Technical Difficulties

Wednesday afternoon a woman went all Beast Mode in my friends bar. Now half of my laptop screen is cracked, so I will not be able to post as frequently as I would like. I should be able to replace it come September.


5 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties”

  1. Wednesday afternoon a woman went all Beast Mode in my friends bar.

    You know we want the full story complete with details, do you?

    Next time you criticize a BWE woman’s fake hair, make sure to do it from a distance.

    I hope you will get a new computer soon. I don’t want to have to wait till September to enjoy your next Dead Sexy of the Week, er, I mean your next insightful socio-political analysis post.


  2. I am designing a a casino game that uses raspberry pi boards instead of the the usual ’80s JAMMA boards with their old games. I’m using a Linux based platform with a touchscreen option, so development will be easier. I went to my friends bar to investigate spending habits, the game types and specifications and to canvasse information from the clientele.

    My laptops were in my bag when a bleached out face woman went all Beast Mode, because the AC was turned off (when people are skin bleaching , they wear sweatsuits so that they do not get exposed to the sun, and thus flock to air conditioning like NBA players to white women.) It flailed its arms about, hitting my bag. I just knew something had gone wrong. I stepped out, and turned on my computer. For half an hour, every word that came out of my mouth started with ‘bombo’ and ended with ‘claat.’

    1. Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. I used to sit in little cafe’s with my laptop and write but I stopped doing that awhile ago. Whites would pass by the sugar/creamer section as an excuse to see what I was doing.

      A white woman made it so obvious that she was spying on me I grew uncomfortable and left. Now I work and write (and drink my peppermint tea) from home.
      People truly are Godless.

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