Ronald Oates, you f___ing idiot.

Oh, they’re going to love you over at Spanish Town. Don’t worry, if you drop the soap, I’m sure someone will post the pictures…..

Ronald Oates is a fucking idiot. I’m not saying that he had a bad idea, just a really bad  business plan.

From the top, in hindsight. Apparently this gentleman managed to set up a multi-thousand dollar operation (note to foreigners, the exchange rate is 89 Jamaican dollars for one U.S. dollar) by hacking social engineering his way into the e-mail accounts of unsuspecting females. He would then (allegedly) blackmail the the women for sums of ten to twenty thousand Jamaican dollars.

Denyque Exposed
An example of said scheme

Does anyone see the obvious problem with this? Well, imagine a big mango tree that is in someone’s yard. The sign at the gate says,  – TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT. With a picture of a trespasser being shot. Fortunately most of the ripe juicy mangoes hang over the wall, where all you need to get is a stick and pick as many mangoes as you please, without the fear of amputation via sawed-off shotgun. The only reason you would want to even go in the yard is to be an asshole and pick the spoilt mangoes off the the owner’s lawn.

Now, which option do you think Mr. Oates (allegedly) took, get a stick to pick the mangoes, or walk in the yard, pick up the spoiled fruit, then get his ass shot?

Even if Mr. Oates is proved innocent, it does not in anyway change the fact that Postmodern Jamaica is a sadistic society, that has been given life in a world of unfettered neoliberalism. And it should be no surprise that we have inherited much of our sadism from our Big Brother to the north. Its a shame we haven’t inherited his business sense. About 100 years ago, the Americans rediscovered a long forgotten truth – you don’t need to hold a gun to people’s heads to compel them, manipulating their unconscious urges is enough to make them embrace even their own humiliation. Had Mr.Oates understood this, he would have had done what Hunter Moore did with and allowed people to legally submit their own photos (or that of others…), and then make money off the ads and clicks.

But setting up a proper Content Management System, and finding a good web host is a lot harder than simply registering for a blog. Kinda like how you have to make your stick to get your mangoes. No, (allegedly) this fool went the hard way. He let his sadism get in the way of profit and now, instead of exposing Jamaican girls, he gets to expose himself to Kid Ralph.

Of course, the Computer, as seen amongst many young people in Jamaica, is not a tool of enlightenment or profit, but  a ‘hacking tool’, or as a means of entertainment. Perhaps Mr. Oates (allegedly) feels this way, which would explain such a self-destructive streak. Maybe (allegedly) he enjoyed the rush from making women beg. Who knows. It doesn’t matter.

I think that for guys like Mr. Oates, (allegedly) this is a game for him. Peeping toms, jilted lovers and blackmail are nothing new, but this brave new world of social media, high speed Internet and Web 2.0 has up the stakes to a whole new level. So while we may say that men like Mr. Oates (allegedly) are the problem, its not the players we should hate, but the game.