Three Commandments for Jamaican techies (and salespeople)

  1. Thou shalt not hype thy self, but be humble in the face of the non-techie: 6a00d8341d417153ef017c32120484970b-800wiA lot of people who are considered “techies” are really just walking gadget reviews. Not that there is anything wrong with being familiar with gadgetry – being the go- to guy for Android phones is actually a pretty neat skill. But most techies no longer try to understand the internals of their devices, preferring instead to engage in pointless debates and “my phone has more memory than yours” dick-measuring over gadgets they either fantasize about owning, or are too expensive for the average Jamaican. All that is really just a form of idolatry. Let’s go back to learning theories and techniques so that we can help ourselves, and each other.
  2. There is but one God, and his name is not Android, or iOS, or BB or…. : google-apple-e1299142097174 It used to be that a techie was thought of as a socially awkward person who made up for that with true technical skill. Now he is just awkward, with an obsession with whatever brand he is ogling over. It would same that brand loyalty has replace political ideology and even religious beliefs This is almost as bad as Jamaica’s legendary political divide, except with nerds instead of gunmen. And like that political divide it represents a pointless, self-destructive idolatry. If we are going to waste hours online flaming each other, at least let it be over something meaningful.
  3. And the Lord hath made richer phones for the rich, humble phones for the humble, mighty phones for he who seeks might, and simple phones for he who seeks simplicity: 113_3_1_13123288 A gadget exists to fulfill people’s needs, not the marketing departments sales quota, or as a tool for hyping over online. Most people do not need four cores. Or even two. The memory barriers on ARM making Out-of-Order Execution on their multicores difficult enough anyway, so most programs get locked into using one core, making your multicore arguments moot. Advise, and sell people phones based on their ability to fill people’s needs. This is especially the case with the sales department –It’s a hell of a lot easier to sell ten 5,000 dollar phones, than one 50,000 dollar phone.

3 thoughts on “Three Commandments for Jamaican techies (and salespeople)”

    1. I’m funny? I was listening to your most recent podcast and laughing at crying at the same time. Speaking of which, I think that your latest podcast is excellent summation of a more general problem. When you look at Jamaican society, you will notice that the main class difference is not between “uptown” and “downtown”, but with a Lower Middle Class, that lives on the edge of poverty, and Upper Middle Class, who see the world through tinted car windows.

      So, on one side, you have Jaghai and J-FLAG, who are more interested in marriage, international headlines and unrestricted anal sex, and the gay guy who is working his ass off (no pun intended) at some piece of shit call centre, because if he gets fired, he’s screwed (again , no pun intended). Call centre guy isn’t exactly worried about the sort of things that carman is.The joke is, both are living from paycheck to paycheck – if they lose their jobs, there is no social safety net to protect them, both are out on the street.

      I’ll be emailing you a rough draft around Wednesday. Please read it and advise me where I may be inappropriate, uninformed etc.

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