Kill That Noise. When the Schizoid Left Takes Over The Information You Get (or Why Jamaica’s Media Sucks!). PART I: The Gleaner

Right From Yaad


By The Ancient Mariner, Guest Blogger

Let me first thank Right From Yaadfor the invitation to post an article on their site. I think their work for the most part is needed for Jamaicans to read at this time in our political and economic history…..Read my contribution below:


It seems as if week after week the Jamaican Taxpayer is hoodwinked by the incumbent Peoples’ National Party (PNP) Government and its operatives in the media. It is almost unbelievable some of the tripe passing as ‘Editorials’ coming out to print from the Gleaner Editor’s desk.


Since the general elections of December 2011, the Gleaner and various other news outlets with sympathies to the governing party have abdicated their 4th estate role as watchdogs and have instead taken on the role of lapdogs for this crypto-socialist regime.  I will give a few examples:

Exhibit A

For reasons…

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