Old Theories from Young People

Recently, I lent one of my friends a move called “Goodbye Uncle Tom”, just to fuck with his head. Be warned, this is really NSFW, as it is a depiction of American Chattel Slavery, with graphic depictions of stud farms, torture, castration, and  industrial scale graphic rape of black slave women, by both whites and blacks.

This film has apparently affected him deeply, as he now sees themes of slavery everywhere. He watches that bleaching show that came on recently , he sees Willie Lynch Syndrome”. He even sees office workers as modern slaves in a cubicle plantation.

Amazingly, this type of thinking, that modern Jamaican society is just an extension of 19th century chattel slavery seems to extremely common amongst Jamaican Millenials – just look at this post from Javed Jaghai. I, mean, Jaghai hits all the right points that make People stand up and cheer: The Evil Uptown Families who don’t care about us, the Plantation Society that we are in today, and the Poor Ghetto People parading with their semi-literate pleading, who don’t know what’s good for them.

Do I even need to explain why this is bullshit? We are not rural slaves under a totalitarian system with all our needs taken care of by Massa. We are, mostly, urban serfs in a corporatist society, held in captivity, not with chains, but with a salary just low enough that we only have enough for our basic needs. I mean if the workplace is a plantation, why the hell are so many people applying to go to it – even when its for a shit job? Just look at any call center Job Fair. Over a thousand people applying for forty positions. In other words, The System turns the whole, Jaghai, Mutabaruka style critique on its head. You run to the Plantation , not away from it. Instead of the Church and Massa brainwashing you, you put yourself in debt to the Student Loan Bureau to be deskilled by our Universities, with their bullshit (Mis)Management Degrees.  And instead of hating our blackness, our blackness becomes an irrelevance, or even an annoyance, as it makes our  tattoos hard to see. This last point was made all too clear by that recent bleaching special, where the Downtowners articulated their Post-Black position , by emphasizing that they do not hate being black, but that blackness was, more a complexion better suited to the summer months.

To put it simply, Chattel Slavery is NOT Wage Slavery!

So why do still have young people like Jaghai talking the same old Michael Manley , Farrakhan, Malcolm X shit, when that is no longer relevant in our society, battered by failed infrastructure projects, IMF Structural Adjustment Programs, a neo-feudal ghetto system , and the neo-liberalization of the workplace and education system? Well, because they have no new ideas to help us with. They’re too stuck on old ideas, and old YouTube videos to see that the world does not conform to their ideas. Not only that, but they are victims of the very same system that they claim to oppose. Some, like Jaghai, are servants of that very same system!

If we are to solve the political impasses, technical follies, and economic dead-ends that our predecessors have initiated, we young people will have to focus using and creating new ideas to solve our problems. That will we be the main focus pf  this blog.And naked black women.




14 thoughts on “Old Theories from Young People”

  1. I find your blog offensive. Naked women? You’re clearly not affirmed.

    Go back to school, get a Women’s Studies degree, and focusing on the real issues in this world – the issues that stem from patriarchal oppression.


  2. First of all I am a Black feminist/womanist.
    1. If you would take the time to search through his posts as opposed to jumping the gun after reading one, you would learn that he has already taken “the Black woman and Black men bashers” to task.
    2. Along with this, unlike most, he has never attacked Black feminism, instead he has sympathized with Black women needing creating their own brand of feminism while participating in the civil rights movement, simultaneously. He has acknowledged the misogyny in Black power movements and the need for Black women to fight for two identities as double minorities.
    3. He has used his platform to support Black beauty as an advocate for natural hair. And upon getting requests from female readers who wanted him to do a post where he showed pictures of Black male “beauty” in order to be more balanced, even as a heterosexual man, he did it. And it’s a good thing he’s him, because if I was, I would have said “kick rocks on a sunny day, this is my blog.”
    4. It seems he is interested in exploring the fact that liberation ideologies are not always as applicable for today as they were in times past, now, in their original forms, and deconstructing the fact that sometimes liberation ideologies are not as focused on a definitive aim, but a fight, (Afrocentrism).
    I could argue that class, (economic oppression), and race (White supremacy), are just as valid as systemic forms of oppression as much as patriarchy is, but that’s neither here nor there. But I digress…
    I can understand why some brothas don’t bother trying, because when they do they seem to get far more venom than those who are actively trying to hurt. No disrespect, but maybe you should go over to Black men vent or Tommy Sotomayor and say all that. Just a thought.

    On FWUT, I have heard this is one of those pieces you should see just once, but I don’t have the stomach to right now. I would have to psyche myself out for that one. I get upset by news reports on atrocities if they’re too detailed, even A Clockwork Orange was disturbing to me, I couldn’t imagine what this would do to me. I will build up some mental momentum and watch this one day however…Just not today.

    Looking forward to your future posts,
    God bless.

  3. Your generosity in being balanced in order to pacify random chicks trying to tell you what to do with your own blog, was admirable. But I’ve got a better idea; you should put up pictures of yourself, not male models, they don’t look real.

    Go to a well lit room in your house, take off all your clothes… and yes, that means underwear too. Make sure you put on plenty of baby oil, or olive oil, whichever one, I’m not picky. And then take a picture of yourself from head toe. Make sure you do front, side, and back, and as for the picture of the back, I would prefer it if you did one where your butt is relaxed and one where you’re tensing your buttocks, because I like that… For the sake of an “artistic exploration of Black male beauty” of course, not for me personally.

    And I expect this to be done in a timely fashion Stan, not weeks from now. I wouldn’t mind seeing what Abagond looks like either, so you should encourage him to do it, too.

    Thanks 😀

    1. No. What I CAN do is give you advanced copies of my posts to read and connect, and when I get Abagond popular (I hope), let you do regular guest posts. That’s the best I can do for you.

  4. You could do anything if you set your mind to it.
    But still, I’ll take you up on your offer. Thank-you.
    Is there a way for you to advertise?
    Are you going to be exploring outside of Jamaica and Jamaican politics, like the US, along with Music, TV, Films, popular culture in the context of Black culture in general? I hope this doesn’t come across as telling you what to do, I’m just wondering, as that’s probably the quickest way to get popular, along with things like pretty sistas and big tits.

    Lots of love.

  5. I’m finally ready to watch this, (“Goodbye Uncle Tom”). Have you watched the English version and the Directors cut? If so, which is the better one to get?
    And there are some negative reviews from brothas and sistas online about how it’s presented in a “comedic” fashion. I can fathom the concept of adding a satirical element to material of this gravity to drive the depravity home, (like that of Oliver Stone’s “Natural Born Killers”), but I’ve heard that there are elements where Black slave men, Black slave women AND Black slave children, are shown to be enjoying, and at times, even encouraging their mistreatment. This makes me apprehensive. I’m assuming there is some abstract angle to the films’ approach, as opposed to it being a deplorable mockumentary, which is what it stands being accused of, by the reviews I’ve encountered. Will you elaborate on this? Like most obscure cinema, “Goodbye Uncle Tom” is not available for £3.99 on Amazon.co.uk, and I don’t want to buy it just to have to throw it away in disgust as I’ve had to with some other flicks in the past few years (ahem… Tarantino’s “True Romance” with Gary Oldman in Black face).

    Although I’m sure you won’t answer my questions since you post and respond once every 6 years or so.
    (Runs off blog and hides. Kneels and thinks “girl, that was a good one.”)

  6. The Status Quo is maintained by Govt with the monopoly on the legal use of police force and incarceration against the people to either compel us or prohibit us from pursuing our self-interests….supported by wealthy classes.

  7. I looked around your blog and I like it. I used to comment on Abagond but I don’t as much anymore because of the White trolls and lack of good commenters I can relate to.

    Anyways I like this post and it is so true. I am also of Jamaican descent so I find it cool how you are so into the culture 🙂

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