Last Lick Politics

The latest political hullabaloo comes to us care of the Sunday Gleaner, by way of Southern Trelawny. Apparently, the independent representative, Paul Patmore, has put forth the claim that the JLP Member of Parliament for that area, one Marissa Dalrymple-Philibert , has been giving out houses to her supporters. These are Food for the Poor houses that are intended for the most destitute, but have allegedly been going to wealthy JLP supporters. To these allegations, Mrs. Dalrymple Philibert has skilfully defended herself in the radio media (Jamaican radio doesn’t believe in podcasts, sorry) , while the Gleaner has now published some follow-ups

This reminds of that whole Richard Azan saga. No, not the similarity of the circumstances, or the fact that PNP politicians have no objective sense of morality, but of something that the Milk River Councillor, Carlton Bailey said. To paraphrase:

The JLP do some of the same things, and if we ever were to name some thing s them do , you would see how bad them is.

Now that the Azan saga has gone on for about 20 days (as of April 30 2013), instead of the planned 9 days, we must have something to distract us with. Something to show, not that PNP is innocent, but that the JLP is just as guilty. Kind of like the nine hour wonder that was the scandal over Bruce Golding’s bakery back in 2006.

When I was a boy, we used to play a game called “last lick.” You tried to hit one of your friends right before they left to go home. So all day you would try get yours in, while strategically dodging your victim, so that they would not catch you as you leave. And this is what this whole Food for the Poor scandal is. Politics as a children’s game – a food fight. Political parties in Jamaica have basically given up on morals, ethics, ideology, economic interests, sociological commonalities, and even identity, preferring instead to score points in tit-for-tat battles. It is at this point that we must abandon all hope for government to help us, and start working on traditional government responsibilities at a community level.


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