Old Theories from Young People

Recently, I lent one of my friends a move called “Goodbye Uncle Tom”, just to fuck with his head. Be warned, this is really NSFW, as it is a depiction of American Chattel Slavery, with graphic depictions of stud farms, torture, castration, and  industrial scale graphic rape of black slave women, by both whites and blacks.

This film has apparently affected him deeply, as he now sees themes of slavery everywhere. He watches that bleaching show that came on recently , he sees Willie Lynch Syndrome”. He even sees office workers as modern slaves in a cubicle plantation.

Amazingly, this type of thinking, that modern Jamaican society is just an extension of 19th century chattel slavery seems to extremely common amongst Jamaican Millenials – just look at this post from Javed Jaghai. I, mean, Jaghai hits all the right points that make People stand up and cheer: The Evil Uptown Families who don’t care about us, the Plantation Society that we are in today, and the Poor Ghetto People parading with their semi-literate pleading, who don’t know what’s good for them.

Do I even need to explain why this is bullshit? We are not rural slaves under a totalitarian system with all our needs taken care of by Massa. We are, mostly, urban serfs in a corporatist society, held in captivity, not with chains, but with a salary just low enough that we only have enough for our basic needs. I mean if the workplace is a plantation, why the hell are so many people applying to go to it – even when its for a shit job? Just look at any call center Job Fair. Over a thousand people applying for forty positions. In other words, The System turns the whole, Jaghai, Mutabaruka style critique on its head. You run to the Plantation , not away from it. Instead of the Church and Massa brainwashing you, you put yourself in debt to the Student Loan Bureau to be deskilled by our Universities, with their bullshit (Mis)Management Degrees.  And instead of hating our blackness, our blackness becomes an irrelevance, or even an annoyance, as it makes our  tattoos hard to see. This last point was made all too clear by that recent bleaching special, where the Downtowners articulated their Post-Black position , by emphasizing that they do not hate being black, but that blackness was, more a complexion better suited to the summer months.

To put it simply, Chattel Slavery is NOT Wage Slavery!

So why do still have young people like Jaghai talking the same old Michael Manley , Farrakhan, Malcolm X shit, when that is no longer relevant in our society, battered by failed infrastructure projects, IMF Structural Adjustment Programs, a neo-feudal ghetto system , and the neo-liberalization of the workplace and education system? Well, because they have no new ideas to help us with. They’re too stuck on old ideas, and old YouTube videos to see that the world does not conform to their ideas. Not only that, but they are victims of the very same system that they claim to oppose. Some, like Jaghai, are servants of that very same system!

If we are to solve the political impasses, technical follies, and economic dead-ends that our predecessors have initiated, we young people will have to focus using and creating new ideas to solve our problems. That will we be the main focus pf  this blog.And naked black women.




Can the JUTC be fixed? – A response to Jay

Over at Common Sense Jamaica, Jay has two posts up on fixing our government bus company, the Jamaican Urban Transit Company. However, looking at the suggestions from his first post reveals two problems. Here is a list of his suggestions from that post.

I would do the following :

  1. Employ a group of high school students  and University to go to the Gemba.
  2. Have the Phillip Paulwell provide them with tablets to be used for data collection.
  3. These folks will be stationed at the various depot’s in Kingston and Spanishtown used by the JUTC. They would also be placed at major transport center ie HWT, Downtown, Constant Spring etc as well as selected bus stops along every route serviced by the JUTC.
  4. Some would be placed on buses along every route travel by JUTC solely for data collection.

Data to be collected

  1. Average number of  paying passenger per bus on all routes.
  2. Category of paying passing ie students, elderly or regular.
  3. Average number of persons embarking and disembarking along the various routes.
  4. Average number of passengers during peak periods
  5. Category of paying passengers during peak periods
  6. Average number of passenger during off peak hrs.
  7. Category of paying passengers during off peak hrs
  8. Average wait time per bus stop.
  9. Average wait period at major bus centers (idle time)
  10. Run time of engine during ideal periods at bus stop.
  11. Average number of buses on various routes during peak periods
  12. Average number of buses on various routes during off peak periods.
  13. Average number of passenger who complete the entire journey ie from terminus to terminus.
  14. Average length of ride per passenger ie what distance does the average passenger travels.

Given what I have already seen JUTC can look at the following

  1. Get fleet of smaller buses like the Toyota Coasters or even  Toyota Hiace
  2. Run large buses during peak periods and where passenger loads are such that the bus will run at no less than 85% capacity.
  3. Run smaller buses on low volume routes and during peak periods on routes where it’s not economically viable to run the larger buses.
  4. Stop  running on some routes where the load factors are so low that you can never break even or make a profit.
  5. Divest these routes to smaller operates who in turn pay JUTC a fee to run on these routes.


Aside from teh fact that having students with multi-thousand dollar tablets walking  around in standing room only buses is probably not a good  idea,  the same data can be collected using  pressure sensors, made from 50USD worth of parts  bought from DigiKey. Just create  about 6 graduations between “empty” and “full”, and you’re good to go.

This brings us to the second problem, which has to do with the second list. the one with the data to be collected by the students. Doesn’t the government already have this information? And even if they don’t have this information, couldn’t they just hire a consultant, or engineering firm with the requisite skills in queueing theory, traffic engineering, public transit administration and city planning? That’s the rub. They could fix the problems if they wanted to, but they do not. Instead they just the same old idiots so that they can eat a food.


It seems that that the JUTC is just a dumping ground for party idiots. Peter Phillips fucked it up first back in the day with these big old buses bought for a high density/low volume transit system,when most of the day people come out often, and in small numbers – low density/high volume. Then you have Mike motherfucking Henry, who needs to rapatriate his ass back to Scotland or wherever the fuck he comes from.  And now we have Omar Davies, whose 90s record speaks for itself.  Its not hard to see why they can’t make a proper bus system – they’re too damn busy driving their air conditioned SUVs to understand their electorate.

The problem with Jay’s post, is that he has proposed a technical solution to a political problem. Everyone who has to endure the JUTC bus system including the rank and file who use its services , know what  is wrong with it. Their solutions are along the same line as Jay’s. What is needed is not so much a solution but a complete overhaul – Transport Ministers included. Not bus fare hikes that occur at more than three times the rate of increase of the Consumer Price Index (Cost of Living.) over the last ten years.

The J-FLAGging of the Postmodern Rasta

I had the pleasure of listening to “culture” musicians Queen Ifrica and Tony Rebel quibble like a bunch of market women quarrelling over who stole their bleaching cream on Nationwide News last night at around 7 last night. Naturally, it was about homosexuals. As you may already know, Queen Ifrica managed to make a fool of herself at the Independence Day Gala with some of the usual crap about shit she neither understands nor has any business talking about. Not surprisingly, J-FLAG complained about her, as they had done about Tony Rebel a year previous, so naturally Ifrica was pissed off at them

Queen Ifrica has deemed herself an expert on matters of sexual perversity due to her songs “Daddy don’t touch me there” and some encounters she had with young male prostitutes. Because some of these young men had been molested by male relatives, she decided to point out that many homosexuals had “initiated” through molestation, and the work that she done to “help” these young men. Tony Rebel then joined in after the commercial break to bitch and moan as well.

Enter Dane from J-FLAG. Dane from J-FLAG wanted to defend his organization, and by extension, the “Jamaican Gay Community” by stating their position on the matter of Ifrica’s and Tony Rebel’s statements. The problem is that Dane from J-FLAG did this by going on Nationwide News Network, instead of a news program, or a media station dedicated to bringing news and facts to the Jamaican people. The result was that Dane from J-FLAG got utterly and completely clowned, owned, mocked and made fun of. You see, Cliff Hughes and company do not deal in news – they deal in entertainment. It is impossible to have a serious discussion with the type of round table format used on that type of program. Nationwide News does not have the capability or the desire to do the investigative journalism, undercover specials, multi-part documentaries or thoroughly researched interviews that one sees on BBC Hardtalk –the types of activities that generate actual new-stories so that the Jamaican people make sense of their historical, economic, social and existential position. Neither is he or his staff funny enough to do satire like Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. All he can give is a pastiche of a news program, with him pretending to be a referee, when his and other Jamaican news programs serve as a mirror to reflect the collective consciousness of the Jamaican people. Only last night, he reflected Queen Ifrica’s ugliness.

No, that is not a crossdresser

The extent and significance of Queen Ifrica’s fugliness cannot be overstated, so I will give it a paragraph here. Fucked up teeth. Reptilian jawline. Overall masculine facial characteristics and behaviour. Is it any wonder that the Rastafarian male community has turned away from Rastawomen , and are now more interested in non-Rastafarians? Just take a look at any video from Buju Banton, Sizzla, or any of the rest of them. All women with pounds of makeup and weave. Considering the Rastafarian male to female ratio is 6 men to 1 woman, this should come as no surprise, but what does come as a surprise is the utter breakdown of Rastafarianism as it is traditionally thought of in Jamaica Not only is the sight of Rastafarians eating chicken patties from Tastees or oxtail lunches from your local tuck shop, but one can see them freely walking around with white women in Half-Way-Tree, turning out at political rallies, and all the other things that would be verboten to Rastafarians recent as ten years ago. In other words, all that is required to be considered a Rastafarian nowadays is the hair, and the attitude, no belief system necessary.

Back to Dane from J-FLAG. Had Dane from J-FLAG been have had sated that although he was a member of J-FLAG, he was speaking on his own behalf. As a member of an organization mainly concerned with generating publicity for themselves and crafting press statements, he should have had focused on rhetoric, instead of trying to assert facts. He could have had brought the fact that anti-gay activists can have a noticeable effect on the already all-time low reggae album sales (Ifrica’s 2008 album sold only 2800 copies.). He could have had mentioned that both artistes would be concerned about the effect that the international network of gay activists could have on their ability to make money from international tours.

Oh no!!! Gays fucking up my album sales and tours. One ting alone fi dem battybwoy….
…now I can tour again!!! Yippeee!!!!

Lastly, he could have mentioned that all their bravado was just an attempt to backtrack on their statements that they made at the Independence Galas as an attempt to “get a forward.” But no, he simply played his part in the Cliff Hughes Variety and Comedy Show. Hughes pretending to be the impartial referee, Ifrica as the valiant heroine, avenging the injustice done against her by the faceless organization called J-FLAG, Tony Rebel as the calm, impartial, mature but forgiving Rastaman. And then we have Dane from J-FLAG, the badmind effeminate faggot who gets put in his place by the righteous Rastas. Everyone played their appropriate part.

The joke is, J-FLAG and the Rastas have much to offer each other. The picture of a Jamaican butch is not baggy pants and canerows, but a dreadlocked woman with tongue ring and oxford shirt pushed neatly into pleated dress pants. And as stated above, the Rasta male-female ratio isn’t looking too good. So what J-FLAG and the Rastafarian community need to do is unite. The butch lesbians can offer the straight Rastaman threesomes, and the Rastamen can let themselves out of the closet, as the only type of person who would want to be a Rastaman, in this day and age must be already gay as fuck. It would work out for the best – two organizations who have abandoned all ethics and integrity for the sake of publicity belong together