The End of Dead Sexy of the Week

I never thought that it would end so soon. Bit , this is the end of the Dead Sexy of The Week. You see friends, I  have found the woman of my dreams, so any further points would be pointless. Behold, perfection




As you can see friends, my life is complete. Well almost. I will not stop until I have drugged her, thrown her into a car trunk, and smuggled her back home,  proposed  marriage to her in a gentlemanly, chivalrous fashion, after spending several months courting her. Of course. I believed  that this would be an impossible task, until I saw a documentary that showed a man who would cross any border, withstand any hardship, and spare no expense to get to the woman that he loved.


Unfortunately, I lack the resources that Borat received from the Kazahk Ministry of Information, so I will need your help, my friends. I will need places to couchsurf, food, WiFi, assistance with travel, as well as access to a storage locker, preferably one that is secure and has a soundproof basement. I you wish to help me, please leave let me know in the comments section, and I will establish contact with you via email.

I still maintain a vast womenagerie, so expect to posts and lists of various speciwomen as I find them, just not in the standard gallery format. So , here is to the end of Dead Sexy of the Week, and the start of something better.


15 thoughts on “The End of Dead Sexy of the Week”

  1. I’m very disappointed with you, Satanforce.

    It is specifically to prevent the untimely demise of the “Dead Sexy of the Week” threads that our ancestors devised the advanced and progressive institution as polygamy. And you throw centuries of civilisationnal progress out the window for one woman???

    This is so egoistic.

    Hopefully in time you will see the errors of your way.

    1. ‘Fraid so. I guess, I’m going to end up a loser like Franklin, doomed to a lfe of monotonous monogamy with a woman that I’m madly in love with.

      I’ve been living in the West too long I suppose. Perhaps if I were on the continent, I’d find the perfect combination of complexion, hair and athleticism that I seek. Ah well, I’ll just have to settle for a love-marriage instead.

      1. I’m saddened to hear about Franklin. I like reading his comments over at Abagond’s. He sounds like a nice guy.

        I sympathize with you too.

        I wish both of you the best, despite your dreary circumstances.

      2. Hey…hey…hey! What’s this, now? Monogamy feels good, after almost a decade and a half of fooling around. Btw, my wife isn’t a Black American. I met her in Abuja, when she was on holiday from her home of Edo State.

      3. Exactly Franklin. You went to the continent. If you wanted to take a stepwife, or a wife-in-law, I’m sure your headwife would let you.

        And umm, about those Novita pics. They’ve been getting a lot of traffic recently and I’m going to need some help paying for the servers, its just that, well I need to send the info for my bank account to a email that your wife won’t see, know what I mean? if you could just hit me up with a separate blackmail, I mean email address, we could work out something.

        Thanks man!

  2. Exactly Franklin. You went to the continent. If you wanted to take a stepwife, or a wife-in-law, I’m sure your headwife would let you.

    Umm don’t know about this one. IME it may be more likely to get diasporic black women to readily agree to polygyny–as they are the ones who buy into the myth that the white women are coming and taking ALL the black men…so you can coerce them since they will do whatever it takes to snag a black man

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