantasize that he can produce a product of color, albeit that the product of color is fecal matter. This fantasy is significant for white males because the males who are able to produce skin color are viewed as the real men. (page 47)

On Smoking (remember, non-white people don’t smoke.)

This same sense of maleness-deficiency in the white supremacy culture causes the behavior patterns of smoking either small white phallic symbols called cigarettes, large dark brown or black phallic symbols known as cigars, pipes and the long brown cigarettes called Mores. (Or does it mean Moors?) These are sucked, swallowed, puffed and otherwise bodily ingested, ultimately leading to self-negation through potential cancer-caused deaths. Also, it should be noted that for the white male collective, the greatest sense of male power comes from smoking the large, dark brown, phallic smoking objects- cigars and pipes. Thus, cigars are given at the birth of a son! (page 47)

On Food and Christmas:

The most favored drinks are all dark brown in color: coffee, tea, coke, beer, and whiskey. These are all symbolic of the blood or genes of Jesus. A favorite meat is steak, which comes from the bull or cattle. (See Chapter 7.) We need not mention the hot dogs, half smokes and all the other varieties of sausages. Also, are not bulls castrated to make them taste better when eaten? Are not football players fed steak before they attempt to go out and capture the large brown balls? (See Chapter 10.) I further understand that “bull’s balls” are eaten as delicacies in some bars and other eating establishments in the white supremacy culture. (page 75)

Likewise, the symbolism in the major holidays of the Christian religion is supportive of my interpretations. At Christmas, the tree is one of the most important symbols. The Christmas tree is, in its abstracted form, a cross- the symbol of the Black male genitals. (See Diagram V.) First, the Christmas tree is chopped down in the forest. Then it is taken home. In the U.S., when the Christmas tree is decorated, colored “balls” are hung on the tree. When the tree is taken down and burned, the “balls” are first taken off. Then all can dream of a “white Christmas” and a surviving white Christ.

Mmmm, Chocolate……

The favorite candy is chocolate candy (chocolate comes mainly from Africa), preferably with nuts. Recall chocolate kisses and all of the myriad chocolate candy bars. Nuts are also important in the white supremacy culture. Some have focused on peanuts and become millionaires and the most powerful persons in the world. Finally, given the symbolism behind such eating practices, it follows that oral sexual practices would be a favorite in the white supremacy system/culture. (page 75)

Chapter 10 is a goddamn gold mine

On Pool and Bowling:

In the game of billiards or pool, there are eight colored balls, a white ball and a long dark stick placed on a table. The object of the game is to use the long stick in causing the white ball to knock all of the colored balls under the table. The last colored ball knocked under the table is the black ball. When the game is over, the white ball is the only ball that remains on top of the table with the long dark stick. Then the game starts again.

Bowling is also an interesting ball game in the white supremacy culture. Usually, this game is played with a large black ball being rolled forcefully down an alley where it is expected to knock down 10 white pins; the central pin is referred to as the “kingpin.” Clearly, the bowling pins are white and, in shape, are phallic symbols. In other words, the pins are white phallic symbols that are knocked asunder by a heavy black ball, over which the bowler attempts to gain mastery. In symbolic fantasy, the bowler sees himself as master and possessor of the larger black ball and thereby in control of the harm it can bring to the white male genital apparatus (the white pins). (page 135)

On goalposts and nets:

It is of symbolic importance that the large brown basketball is thrown into a circular opening (the basket- usually a white net) that can be viewed as a symbol of the white female vaginal orifice. Similarly, the large brown football is kicked through a white upright opening (the goal posts) that can be viewed, again symbolically, as the uplifted legs of a white female in the act of sexual intercourse. Perhaps unconsciously the white male psyche considers here that the white female’s preferred sexual choice is “tall, dark and handsome.” In tossing or kicking the large brown balls into the white net or the white goal posts, the white male is able to fantasize that he is satisfying the white female maximally via an identification with the Black male and the brown balls, which the white male – in play – believes he now possesses or controls…. Thus, the Black male is their true standard of real manhood and genetic power – the ultimate controller of the Black “ball.” As white males attempt to master the placement of these large brown “playing” balls in “openings,” their activity can be viewed as attempts to resolve the dilemma of their self-questioned manhood. Their manhood is always in question because of their genetic recessive status compared to the genetic dominance of the world’s majority.

On golf:

Interestingly, golf, the most “elite” of all of the ball games in the white supremacy culture, is played with a long dark-colored stick or “iron” held between the legs. This iron is smashed against the side of a very small white ball. The object is to knock this small white ball into a hole in the black earth (black mother earth- the Black female?). By attempting to place his small white ball in the black earth, using a long dark stick, again the white male is attempting to identify with the possession of the genital equipment and privilege of the Black male, whose rightful partner is the Black female. If this pattern of play in golf does not qualify as the very essence of male genital symbolism and neurotic conflict in the white male psyche, as formulated in this specific discussion, then nothing does. Again, is it only a coincidence that the major event in golf competition should be called the Master’s Tournament? Is this not a fitting title for the most elite of all ball games played by the masters of the “master race”?

Leaving the balls behind here’s what she has to say about the ladies:

I emphasize here that Black men are oppressed because ultimately, it is male muscle mass that oppresses a people, and only male muscle mass has the potential for achieving liberation. If the men of a people are oppressed, the women are brought under oppression- as they are dependent on their men for protection and the muscle mass to liberate a people and defense. Women do not have the muscle mass to liberate a people and protect the young. Women develop the young but their men must provide the protection and the security apparatus

It should come as no surprise that the paranoid conspiracy theorist who sees all kinds of strange connections in even the most mundane statement is a comedic archetype in Black American media

Now, according to her, the reason why normal human beings see all of the above quotes as utter complete nonsense is that we are looking at symbols on a surface level. But Cress-Welsing proposes that our brains function as a typical computer with something like a Von Neumann architecture. In this model, a set of shared symbols located in human collective unconscious that is manipulated on an unconscious level by said “brain-computer.” If we claim to be doing science, then we can only deal with the physical world, and the Jung’s collective unconscious is as far from physical as one can get. Where, in the brain, or in the physical world, is the collective unconscious? Abstract symbols cannot affect physical changes in the brain. Take cocaine. We know how cocaine affects the brain’s neuro-transmitters, leading to addiction. But a symbol is by definition abstract, its interpretation is dependent on context and culture, not some universal collective unconscious.

For example take her drawing for the male genitalia:

I was initially skipping through my copy of the Isis Papers when I first saw the above. The first thing that occurs is not male genitalia, but, in fact, it’s complete opposite. What I thought I had initially glimpsed was an abstraction of the female reproductive system on learns about in high school. The fallopian tubes seemed a bit shortened, but the eggs and uterus were there for all to interpret

In other words, there is no universal symbol system that is understood by all human beings. Even if there were, symbols can have no physical effect on the brain, as brain is not some mental abstraction but a physical, biological organ that is affected by physical processes. Yes, some symbols may have some hidden meanings. But like the man said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

It’s just a cigar people! Nothing to see here. Keep it moving!

Physics Envy (PE) + Non-Intelligible Sophistry (N-IS) = PEN-IS

Leaving aside the more laughable examples from her book, The Isis Papers, we must now look at the method to her madness.

  1. Any time a white person has sex with a non-white person, the whiteness is removed
  2. Continued interbreeding of whites with non-whites will lead to the extermination of the white race
  3. Therefore, the white man will do whatever it takes to destroy non-white races, as well as to prevent interbreeding among blacks and whites

This whole three-step fuckery pyramid rests upon the unspoken assumption of the One-Drop Rule. She must therefore ignore the countries where the One-Drop Rule does not apply. The fact that in Brazil, if Lawrence Fishbourne had straight hair and a professional job would be considered white cannot occur to her. Instead, her theory, with regards to the One Drop Rule aspect, is simply a case of a Black American foisting their own peculiar situation as the base case for the world. But why doesn’t she only consider that the whiteness is removed – why not the blackness? Enter Melanin Theory. Apparently, the less melanin one has, the less able one is to absorb energy and signals being emanated by the universe. This makes people with less melanin less empathetic. Or something:

As mentioned in the Color-Confrontation theory, white-skinned people, who lack any substantial level of permanent melanin in their skin, historically have contrasted themselves with all people in the world who have substantial, recognizable and permanent levels of melanin…

This has been refuted by people brighter than me, but let’s walk down this path anyway.

White skin is a form of albinism. There is no difference, microscopically speaking, between the white skin of a white person and the skin of a person designated as an albino.

We are given no evidence, cited no papers, detailed no experiments. The assertion that whites are a type of albino is simply stated. She says that albinos and white have the same skin “microscopically.” Then why not shows a picture comparing the two. After all, the book is full of bullshit diagrams, why not include one that supports your point? But wait, it gets better!

My central thesis here is that white-skinned peoples came into existence thousands of years ago as the albino mutant offsprings of black-skinned mothers and fathers in Africa. A sizeable number of these Black parents had produced, rejected and then cast out of the community their genetic defective albino offspring, to live away from the normal black skin-pigmented population with the awareness of their rejection and alienation (as in leper colonies).

The white tribe’s eventual migration northward, to escape the intensity of the equatorial sun of the Southern hemisphere, left the albinos eventually situated in the area of the world known as Europe-now recognized as the home of the white tribes.

Again, no evidence other than an interpretation of the Adam and Eve story that sounds like it was devised by Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud while they were smoking from a LSD laced bong. No archaeological evidence is given. No historical evidence of albinos being expelled is given. These albinos trekked all the way from Africa to Europe, yet no evidence of albinos along this trek is found and stated. The facts are as follows; the people who arrived in Europe were dark-skinned, light skin as an adaption
that came later. Dark skinned Africans settled Europe 40,000 years ago. Albinos may be despised, but they were also regarded as “semi-gods” – this is even quoted by Cress-Welsing herself!

If you go on Wikipedia, whenever you see something that is not backed up by a primary source. You will see the familiar [Citation needed] superscript. Well that can be used to describe this entire set of papers The Isis Papers – [Citation needed]. At no point in the book, is any specific gene named. We are never given specific dates for when the Mass Albino Migration to Europe took place. Unlike Freud and Jung, she does not perform any interviews or psychoanalysis on the white people she is so fascinated with. To see how the “brain-computer” works, how the unconscious recognition of symbols is translation of actions, she puts no one in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine to find this out. In other words, she has no experimental evidence for her theory. Therefore, she is not doing science. In fact, her ideas on recessive and dominant genes sound like they came from some B-movie or videogame.

But what she’s doing sure sounds like science, don’t it? I mean she describes her work as “Unified Field Theory Psychiatry”, she speaks of “brain-computers” and what-not. But the fact that she uses science sounding terminology borrowed from physics and computer “science” does not make what she is doing science. Rather it represents the same modern-day hucksterism that one sees on late night infomercials, business consultants and New Age wierdoes – an appeal to scientific methods to justify their ridiculous ideas.

Do you want a revolution? Apparently not.

Let’s say that the Cress-Welsing, in spite of her silly “science” and nonsense analogies has a deeper point, a deeper point that is just poorly explained. The main point being, that white people have a biologically ingrained inferiority complex towards non-whites, which results in their creation of social, economic and political structures that destroy non-whites, both physically and mentally. What makes this “theory” seem revolutionary is that she takes the usual racist critique of the dominant race being socially and economically motivated, to racism being a direct result of biological imperative to avoid annihilation. But even this fails 0n most fundamental ways.

The history of Western Civilization is not one of whites killing and dominating non-whites. It’s that of whites killing themselves. Hundred’s Year War, Thirty Years War, Rome’s Social Wars, the Napoleonic Conquests, World Wars 1 and 2 and everything in between. Even in the Cold War, those big nuclear missiles weren’t pointed at Africa – they were pointed at the whitest places on Earth. When non-white people do factor into Western Civilization, it is not as the main course, but the side dish. France and England didn’t conquer Africa and India to wipe out non-white people. They used them as manpower to fight their European continental wars, and to use as fresh markets to hawk their goods to from the European continent. Even the native populations that got wiped out in the “Age of Discovery” died from lack of immunity to diseases, or the overwork and general sadism of the “Discoverers” – not some systematic genocide plan akin to the Nazi Holocaust.

But whether you take out the fundamental point above, or incorporate the rest of the book, which is basically saying that white people are evil because their skin is white, it really doesn’t matter. I mean, with this information, what action can you take? If racism is not a product of nurture, but of nature, then white people can never change. Society can never reach any progressive goal that sees race based prejudice as a mere anachronism. If white people cannot change from wanting to destroy blacks, then isn’t the next step Race War?

I read the writings of Cress-Welsing and her friends, and can’t help but thinking about the writings and actions of mathematician/terrorist Theodore Kaczynski. You read his stuff and see him mailing out his little bombs and shit and you know that those actions are never going to change society. And deep down Kaczynski knows this as well. Same thing with Cress-Welsing and her Melanin Theory followers. What is their solution tom the problems facing black people in America? Have stable families. Seriously. There is no serious examination or strategy for the solution to mutant albino problem. This is just one set of East-coast American blacks espousing their own warped personal experience to other blacks, as if it were a universal experience useful for all blacks. All it is, is a hyper-conservative set of beliefs that will do nothing for blacks but leave them scientifically and socially illiterate. Maybe, just maybe, these ideas and the people who espouse are genuine, but have been held back by more mainstream authorities. Or maybe crazy is just crazy.

11 thoughts on “Frances Cress Welsing was crazy. Get over it.”

    1. No . I am not familiar. I am rather interested in policies that foster industrialization, as well as improving the educational circumstances of young men and boys though.

        1. I did check out some of her writing. Both her and Cress-Welsing seem to a trend in crazy , with super-conservative ideas about how women should be treated. Both are half past crazy.

      1. Thank you. I sold her book for years at a wholesaler, didn’t bother to open it. We carried some wack stuff, but my god this was beyond all the others. That she is lauded by anyone is an abomination. To the extent she influenced black intelligentsia, she set back 100 years. Makes David Icke read like Barack Obama

  1. There is an abundance of this ironic reaction from the “Conscious community.” Unfortunately instead of highlighting forms of systematic oppression towards people of a particular ethnicity and completely rejecting it, there is a tendency to simply mirror it.

    The truth is there are many individuals and movements of schools of thought who do not want to do away with these systems, instead, what they truly want, is to maintain them and to depose of those who currently benefit from them only to replace them with the group they belong to as beneficiary. This doesn’t just exist between particular ethnic minorities, however, it exists between genders and socioeconmic classes. We see it with radical feminists who verge on misandry, and in the intersectionality of hyper capitalist wealthy people of colour who complain about racism while comfortably positioning themselves separate from their own economically marginalised ethnic group to enjoy the benefit of the class system their new money enables them to belong to.

    Frances Cress Welsing is simply another example of mirroring the far right ethnic scapegoating and generalizing to combat the far right ethnic scapegoating and generalizing she rages against. I am not a fan of minister Farrakhan and his antisemitism and misogyny despite his nuggets of truth concerning racism for this reason.

    The truth is this speaks to the moral evolution of human beings vs the animalistic instinct for survival and self preservation. We see it between religions, we see it between sexual orientations, we see it between nations and the fight gor their resources. Can we break out of the instinct to elevate the group of which we belong to to benefit our social, economic and political position, to consider the whole, which requires not only regarding our ascent and the benefit of of those who are part of our own tribe; this requires humility and humanity.
    Beast vs intellectual being

    1. There is an abundance of this ironic reaction from the “Conscious community.”

      Unfortunately instead of highlighting forms of systematic oppression towards people of a particular ethnicity and completely rejecting it, there is a tendency to simply mirror it.

      The truth is there are many individuals and movements of schools of thought who do not want to do away with these systems, instead, what they truly want, is to maintain them and to depose of those who currently benefit from them only to replace them with the group they belong to as beneficiary. This doesn’t just exist between particular ethnic minorities, however, it exists between genders and socioeconmic classes.

      The fascists/reactionary impulse has been alive and well in global black affairs for a very long time. If you read Umberto Eco’s stuff on fasism , and compare it to a lot of what the HOTEPs, Black Isrealites/Muslims, and Tariq Nasheed types are saying, you cannot miss the similarities. While they will always have enablers like Sharazad Ali and Cress-Welsing, you need ask yourself – what were the men (and is usually mosly men) who are drawn to this type of thing like before they got put on to this shit? Yes, you have gus like Malcolm Little/X, but nowadays, I think it goes abit deeper than that. for example, look at this series of comments over Abagond:

      From above comment:

      All women not just black women, have problem submitting to a black man. All submission means is co-operation. In other cultures, women have no problem with being submissive to their man but women have problem submitting to black man because black men are dependent on the dominant white society for most things.

      AND BLACK WOMEN SEE THAT and no women wants to submit to a guy who has to submit to some other guy. Hence the universal appeal of white males.

      This is why characters like Olivia Pope in Scandal are so popular with some black women. This confident black woman who is making all these moves is suddenly a 100% submissive when in the presence of what she considers an alpha male.

      That’s why I love to see black women RIDING for the black community, likes Francis Cress Welsing RIP, Sharazed Ali.

      And no, he is not referring to chains, whips or Hitachi Magic Wands.

      Responses to:

      I want to call the writer of the first comment pathetic, but its never that easy, or that simple. But when you listen to them, or read writings, one doesn;t get the sense that they are powerful exemplars of masculinity. Rather, they come across much like the weirdoes in the (mostly white) pick-up artist (PUA) movement.

      We see it with radical feminists who verge on misandry, and in the intersectionality of hyper capitalist wealthy people of colour who complain about racism while comfortably positioning themselves separate from their own economically marginalised ethnic group to enjoy the benefit of the class system their new money enables them to belong to.

      Actually, I am starting to belive that much of black America has taken on the worst behaviours of America as a whole. See here:

      Fuck. Just when I’m getting ready to procrastinate.

  2. For some reason there’s something about those schools of thought that reminds me of eugenics. I’m not sure exactly why. Perhaps it’s the idea of character being so closely connected to ethnic groups and genders and the general idea of strengthening those supposed traits through training and breeding. There’s a severely racist tone to it. It would be frightening if they had any real power, but since they don’t, they’re just a bunch of disgruntled, socially awkward underachievers, to me.

    I don’t really encounter these schools of thought in real life anyway; these people are most likely just a group of lonely, angry people with no friends, (for obvious reasons), who have found other lonely, angry people to bond wit online.

    Very interesting point in asking who were these people before they became these conscious racists? The truth is, most of them were probably attracted to the messaging they’ve given themselves over to, not because of any legitimate sense of self worth in their Blackness and their Black community, but the message of “I am God” and everything and anything I have ever gone through isn’t about a history of terrible policies by government, or being disempowered in the production of the images that are supposed to represent me in mass media, because engaging in correcting that takes too much effort. Instead, I’m going to insist Willie Lynch was real, and in doing so, side with the far right concept of Black pathology and innate natural character over a nurtured state of resource marginalisation. Then, I can sit at home and have circle jerk rants to people like myself and get nothing done other than massaging my own ego.

    It’s not just Black men, White guys do it too. I just came across a very small movement yesterday where this one White guy is trying to convince all men to seperate from women because women are destroying economy. His idea is that feminism is to blame for the economic downturn because women are being given jobs as charity and don’t actually contribute it the workplace. He also holds the idea that women hoard so they don’t stimulate the economy, while simultaneously proselytising the idea that women spend too much. All wars have been created because men are fighting for female attention in order to appear to be the most alpha. He conveniently erased the gathering age when women were the works, the fact that womenby and large were the labourers during WW2 and the fact that there are many women in the military.

    And there’s the likes of Stephen Molyneux who never misses the opportunity to exploit a tragic event to promote his seperatist ultra libertarian cult.

    This speaks of rampant low intelligence to me. It’s not just delusional and misinformed. You’ve gotta be an idiot to give yourself over to this kind of thing. But then again, back to your original question, most of all, you’d most likely have started out with incredibly low self esteem in the first place. That’s probably the common thread.

    It’s best to continue to do what we learned did in school which is probably created them in the first place. Smile and keep walking when we see them in the hall, avoid sharing lunch tables with them, and don’t invite them to parties, sleepovers, dances and group outings. We had the right idea then; start as you mean to go on.

  3. And you took the time to read her work and post this lengthy response because she was crazy.

    What in the hell does that then makes you?

    Unable to assimilate any thought process regarding what was written by Ms. Welsing.

    Therefore any arguments rendered are as useless the pigmentation of yuor skin.

    1. And you took the time to read my response and post your dumb-ass comment because……….why again?

      Unable to assimilate anything in my post. Therefore any arguments rendered are useless as the pigmentation of yuor (sic) skin.

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