The Supercut genre is the future!!

One of the wonderful thing about this brave new world that we are in, is if you are technically capable of doing something, then you are by definition artistically capable of doing that thing. If you can use Sony Vegas, then you can be a film director. If you can use FL Studio, then you can be a music producer. For now, I will ignore questions of quality, but instead focus on one of the genres that has arisen as a result of easily accessible technology – the Supercut.

I discovered this wonderful and innovative new genre by way of Kevin Kelly’s blog, specifically an entry where he states that new genres are being created because “technology wants it.” Economies of scale, cultural trends and  artistic experimentation play no part in this, modern art is simply the result of path dependencies created by technological forces. We do not question technology, according Kelly, we simply march to the beat of its drum. I don’t think that we are marching, so much as sleepwalking, only waking at imminent danger like nuclear holocaust, or acid rain. We should be more not just to threats to our civilization, but threats to our culture.

One wonders if the next stage will be a supercut of supercuts, as the supercut themselves become the the original. Perhaps they will become sort of cultural alarm system, telling us when a certain convention or technique is becoming cliched (of course, if you need d a supercut to tell you that….) However I get the sense that they are an idea of the brave new world our culture is headed towards


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