The Transsexual Deception

This is a man.

jane_mock_deceptionI’m not fucking with you. This isn’t some belated April Fool’s Day joke, that bitch really does have balls. While this may seem trivial to you, it is not to me. I will, in all likelihood, be attending the University of California system in about a year. The problem is that I will be located in the Bay Area, so any tall black woman with her own unprocessed hair must now be put under Tranny Watch.

I don’t like this tranny shit. It disgusts me. It used be easy to spot these types.

No more.

Now just because something disgusts me, doesn’t give me the right to act violently towards it, or be a threat to its existence. Homeless people, baby diapers, afrocentrists and PNP supporters all disgust me, and the majority of decent honest hardworking citizens. Yet we tolerate them in our society, and in many cases seek to improve their lot. But my main problem with these trannies is not that they disgust me. It is shit like this

He kissed me on the cheek and put me in a cab, where I received his very first text: “You’re a complete pleasure. -Aaron.”

In the next month, Aaron and I went on a series of casual dates (the New Museum, a Tribeca Film Festival screening, the opening night of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek), before I found myself on his bed, naked

This is exactly the type of dastardly, disgusting, devious, deceptive, deceitful, diabolical, disingenuous, disgraceful, disdainful, damnasty, despicable, dervish, despondent and demonic behavior that passes for progressiveness. Who the fuck is s/he/it to decide on my behalf that I should be attracted to a lie? This person has gone ahead and made me engage in behavior that I would not have had consented to otherwise! Just because you want to play The Crying Game doesn’t that I want to as well!

And then there are the justifications for their sex gender change.

I was born a girl but in a boy’s body, as media headlines tend to scream when telling stories like mine.

LOLWUT? How the fuck would s/he/it know what a girl feels like? Is there some sort of objective standard that allows us to know what it is to be a female? Some sort of checklist, where you can match your feelings with a pre-approved Female Emotional and Objective Feeling Checklist? Sorry, but I don’t believe in dualism. You went and did your gender change for some reason, but not the one that makes the media rounds.

Nolie, this shit weirds me out. Imagine carrying a girl home, and finding out, months later, that its a man. That means that you’ve been banging a fleshlight instead of a vagina, because s/he/it cut off s/he/its pee-pee and replaced it with a pum-pum.

Luckily for the rest of us , there is a solution. Instead of the binary choice of Male or Female normally given, there should be a least clealy visible four gender choices in social situations, one for Male to Female, another for Female to Male, and maybe even another for whatever the fuck is in between that. That way, the active community of tranny-loving deviants can go mate with those types, leaving the rest of us to engage in our normal activities.

Oh , and if you think that Tranny Deception is not a destructive force inn lives of straight men, check out this story of a man who was deceived by a tranny for 19 years – in their matrimonial home.


12 thoughts on “The Transsexual Deception”

  1. While I agree in essence that she should have disclosed her transsexual or transgender status if she is the latter which is pre-operative as she has not done the surgery to change her genitalia based on what you have said above then this is what causes the unease and intolerance for overall LGBT agitation for rights and recognition (despite the overlooking of transgender issues and gay/les/bi ones take centre stage) from the mainstream. To live ones truth is one thing but to seek that public recognition by thinking you can deceive is not the way to do it. (going by your account)

    More on transgenderism:
    I can understand your upset in a sense but bear in mind there are persons who have gender issues and who literally see themselves as the opposite gender, not drag queens or cross dressers as that is for entertainment and to also deliberately deceive someone who is not of the community as a joke is also unethical but how do we bridge the divide?

    It is going to take some more education on all sides and responsibility on the part of pre or post operative transgender persons and even drag persons who effeminately pass quite well with a female aesthetic.

    Shemale culture:
    In reality in the States and Europe She-male culture is also real which is different from the two trans above and is a fetish for some men believe it or not, there are clubs for example that are known tranny tracking spots where very masculine men in fact who like that kind of thing as well and are willing in some cases to play the passive role sexually speaking complete with BDSM, whips and all. To each his own I guess.

    Your previous entries:
    It’s because I have read your previous entries on homosexuality why I have not ended up in a shouting match as we too in the LGBT lobby need to also respond to genuine upset with care to encourage dialogue and label everybody as phobes.

    Nuh get mad just yet bredren I guess the social changes are in order and there is going to be some head bumping and surprises out there to shock one dead. Even I as a gay man come across new variables in gay sex that just blow me away but are to ghastly to discuss here.

    Bless up


    1. Much of that post was tongue in cheek. I had just done some ‘research’ on the wrong the types of websites (MY EYES!!!), and now , for the past several hours, I have become incapable of sexual arousal. I’m not happy with that.

      But the whole problem with these types playing the Crying Game with men is a little deeper for me. To me, it reeks of the excesses of a narcissistic society, where its citizens believe that other people exist only to please them. There is no concern that other people mat exist outside their own bubble. That is what bothers me about Ms. Mock’s lack of full disclosure from the start.

  2. Janet Mock is not a man. She does not have male equipment. Gheez, you’re an idiot. She underwent sex reassignment surgery in Thailand at age 18 in the middle of her freshman year in college. She’s a woman, 100%.

    1. Just because you went and cut off your dick, doesn’t make you a woman. A man that wants to self-mutilate himself doesn’t need a surgeon, he needs a psychiatrist. Does shim have the potential to have children I think not. Goddamn tranny con-artists messing up my day just as it starts.

  3. I completely agree with you. I’ve been on sites where they viciously try to rationalize their behavior, but the truth is, when you do the right thing — IT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. When you don’t do the right thing, you end up having to defend it constantly, because it’s not the right thing. So, in trying to convince people that it is, you’re fighting against reality itself — something that has to be done constantly, just to keep up.

    The truly sad part about this transgender deception, is that when they do it, the person they’re with will never truly know them for who they are. They’re sentencing themselves to a relationship based on dishonesty and deception, ridden with anxiety, always just about to break, and with somebody who doesn’t truly know them, so they can’t truly love them. — They are literally creating their own loneliness through this act and it’s truly sad.

    The even sadder thing is that this outright denial of the past truth of their own existence shows a deep inability to accept themselves or deal with who they are. People who deal with things don’t deny them or avoid them or lie about them or deliberately leave them out. That’s just not healthy. So, it speaks volumes about the work they’ve done on themselves in their lives (or lack thereof).

    Now, not every transgender person is like that, mind you. I have met a few transgender people who were very forthcoming about who they were and I had lots of respect for them — one of them was a close friend in college. But, sadly, not all of them are like that. Really, I wish they were. Somebody being honest and decent is better no matter what group they’re part of…

  4. I knew a transgendered female. I didn’t find out until we were out shopping and she left hooked me whilst shopping for Fossil handbags which were on sale for 50% off. Needless to say, we are no longer friends!

    1. It’s better to use Tai-Chi or Aikido. A fist-to-fist encounter rarely works. Even in the same weight class. That’s why you have to use throws and deflections against them. So if see that person again, make sure your kun-fu is up to scratch.

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