(Non-Existent) Male Jogger Raped by (Non-Existent) Homo Thugs

Right now I’m supposed to be in exile and solitude, studying the works of the Philosophers and mastering my techniques, but I have to it leave now. I have to confront this fuckery. The fuckery in question is that which appeared on the front of the Jamaica Observer, i.e. Male jogger gang-raped. Now before, we go through the story and pick apart the the bullshit, let me declare my stake in this.

I jog there.

Four days a week. Including that Monday morning , from about 4:20 in the the morning, to 5. And I didn’t see no women helping no man bleeding out his ass (excuse my double negatives). On Tuesday, i.e., the day after the alleged incident, I had a day off from work, and when I went out,I did not hear about any such incident  from my friends in the adjoining communities of Meadowbrook Estate, Patrick City, or Duhaney Park.This is rather odd, as the last rapist in our community, was easily identified and very well known, having done his campaign of rape and pillage on the poorly lit Daytona Avenue section of Patrick City. So for a man to have had been gang-raped, and no news or gossip of it for two days is rather odd in our community.

Bu enough of that. We constantly hear about a Gay Agenda, but does the Jamaica Observer have an agenda of its own? Look at the story and tell me this –

1. Who are the confirmed, named sources?

2. What is the name of the author of this story?

3. What time did this occur? It had to be very early, seeing that we are in summer, and the sun rises at 5 in the morning.

4. What was the model and make of  the car that was used?

5. When he was (no doubt) carried to the hospital, which hospital was it , and who was the attending physician?

6. Are there any other sources for this story?

One will get no answer to these questions, indeed because the point of the Observer story is not to give answers, but mainly to instill pictures. One of those pictures is that of some poor bastard,of regular build, sitting down  naked, sobbing softy to himself, while a small pool of blood spreads steadily outward from his anus. It could be any one of us. Here are the quotes from the article:

“He was found by some females who were shocked and even more surprised to see that he was bleeding heavily from his rectum,” one man, who said he assisted in untying the victim, told the Observer.


And above that:

A group of joggers reportedly found the victim naked, with his hands and feet bound, sitting on the sidewalk at the foot of the hill close to Perkins Boulevard.


Now that I have ordered the article in that order, we can see how the story is falling apart. The man has been raped to the point where he is bleeding, not from his sphincter, but his rectum, yet he is able to sit down? Let me tell you about this time when I was at KPH, and this guy was , well, “clogged up.” The guy was lying down on the bed to my left, when I see two big orderlies draw the screen, leaving just the silhouettes of the two 250 pound men holding this poor guys legs open. Then I see the doctor go with the glove on his hand, hear the Fwipm!  – and then one of those screams from the horror movies like “Friday the 13th.” That guy was on is belly for two days, and that was from one finger.


So how could this guy be sitting down, after getting gang-raped?

They say the guy parked his car at an apartment complex and went jogging. The only apartment complex is Perkins Estate – a gated community. That means the only way you’re getting in or, out is if someone who lives there knows you, and can buzz you in. Yet the Observer could find no one who could help them with this story? None of the passers-by could find one offf these people to help him? This does not include the various KingAlarm private security vehicles and public transportation that regularly pass by in the mornings while I, and others jog.

So why would the Observer publish an obviously fake story, backed only by anonymous sources, with no official or named sources, or any byline? After seeing Sunday’s equally sensationalist Observer headline,  a friend of mine thought that the Observer had decided to stop competing with the Gleaner, and had decided to compete with Star, for the much larger readership. While both the usual Star leader has much in common with the discussed Observer article – the problem is deeper. My friend assumed that the Observer was in the journalism business. It is not.The Observer is the in the propaganda business. Propaganda relies on hate to motivate people to to take (usually violent) action.

There are two hates that the Observer exploits in its propaganda campaign. The first is the irrational hatred of homosexuals that is espoused by very loud groups of Jamaicans.

Wanna guess what the other hate is?
Wanna guess what the other hate is?

I’m sure most of you have realized by now that all of the recent stories about homosexuals by the Observer are thinly disguised opinion pieces that have to do them engaged in crime, banditry, corruption , or their second exploited hatred – the PNP.

I think it is fairly obvious that the Observer has a very serious problem with the Simpson-Miller administration. That is quite alright. Bu instead of relying upon rational arguments rooted in logic, economics, history or common sense, they have instead decided to create a “Gay Menace.” It is a strategy that is working, at least in getting website hits. Just look at how the web hits rose yesterday, and how the Comments just piled up.

But  what the Observer is trying its best to do is to create an instinctual association in the Jamaican people’s mind between Homosexuals, Criminals, and the PNP. They seem to be succeeding in associating criminals with gays. Now, as the below quote shows, they are now moving towards associating the PNP with the previous two.

Murdered People’s National Party (PNP) activist in Montego Bay, Kenley ‘Bebe’ Stephens, was a known member of the homosexual community and one of the western city’s prominent cross-dressers, who was also connected with the criminal underworld, police said.

Stephens was fingered in the illegal lotto scam, the stealing of electricity, among other illegal activities. He had strong connections in the ruling PNP, as he was one of the main fund-raisers in that part of Jamaica, and was recently elected vice-chairman of the party’s West Central St James constituency, headed by state minister for industry, commerce and investment, Sharon Ffolkes Abrahams, who is also MP for the constituency.


The move from Journalism to Propaganda by the Observer is a troubling one. It means that a very large media organization has abandoned any hope of using rational arguments to fix our problems and address its audience, and now only sees its audience as a herd of sheep to be tricked and manipulated into doing the “Right Thing”. This is a story with many troubling antecedents,including one society similar to ours, that had a rapidly devaluing currency, mass unemployment, virulent right-wing minority with a mastery off propaganda techniques, and a hedonistic middle class that did not take political activity seriously. History shows us how that worked out. We can only wonder how it will work out for Jamaica.


40 thoughts on “(Non-Existent) Male Jogger Raped by (Non-Existent) Homo Thugs”

  1. lol the Jamaican sheeple, open your eyes – but on a serious note these things really do happen and are increasing anyone that says differently is either gay ill informed or both…..1 Big up? satanforce.wordpress.com 0.o hey admin you a homothug ?

    1. Technically, it would be libel. But, you know… if its true then the Observer has all means to rely on that defense

  2. its a real story. i live in the area and my aunt saw the crowd around the man the monday morning on her way to work. She thought some one had fainted and they were trying to help him

      1. This sounds like a fantasy. Maybe the guy was there cruising and got caught so hollered rape, but in his case it was ‘gang rape’. Sort of like those urban tales.

    1. Yes it was a real man …but there was no rape….he goes from Norbrook to Cherry gardens to new Kingston….the same man …he likes to strip himself and tie himself up and ask for you to help him….he is an exhibitionist

  3. Something about the story initially did not sit well with me too. You make some good points. I would like to talk to sources/reporter etc and figure out what really happened. As for your theory, as a journalist from Canada, I would be shocked if this were the case, but sadly not that surprised anymore. Thanks for reading my blog!

  4. Reblogged this on Jamaican Journal and commented:
    The story I linked to yesterday is getting a lot of traction, spurring a lot of discussion, much of it fuelled by skepticism. As a journalist, I read the story and was left with more questions than answers, never a good sign. Either your verify everything several times, or you kill the story for later, that is good journalism. A fellow blogger explicates all the holes in the story here in this post I am reblogging. I’m not sure I share his view that the Observer has such an agenda, but there is definitely something going on in that newsroom. Enjoy your Friday.

    1. I do not believe the Observer has an agenda. But minorities control Jamaica , that is the situation in every country of the world and because of this yes, a hedenestic and also hegemonic middle class run things and benefitted. But we who are straight , we who are heteresexuals ( myself included) are not homophobic . Our freedom for expression should also be respected for our freedom to express . Everyone should have that right not a minority and not a majority. We recognise in Jamaica only some voices are always heard, not the masses. But no one need to lamblast the gay community because they provide some of the brighhtest scholars and artists this country has known.

  5. what makes this story less believable than any other story about crime which is reported by the observer? Not every crime is reported to the police, not every journalist is required by law or obligation to publicly attach his/her name to an article, and not every source wants to be named and risk being further questioned by every other media agency seeking additional information…. To discredit the incident because u or no one in your circle of fellow joggers /community did not witness it would be foolish

    1. I did not ask for journalists’ name. I asked for a byline. One can use an alias for a byline , sch as is done in the over 100 year old The Economist. That way , there is an actual prson behind the article to question, or in this case, discredit.

  6. Whether or not this story is a lie, the truth is the PNP government is overrun with gays who are trying to get a foothold in the country. If this government is not removed, Jamaica will become the United States leash dog.

    We want back the JLP, and it is simple as that.

    It is going to be a tough battle come next election, as the PNP has the money since they are being funded by homosexuals. But if the JLP can show the people what is going on, no amount of gay support will help. I am so happy to see the rise of a new union in the form of the Eurasian Economic Union, and also the rise of China.

    Believe it or not, the gays will push this country to the breaking point and people are going to rise up. The government will have to choose the people, the United States will not like this, and thus Jamaica will realize that it has to forge closer ties with China and the Eurasian Economic Union. Once that happens, the influence of the United States over our blessed island will be broken, and everything the gays have worked for will shatter to pieces.

    The end is just around the corner, and you gays will have real reasons to be concerned.

    1. You think the PNP alone is gayed up? Take a trip to a Generation 2000 meeting – especially UTech’s. From the vibe off your article, you seem to believe there is some Grand Homosexual Conspiracy. Get me some proof. Better yet, get real. The main conflict in Jamaica has always been that of hard-working, middle class producers that create actual physical goods and do useful services against:

      1. A political class who does not feel an obligation to us -that hard-working middle class, but rather spends its election campaigns giving away money to a parasitic lower class, and the rest off the six years paying off the IMF, financial FatCats, rentiers, and party hangers-on with our own blood, sweat and money

      2.The FatCats that are too damn busy preying on hour hard work, with bank fees, exorbitant student loans and other dirty economic tricks that they devised up since they figured out they have no financial talent post-FINSAC to spur actual capital and small business growth. Then they turn around and wage-enslave us with call-center, clerical and bank teller work that doesn’t even comes close to our potential. Then we spend all day correct the simple mistakes that they’re middle-managers make.

      3. A lower class that does not see fit to help us middle-class, but have their radicals group us with both of the above in an “Uptown/Downtown” false dichotomy. And when they’re not making logical errors, they are out skin-bleaching, begging me, or just being a criminal nuisance to me that create a further financial burden through their petty theft, electricity theft, occasional rape and break-ins.

      You will notice that all of the above can be documented – which I will do in subsequent posts – throughout mainstream Jamaican history.You will notice that lack of battymen and sodomites in the above. That is because we can see all discussions, deal-making, paper trails, and videos that generally lead to the catastrophic situations that are their end result. Whether the PNP or, the JLP is in power, the result has been the same – shitty bus system , wage freezes, electricity price hikes, rotting inffrastructure etc.

      What battymen (but not lesbians) do, disgusts me. But just because someone does something that disgusts me , does not give me the right to hurt him, nor does it prevent him from being my friend. And if that friend wants to help me bring electricity down to 20 cent a kilowatt, help me to set up some work for our graduate friends so they don’t have to rot at some call center, who is a Black man, that is proud to be a Black man, and is not ashamed or afraid of real Black women, and wants to go about making Jamaicans from apathetic, non historical consumers , to proud , self-loving idealistic prouducers, then who am I to hate him?

      If you want to get withmy program, then get with my program. If not, then get out.

      1. I agree and disagree with your statement my brother. I have no intention to see any one get hurt, but our country stepping up and achieving greatness in the eyes of the world is in direct connection with accepting homosexuality. Why should this be the case?

        All these gay organizations are linked closely with the United States and the European Union. These countries control a major aspect of what goes on in the world and which country gets to sit at the bottom and at the top. Jamaica has nothing to rise on its own, hence why we have no choice but to rely on the world leaders who are out to seek a Unipolar world.

        Definition of Unipolar world: Unipolar world has one hegemonic (dominating) state that holds a significant amount of power economically, militarily and politically.

        The gays have grown very powerful in the U.S. over the past 8 years, and they have shown time and time again that any individual and countries that oppose them will lose out economically. So as it stands now, Jamaica and its homophobia has no chance of turning the tide and to rise from the ashes unless the country follows like a little dog in the Unipolar world.

        However, over the years we’ve seen the slow rise of the Multipolar world.

        Definition: A multipolar world occurs when there are multiple states dominating and cooperating on the international stage.

        The new Eurasian Economic Union that is headed by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, is a clear sign of countries wanting to escape the power of the United States, countries that wants to control their own destiny and countries that don’t believe others must be sanctioned for having different views. The world is watching, and already several other countries are lining up to join.

        This union will make sure that countries that don’t agree with culture and ideals of the United States will not suffer under pressure where economy is concerned. Furthermore, with this new union, every country will have a say on what goes on in the world. The United States doesn’t want this to happen, as it means the U.S. dollar would decline due to Russia, South Africa and China advocating trade in different currencies, which also means the U.S. would lose its power over the world.

        Russia has been planning this union ever since Vladimir Putin came to power 14 years ago. The Ukraine was a key aspect for this Eurasian Economic Union to succeed since there’s over 40 million people in that country. So to see Ukraine fall under crisis after the country’s leader snubbed the EU and chose to look into the upcoming EaEU that was bound to kick off in just mere months, is no coincidence.

        Anyway, everything is connected to the U.S. and the EU when it comes to Jamaica’s economy and overall growth, and this is why the country needs to align itself with the new Union where trade is concerned, and also align closer with China. By doing this, Jamaica wouldn’t have to bow just to get some dollar running into the country.

        So yes, while I do agree with some of your sentiments, I do believe that keeping homosexuality at bay is important as it also keeps the USA from completely dominating this proud country. I once thought that Jamaica will have no choice but to succumb, but with the rise of China on a global scale and the new EaEU, we don’t have to and still have the chance to succeed globally.

        You can disagree all you want, I wouldn’t give much of a fuck. Our opinion on certain matters differ, but at the end of the day I believe we both want a better Jamaica, we just have different views on how this should come to pass.

        Bear in mind that if the gay pandora box is opened, we’ll be making way for transsexual surgeries, gay marriage, transsexual children (just like the USA) and a slow but sure destruction of religious beliefs. Work with them, yes, but accepting the lifestyle as the norm is not the way to go.

    2. U honestly think USA gonna make China come mess round it’s backyard n have influence. Keep Dreaming. Remember who the 900 lb gorilla is. Don’t kid yourself ‘an observer’.

      1. Latin America, much less the Caribbean, hardly earned a mention in President Barack Obama’s foreign-policy speech at West Point a few weeks back. China is also the number one trading partner for some of the largest economies in Latin America.

        United States influence and dominance in its own backyard is eroding as the country is focused too much on what goes on in places it has no reason to get involved with.

        Russia is planning to build several military basis in America’s backyard along with improving trade.

        This 900LB gorilla you speak of is no doubt massive in size, and that is why it will fall hard. No empire lasts forever, and now it is time for the United States to slowly degrade and make room for others.

  7. The Observer isn’t bothering to try and cover up their agenda, and with an article with no byline or named sources they really don’t have a leg to stand on. The entire story sounds vague and, frankly, made up.

    But if you’re 100% sure that it’s all BS, why not go public with a Letter to the Editor (of the Gleaner)? Or some other such avenue.

  8. hmmm what bothers me is a national newspaper is allowed to print a story like this and there is no agency, talk show or other media house that will take them to task and frankly embarrass them. How can a professional media outfit publish such an article and not be held accountable? I have always maintained the press is not really free in this country and to an extent it is not regulated and monitored either. The obvious flaws in their story exposed by the social media seems to be the only jury that focuses on their agenda of crime upliftment and expose them but whither Journalism, whiter accountability? Frankly I have stopped reading the Observer since that article as it is now evident they are not journalist doing their civic and professional duty to inform, educate and expose the truth but rather they seem to be by overrun with dumb, gutless, sensationalist liars masking and parading as journalist breeding the stench of their own mediocrity. They sadly live in the gutter of gossip and with rats as their friends. This profession is in trouble.

  9. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence! As a Montegonian I can confirm that Bebe was in fact a homosexual. And can recall several instances of gays having public arguments about who is taking which man and what part May or may not be sucked while wearing the latest female hair and nail trends. So just because you were fortunate enough to never have to come face to face with militant homosexuals, does not mean they are as passive and non confrontational as JFLAG would have us believe. These people have worked their way out of the dark and are slowly but forcefully showing themselves. I may not know the full story behind the article but that does not mean it should be dismissed. I have heard men say that when they walk along a certain area in New Kingston there is always a group of gay men present who either make cat calls at any MALE passersby and in some cases have even chased them along the road! Have you ever heard of those reports? No but it happens and it is clearly their intent to make it so that “straight” people no longer have the right to express their lifestyle. Do you recall the incident in St James when a man dressed as a woman went out of his way to dance with a MALE patron?? No newspaper needs to tell us that the PNP is for homosexuality and it is very obvious that their mantra is Poverty Not Progress.

    What the government needs to do is to stop selling our damn resources to other countries and giving us foolish distractions from real issues. Trinidad now owns the islands third largest bank plus a major health insurance company, all our shares in Windalco are gone tithe Russians, we don’t own our electricity! We don’t own our fabulous French highway 2000, China will soon own the goat islands, What people like you need to do instead of writing about what may or may not be farce based on your limited real world exposure, is go and confront the government about the social issues that many University graduates and prospective graduates seem to enjoy TALKING about. Some of us as university students are too brainwashed to see what is right in front of us and would much rather sit and fold our hands on our laps and say oh well I don’t believe it so that makes it untrue. Kmt

    1. I do not doubt that Bebe was a homosexual. What I doubt is this piece. If you want to link up with real world projects, look me up on TechJamaica forums. I’ve been busy saving up money, so that I can buy some equipment and start up some workshops. I can’t just jump from planning to action without some real world capital you know.

    2. And , to add, I regularly walk through Dumfries Ave, as I have done for the past 14 years, past the regular whores, the crackhead whores, and now the gay whores. Let’s just say duppy know who fi frighten.

      I have also confronted politicians personally when they come around,such as when the PNP candidates came around after P Gay, errr, P.J. resigned. After that , and another incidence with Chris Tufton, I realized being the lone dissenter in a group of die-hards will get me nowhere. I f I want to make people really think, I will need to create my own bloc. Doesn’t have to be very large, just big and loud enought to make a meaningfful impact.

      Nevertheless, I will start to document more incidents, and do interviews with via cameraphone.

      Thank you for comments and criticisms. Oh, and check out that informal fallacy called “Argument from Ignorance”

    1. First, he fainted. If I see a man sitting down , with his ass bleeding , tied up, and naked, I’d hardly think that he fainted.

      Then he his an exhibitionist that goes around uptown posing naked.

      And now, he has killed himself.

      Look, when you people are going come on my blog with your lying bullshit, at least get together on Twitter and co-ordinate your campaign.

  10. i was gang raped bye my ex wife and my brother so he could take my home my wife and my kids they did it for four nights none stop when i got out of the house my ass hole was the size of a golf ball i am strart man was married for 17teen years this make me sick and all the uther fuckers that do this

    1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOKAY Then. ……. You can get help from some I know,number is 876-534-1247. He will see you for free, but you’ll have to buy your own meds. Best of luck.

  11. That is hilarious. But on a serious note the other things mentioned before are serious food for thought. The gay agenda is part of the New World Order. Economic enslavement is the new norm. It has taken over from physical enslavement. People need to wake up and see it for what it is. They are using economics to force nation states to comply.

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