Black Women’s Empowerment – An FAQ

Everything to be said about Black Women’s Empowerment. in one picture.

Interested Reader: Hey Satan! I’ve recently stumbled across a subgroup of black women on the Internet called the BWE. What exactly are they?

Satanforce: Black Women’s Empowerment is a subculture of black women that believe in separating from the black community, which they view as a cesspool of nihilism and death, by intermarrying with white men. Or by learning parkour.

Interested Reader: Oh damn! Why do they feel this way?

Satanforce: Haven’t you heard? Black men beat, rape, sodomize. cheat on, disrespect, publicly humiliate, pimp, divorce and abandon black women at a rate unseen in any other race of men!  But when it comes to other races of women, well –  they know how to behave themselves!. Just look at the first Presidents of Senegal, Angola, Nigeria and Botswana, C.L.R. James,  Cheikh Ante Diop,  Richard Wright,  James Farmer, W.E.B DuBois, Thurgood Marshall…..   At the same time, they use black women as sacrificial mules for their little  ‘movements ‘ , using black women’s labour for their own personal advancement, and to gain access to… a better class of woman.

Interested Reader: What are some these BWE websites?


And an overview website:

Interested Reader: I’ve been reading some of these BWE blogs/websites, and boy, they are full of jargon like DBR, rainbeau, and NBAB! What does it all mean?

Satanforce: Damaged Beyond Repair (DBR) Refers to all (and only) black men. The idea is the for whatever reason, black men who are not these women’s kin are troubled misogynists, who are verbally abusive at best and serial rapists [insert white male police link] at worst. This is of course, backed up using confirmation bias ad highly circumstantial statistics.

  It stands for Damaged Beyond Repair. TM Evia’s blog. Which is a person, usually a male who brings new meaning to word dysfunctional and takes out his inferiority complex and pain on unsuspecting (usually black) women. So a DBR isn’t always racially or gender based. It’s about the behavior, but the behavior tends to be displayed mostly by black males – because of all of the above

Rainbeau – A handsome non-black (but almost always white) man who is interested in an interracial relationship with a black woman. A portmanteau of Rainbow and beau.

Mammy/Sista Souljah – One of the fundamental doctrines of the BWE is that black woman handicap and martyr themselves at the altar of the black community and black men. They see these women as being caught in a trap set by black men, who use black women to fight on their behalf while castigate black women for this “fact” by condemning black women who have anything good to say about black men, or participate in civil rights as “mammies” and “Sista Souljahs.”

Guardian of all Things Dark and Lovely (GATDL) – A person or organization (eg. Abagond,Jim Crow Museum) that refutes the stereotypes about blacks through empirical, statistical or rational arguments, while at the same time taking pride in their blackness. The phrase is of course, used sarcastically.

Nothing but a brother (NBAB) – a designation given to black women whose relationships are exclusively with black men, and who enthusiastically avoid white men.  The BWE ‘movement’ sees these women as a threat to their cause, as they put out the message that black women wish to have nothing to do with white, I mean , non-black men.

Interested Reader: Okay, I’m understanding now. But  why do they feel that white men would be interested in them?

Satanforce: Ah! Enter the movement’s bible – Is Marriage for White People? By Ralph Richard Banks! Just by the subtitle “Get you a white man ’cause niggas ain’t shit”, you can see that this book captures the attitude of the BWE ‘movement’ perfectly!  The main point is that black women (in the United States) have so outstripped their male counterparts in terms of achievements that they should look to white, I mean non-black men for relationships. Black women are more likely to marry down, when they should be marrying out (of the race.) Just look at the statistics! Twice as many black women are college graduates!  And all the “good black men” are  dead, in jail, gay, or worse, with a white, I mean non-black woman.

Interested Reader: I just skimmed through his book and Amazon and, well, he seems to have a point. There are definitely more than enough white men (in America) for every black woman and the relationship market is definitely messed up for black women who want black men on their level. Why should black women be held hostage to black men’s failures? I  mean, these guys just go around getting black women pregnant and then abandoning them with their children?  Why shouldn’t they abandon those losers and marry outside their race?

Satanforce: This is going to take some work.

  • There may be more than enough white men for every black woman, but there aren’t enough white men for every white women. In fact, while black women outnumber black men by 1.9 million, white women outnumber white men by 4.6 million. That’s some competition.
  • There is a counter study that debunks many of the “memes” that have been floating around about black men. Rich black men DO NOT overwhelmingly marry outside of their race, they are not significantly out-earned by their female counterparts, and college educated black women are actually more likely to be married than their less educated peers.
  • The idea that black men are two legged penises screwing down the damn place then running away removes any sense of responsibility from black women. Yes, black men shouldn’t be having sex without protection, but when black women have modern medical technology that allows them control of their reproductive system before, during and after intercourse, they have no excuse. They literally hold the keys to the castle.
  • Relationships are not some interaction between supply and demand. Too assume that would require one to make essentialist claims that fail to take into consideration the unique traits and individual characteristics of one’s partner. Relationships require work and time, not stereotypes and how-to books.

Interested Reader: Phew! I almost got caught in the Matrix there! So what do you think that the BWE should do?

Satanforce: Black woman have managed to (not undeservedly) build up a shield that effectively prevents them from being criticized. I call it the “Maury Shield.”

No matter how many times she fucks up, there’s always someone to pick her up, tell her its alright, and go after that bad old black man!! Black women do not need a million and one blogs telling them that they are beautiful and great, and wonderful. The only thing they need is to make choices and take responsibility. That is all.

Angry Black Woman responds.

Angry Black Woman: LOL Satan! You’re such a loser !  You’re just upset that you got you’re ass kicked all over the place over on Christelyn’s blog!

Satanforce: You are quite free to read that exchange and judge for yourself just who is in the right. You can also check my responses to Jay from Philly over at Dr. Goddess’  blog.

ABW: OK Fine!  But you must admit that a black man is hardly a catch for a black woman , yes ?  I mean, just look at the statistics –  there are only 3 eligible black men for 100 available black women! Let me break it down for you. Its 87 black men to 100 black women, out of that 87, minus 2 black men that are gay, minus  8 black men who only want white women, minus 25 men who are felons,  minus 10  blah, blah , blah….

Satanforce: That may be true, but African-American women do manage to even it out. 80 out of 100 black women are obese, leaving only 20 out of 100 black women for the majority of black men that are not chubby chasers.  37 black women are single mothers, bringing the additional burden of another man’s child into the relationship. 5 black women are in prison,  2 black women are carpet munchers, 48 black women have herpes, and 6 black women are HIV positive. So that leaves -78 black women for every 100 black men.

ABW: Wait a minute! That doesn’t make any sense? Some of those results are going to overlap! And what were the years that those studies took place? Where did those studies take place? What were the sample sizes? What is the criteria used for herpes infection?  You’re messing with the statistics!!

Satanforce:  I’m glad that you feel that way. Yeah you got me. But by extension, I got you too. That’s what we get for using  various data sources with overlapping statistics. The correct set of statistics can be found here.

ABW: Yeah whatever. But you must admit that more and more black women are leaving black men and the decrepit black community for, ahem greener pastures, yeah?

Satanforce: Perhaps. But I doubt that their motives are as clear as you say. I can thin of a few reasons why black women would want to cling to your little “movement”, as well as how you are counting black women who may have motives not having to do with your agenda.

  • Including men who want to fuck black women but not want to marry them.
  • Pumping up the numbers to include “low value” white men who may be married, un/deremployed, less educated, or traditionally unattractive. One need only look at the panoply of literature that make sport of white male underachievers.
  • Including Black women who do NOT have issues with black men even though they may have noo sexual or romantic interest inn black women
  • Holding black men to lower standards than white men
  • Women who use the BWE as a shield because they are afraid of being attacked by black people who do not approve of their relationship

ABW: Anything else?

Satanforce: Black women who just want sex from white men.

ABW: I was being sarcastic.

Satanforce: Sure. Don’t forget black women who use white men as sugar daddies.

ABW: See, that’s the thing with all you black men! You want to shame black women for making their own choices!! Well, we’re not gonna take it!!

Satanforce: No. No one was up in arms when Angela Basset co-starred with Ralph Fiennes in “Strange Days”.  I still read G. Pascal Zachary’s articles, especially after he married a Nigerian woman and moved to Ghana with her. What we dislike is the blatant pleasure you all seem to get at the thought of a poor black man or a fat black woman failing. That’s the rub. You seem to believe in getting a white man and a graduate degree, not as measuring rod for personal success, but as a beating stick for those who you feel are lesser than you. The truth is, the only thing that anyone needs to feel good about themselves is the ability to make choices and take responsibility. You don’t need a white man, or any one else to make you feel good, and certainly don’t need to demonize black men feel good about  yourself either. All you need do is be yourself, and love yourself. That is all.

Next Up – Afrocentrists.

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39 thoughts on “Black Women’s Empowerment – An FAQ”

  1. Satan,
    What happens when the BWE’s marry mainly white men, find out that they wake up with morning breath, mismanage money, have affairs, and before they celebrate their 25th wedding anniverasy, they have more wrinkles and crowsfeet than MT. Rushmore…?it may be too late by then, but perhaps a greater appreciation for black people.

    Same with BMVs.

    I’m not saying black people are perfect, but i am saying that these sub groups seem to accept the earthiness of whites while demonizing this same earthiness in blacks.

    B****** be trippin. 🙂

  2. Satan:

    Black women who demonize black men are suffering from a severe form of self hatred. I actually feel sorry for them. Their self-image is so damaged they worship the tormentors as saviours, like Stockholm Syndrome.

    Good post.

    1. I don’t think that they hate themselves. They have deluded themselves enough that they no longer have a self-identity. Bitchism is a form of narcissism – but remember, Narcissus loved himself so much that he lost himself staring into a mirror (computer screen?). So they don’t hate themselves. They just hat black men.

      1. I got banned from BB&W some months ago. A poster in particular, blackwomanalive jumped all over my post for a reason none other than me saying black men overwhelming prefer black women.

    1. “Why Do Some Black Men Hate Black Women?”

      My posts are under tiye1984…they also believed me to be a poster by the name of matrix or something other. Mind you i had never stumbled across BB&W until that date.

  3. Is that a real picture? When you put the BWE and BMV posts side by side it makes me want to emigrate to Fiji and sell pound cake. You did a good job with these, real talk. But they are considered “safe spaces” like Stormfront and Amren. Ironically they’re all based on having a low opinion of blacks. Have you noticed how everyone is a “victim” on those sites? They paint this picture of good intentions going unrewarded and its like they use this phony martyrdom to avoid any critique.

    1. The “phony martyrdom” is why I call them “bitchists.” Being a suck-pussy, punk-ass bitch-nigga is an entire philosophical system (like Objectivism), and a way of life for these people. so save on typing (and for the benefit of white people), they get called bitchists.

      1. There is a co-relation here between these broads and HBD bung holes. They secretly lust for black men but cannot get one for what ever reason. With that being said they are comical at the same time. What about when a white man up and leaves them for a white woman? They appear to disdain white women also due to this fear. White privilege by osmosis? What a joke.

  4. The ladies of facebook group For-Black-Women-What-not-to-buy (BWE group) making painful realisations the rainbeaus ain’t checking for them.

    *Lelani Freed
    Not really sure but I always found it amazing that white guys like Channing Tatum, Simon Baker & Michael Vartan ended up with white women but look SO GREAT with black women AND identify/and/or acted alongside black actresses(black culture) well. Am I the only one who gets a little disappointed when finding out they are with white women? lol
    And as ratchet as he is, I was surprised to find out that Eminem didnt date black women. Cause with black men its different -any sniff of white people or “white” (euro/ western, what have you) culture and black men are QUICKLY on to white women but the opposite doesnt seem to be true. Or else, they are hidden quite well. (Still mad about the Jagger song.)

    *Rachel Meko Did you hear that song Eminem made about hating Black girls?. Yeah…if not…you should.

    *For Black Women-What not to buy. No I’m not angry at all. I think we Black women are only disappionted because we KNOW Black men do not feel the same way about us that White and other men feel about their own women. So we kind of “hope” that some other man will “give us our due” for a change. What White men do is very natural. That’s why their people have been on top 400 years in America and quite frankly are at the top of the food chain everywhere they go! They understand the formula to suscess: When you get rich, marry your own, and build a White upperclass. Black men dont’ get that. They feel White men are just being racist, b/c they love themselves so much.
    And not to be debbie downer, but I think things are going to get much worst for Black women in the future b/c of us failing to produce men that will love and protect us. I see things getting MUCH MUCH worst.-Michelle Alston (black woman who hates black men and angry that her white guy left with her biracial son is now trying to save black women from being left by white men, which is why at times she clashes with Christelyn Karazin, she does have a profound hatred for biracial people, goes in on light skin girls, despite having a mixed son)

  5. The ladies of facebook group For-Black-Women-What-not-to-buy (BWE group)
    Monday 19th November 2012 21:01

    o *For Black Women-What not to buy. LOL.

    Coming in late in this conversation, but I just have to add that there is a HUGE difference (oceans really) between having a great-great White grandfather that you’ve never seen, and having a single WHITE MOM raising you! And that is measurably about the difference between the nappy headed pecan brown Black people on here claiming b/c of their one drop of White blood it is impossible to seperate Biracial people from them.

    I think some of the pro-black people got it wrong on here. Black folks aren’t trying to deny Biracial people their mixness, they are trying to STEAL the Biracial identify for themselves!!!!! They want African American replaced with MIXED and leave the term Black for Africans back on Africa. Its all so obvious following the conversation on here.

    In their ‘nigger mind’, all White people are going to mix and and finally after everyone mixes they are going to be EQUAL TO WHITES since everyone will be supposely ‘mulatto’ or ‘quadroon’. They don’t have the common sense or self respect to realize Whites are gonna stay White (with minimal Asian and Latino genes), its only going to be Blacks that are going to breed themselves out into the new Mulatto underclass- who they themselves are going to be considered the ‘niggers’ by then.

    Only Blacks don’t realize it is a way WORST feeling being Biracial and being at the bottom of the barrel than being pure Black and at the bottom. When you are Black those racist Whites are just- that racist Whites!!!!! When you are mixed/biracial those racist Whites are family that is hating you! And it causes so much more emotional damage fore them than us. (could you even imagine how humilating it must have been for a Biracial person 300 years ago to know master was daddy yet they were still a SLAVE? Or the hurt they felt seeing White children get the best of everything that was also their birthright as well? Compare that with a pure blood African at that time who would have just saw master as ‘any’ other rich white man- with zero emotional baggage or attachment). Despite what what whites tell you about the beauty, good hair, and coolness of being biracial: notice White people don’t want to be MULATTO, and even the 1st choice for marriage for biarcial people is a white person not another mulatto like themselves. It is just 100x harder to REBEL against oppressors when they are family and Biracial people are much more likely to STAY oppressed than black people in a similar situation!-michelle alston(black woman who hates black men and angry that her white guy left with her biracial son is now trying to save black women from being left by white men, which is why at times, she clashes with Christelyn Karazin, she does have a profound hatred for biracial people, goes in on light skin girls, despite having a mixed son) Mixed folks near should run.
    *Kola Boof response below:

    OMG …..Michelle Alston

    OMG. You have torn a rupture into the fabric of pure truth. 🙂 I love it. You are SO reading everybody’s ass
    for filth.

    Christelyn Karazin who endorses this Facebook group has yet to respond, even though they are insulting her children by extension

  6. APRIL 25, 2010 7:19 AM
    One more point, I’m on a ranting rampage! I am a bit worried about this new idea the media is promoting about the solution to all Black women’s problems (as opposed to SELF LOVE) is interracial dating (specifically white men). Although there are certainly Robert De Niro’s out there, truth be told MOST white men are NOT! Most non-black men are not in general! Because Black men hate themselves, their race, their culture and disrespect their women/mothers does NOT mean other men do or will……..not even for the sake of lonely Black women (as protrayed on television). It might be a hard pill to swallow, but it is like a truth serum.

    And I absolutely hate this media promotion of Black women as ‘desperate’ undesirable women. It makes women panic, and accept any man and let him do anything to her in the hopes that he will have her. I think that is what is happening today with inner city young Black girls. I can remember my mother and aunts warning me that men (speaking of ALL men) “just wanted me for sex, and don’t be a fool and give it to them”. However there were never any discussions about ME being TOO-GOOD for certain types of men, me being too pretty to touch, me being a princess period (other races of women group up hearing these types of things). It makes a big difference, it really does!To make matters worst Black boys are not brought up to think you are suppose to pamper and care for a women, especially their OWN women. They only see White men (and other races) pampering their women and their daughter and come to believe that these non-black women are the ones that deserve RESPECT LOVE AND MARRIAGE.
    michelle alston/ AKA girlfromthenc (black woman who hates black men and angry that her white guy left with her biracial son is now trying to save black women from being left by white men, which is why at times, she clashes with Christelyn Karazin, she does have a profound hatred for biracial people, goes in on light skin girls, despite having a mixed son) Mixed folks near her should run.
    A commenter responds to michelle alston/ AKA girlfromthenc
    MAY 2, 2010 11:12 AM
    Danila said…
    girlfromthenc, I feel you in everything you said. I don’t want to attack or offend anybody but I do get tired of holding it all in and trying to be strong. I know this piece isn’t meant for therapy, but I just have to get some things off my chest. So many things have come to min as a result of this piece.

    The first thing I thought about is my own social situation. I’m 28, black female, single of course (as are most of the black women I know around my age). I spent years pining after white men. Finally one of them told me straight out that he was interested because he heard black girls have “big holes”. Even the nice ones would have never brought me home to mama. I’ve been told that I’m “too much”. I realized I could not be compatible with them and would have a hard time trusting one. Years of exposure to white men’s true feelings on the internet have turned me off even more. Black women aren’t even desired in porn. Yes I have gone to porn sites and read the racist comments on videos of black women. Even while they’re getting off they still hate us.

    michelle alston/ AKA girlfromthenc mad as she is, has sense to know that white guys are not feeling black women in millions as Christelyn Karazin makes out in fact all this white man begging makes them look desperate hence her routine clashes with Housewife.

  7. The BWE ladies of facebook group For-Black-Women-What-not-to-buy (BWE group) are actually doing something good as oppose to the usual black man hating, white men begging and venom throwing at biracial women.
    The BWE ladies of facebook group For-Black-Women-What-not-to-buy (BWE group) are trying to help shut down the GhettoGaggers porn site with this petition
    I don’t know how that going to work as Raven Nicole Masterson aka Fiona from GhettoGaggers (wears cheap ass blue lenses and a scatty blond weave and has the same receding hairline problem as Christelyn Karazin ) post in the group, when she has posted no-one and I mean no-one not even the moderators like Michelle Alston say anything about her ghettogaggering ways, they believe her performing rimming on a white man (which means licking out the rectum) on film is due to her not being loved by a black man, not having her nappy hair or dark skin loved by them.
    Anilingus, from the Latin cūlus + lingus (anus + lingere, to lick), and alternately spelled analingus,[1][2] is a form of oral sex involving contact between the mouth of one person and the anus of another. Anilingus is also formally referred to as anal–oral contact and anal–oral sex, or colloquially as a rimjob or rimming. Anilingus can be performed by people of all sexual orientations, and may be used for personal pleasure or as a form of erotic humiliation. The term was coined by sexologist Richard von Krafft-Ebing in his bookPsychopathia sexualis (1886).[3]
    I am surprised that Gap-Teethed Mother Fucker AKA The bitch that stole from Evia AKA Christelyn Karazin has not hijacked this campaign and put her name all over it. Raven Nicole Masterson AKA Fiona from ghettogaggers response will be interesting, why is it the BWE/BDWE women never address DBR women but then again all bad choices and bad behaviour black women make is because of black men.
    Raven Nicole Masterson may indeed be suicidal or mentally but her actions which are a bad example to black girls need to be addressed, I cannot understand how Gap-Teethed Mother Fucker AKA The bitch that stole from Evia AKA Christelyn Karazin can write nasty articles on Octomom – Nadia Suleman, Kim Kardashian and on Holly Petraeus but cannot say nothing on Raven Nicole Masterson aka Fiona from GhettoGaggers.

    1. What’s your point? Dogs and cats lick their assholes in order to clean them. Maye this gap toothed motherfucker you refer to is doing it to clean the white man’s asshole as he cannot do it himself. Besides, these animals are doing what every man wishes he could do; lick his won balls! He would save a lot of money on taking women out for dinner. Maybe licking the white man’s bunghole is her way of saying she loves him! I see you don’t have a romantic bone in your body or else you would see this.

  8. ‘I confess I don’t go on many IR themed sites because the Black women there always seem to outnumber the men 20 to 1, and even worst is the fact that they are generally packed full of White men well passed their prime looking for a young “hot” Black girlfriend/wife. So I am out of the loop about these popular sites.’
    Michelle Alston/ AKA girlfromthenc – (black woman who hates black men and angry that her white guy left with her biracial son is now trying to save black women from being left by white men, which is why at times, she clashes with Christelyn Karazin, she does have a profound hatred for biracial people, goes in on light skin girls, despite having a mixed son) Mixed folks near her should run. she is a Moderator of facebook group For-Black-Women-What-not-to-buy (BWE group)-

    Speaks the truth about alot of Facebook Interracial Groups, focusing on Black women.

    Christelyn Karazin who endorses this Facebook group has yet to respond, even though they are insulting her relationship by extension.

  9. Michelle Alston/ AKA girlfromthenc/ a Moderator of facebook group For-Black-Women-What-not-to-buy (BWE group)
    Goes in on Christelyn Karazin Beyond Black and White ‘Why You Should Care About The Fact That Lil Wayne Has Disrespected Chris Bosh Wife’ Adrienne Bosh’ article she not pulling any punches
    Michelle Alston : Its a waste of time over there (refering to Christelyn Karazin BB&W website)……Too many White male identified Black women there……anything that isn’t positive about non-Black folks (who would be potential mates for swirlers), is met with a lot of hostility……..
    Commenter Reese Wilson makes an very interesting comment looks like she seeing ‘the bitch who stole from Evia’ for what she really is: I’ve noticed that about Beyond Black and White as well. i saw this piece yesterday, and as soon as i realized that the white skinned priveledge of this latina was not being acknowledged, i stopped reading. I am in no way surprised, this is not atypical for them, a few months back they were coming to the defense of the Arabs of northern sudan who were being bombed by the Isrealis, and in that entire peice i saw not one word mentioned re: the daily slaughter of the Black Sudanese that continues as we speak. And when i brought this to their attention, all kinds of philosophical, empty, “two wrongs don’t make a right” jargon was used. Bullshit. Still anti-black at their core.
    Saidah Green also goes in on the ‘bitch who stole from Evia’: Sites like this one are so full of obvious self-loathing and misplaced anger… it’s not even worth the click through for a cheap laugh. This is an example of why not all “sistahs” are my “sisters”. I don’t think I ever saw a post on that thing that had to do with celebrating or caring for black women that didn’t culminate into “here’s how you’ll get a white man and a house in the suburbs and be better than all those other fat uneducated negresses in the hood”. They’ll continue to be miserable, and they’ll continue to blame every (black) body to stop from seeing the deep faults within themselves that keep them feeling so inadequate.

    Moderator of facebook group For-Black-Women-What-not-to-buy: These types of Black women need to be left the hell alone. They are non Black identified. They only feel trapped in Black women’s bodies. The White male worship that goes on there is sickening.-DT

    Tish Newton Virgues make the statement of the BWE/BWDE Century , it seems not all of the BWE/BWDE are fully mentally ill, her statement is as follows: Beyond Black and White and a lot of other swirler sites are notorious for stuff like this. They only feel trapped in Black women’s bodies and are convinced that the White man’s water is wetter. They project their self hatred under the guise of interracial love.

  10. Black women tend to have a high opinion of their own attractiveness, and are not pleased by evidence that this opinion is not universally shared.
    Steve Sailer on 9/11/2013

    1. Boss, what the fuck is wrong with using Steve Sailer to support a on a site run by a black man? Is that you will do whatever it takes to make black women look bad? Look, no one gives a flying fuck about what “race realists” an their little weirdo surveys come up with. And no one gives less than a flying fuck about what the BVE/BMVenters are up to nowadays. Its over man. Over since Thugtician and HeavenlyTruth days. Its time too reach out and build. Simmering and getting all upset on blogs will get us nowhere.

  11. Posted on Kola Boof ‘s page by a black woman, if a black man said the same they would be hell to pay.

    JaeJae UppityN’HiFalutin Turner

    I know I will be making biracial babies and I know I will not be reproducing blackness. We can not under any circumstances pretend that this is NOT what we are doing. However, I have no tribe and no male collective that is loyal to me therefore, I will breed out and sleep well. I adore all babies and black ones are my favs, but I’ll damned if I birth them into dysfunction. They don’t deserve. It

    16 October at 05:07
    this comment received 15 likes

    This black woman had children with a white man just for lightskin kids. SMDH

  12. I hope you don’t see me as a troll. I used to comment on Abagond’s blog but I look around your blog and I enjoy reading your posts. Your posts are very well written and speak the truth. I am glad there is are Black man who stand up for the Black race particularly Blacks in Jamaica.

  13. Who writes this stuff? Here it is pally; the Black women I have come to know in the BWE are intelligent, educated, and good looking, and have nothing in common with the non-achieving BM who work in car washes and back rooms washing dishes when they decide to work, or as pimps and drug dealers. You’re trash and they are the crème of their race. You don’t protect them, you call them hoes, bitches and other disgusting names. You do beat and rape them. You desert your kids and don’t pay a dime to support them or give them 5-minutes of your time. It works with your NBABM ghetto chick only because they don’t think they have an option, but that will change too. Then it will be you and your hand. Now tell me about those fat arsed WW you bang that no one else but loser BM would touch, or likewise, the skinny, no jugs, and ugly WW that you ghetto rats love so much. You think any WM is jealous of one of those dogs you heard around? Think again. Oh, yea right; tell me about the hot blonde you used to shag and I’ll tell you if she was over a 6 on the 10-scale and with you, she was a mental irregular. I have seen those fat, ugly, certifiable nuts run you out of stores and tear you a new arse hole when you didn’t do what they wanted. The average Black male is so far below average it is pitiful. Okay, who is the first immature little girly boy to threaten me? I know you bad boys are good at shooting joggers in the back if there are three of you, and shooting 13-month old boys in the head if there are three of you, and shooting 12-month old boys in the face if there are two of you, and killing 90-year old vets if there are three of you and, oh yea raping and killing a 21 year old boy and 22 year old girl if there are four of you plus a bull dyke. Yea, I scared. You are all uneducated, immature, bi-sexual at best, useless to anyone losers. So me and my woman are going to make lots of bi-racial, beautiful babies and if you ever say one word to her or my kids, I will send you off the planet. If you even look at her or me funny, I’ll put you in the hospital, unless I lose my temper. Whaddayagotta do around here to get the trash picked up, eh?

  14. I’ve heard one of them say the black church is to blame for so many black women ending up single but they couldn’t explain in great detail how the church is responsible. Have you heard of this and do you have any insight as to how they came up with this? And you are right, the hate and disdain they have for black men is so disturbing. Some have alinged themselves with “race realists” who attack black men. One famous BWE on youtube collaborated with Colin Flaherty, the white nationalist “race realist”. Some of them are actually going THAT FAR. Sickening isn’t it? How are they not the opposite of Tommy Sotomayor and these whiny no pussy having men who constantly bitch about their problems with black women?

    I once debated this women who was a disciple of theirs on youtube. She went on about black men not defending black women and how black men hate black women. She cited notable youtubers and dumbass black male celebs who have made some backhanded comments about black women. I responded by to her by saying you are judging black men based on a handful of idiots. I showed her some links of black men praising and supporting the plight of black women. She never replied back. Suffice to say, it didn’t stop her ignorance. She would go on other videos and make asinine comments about black men and compared us with white men and other non black men. She would praise them for her perceived appreciation they have for black women. What, black men don’t appreciate black women? who do you think the brothas fap to 90% of the time on the net? It’s not Meg Ryan I’ll tell you that.

    There is no shortage of insanity on youtube between the bwe clan and their whiny black male, black women hating counterparts. Both camps are devoid of any critical thinking skills. I need a drink.

    1. I was in California last year. This sort of black-on-black conflict exists only online. What is needed is a plan and agenda that allows us to give young blacks skills and to indoctrinate them to resist fuckery.

      1. Tommy Sotomayor and his ilk are always complaining about black women. Perhaps these two groups should hook up!! That would solve their ‘man’ and woman’ problem!

      2. The one common thing with the BWE infantry with their “rainbeaus” waiting at the barracks is that they encourage their readers and followers to conform to their way of thinking. If you have something positive to say about a particular black man, they will tear you apart. It’s sacrilegious to say there are plenty of decent, hardworking black men out there. You either hate black men and call them rapists and white women worshiping coons or we will ostracize you from the group. And I don’t think we need a device of some sort, although it would help a lot. I think we should be encouraging black boys and girls to embrace their blackness and at the same time, become critical thinkers. Refrain from groupthink, respect each other and remember guys like Tommy are not representative of the entire black male population.

        It is mostly online but my fear is that this stupid mess will seep into the consciousness of the everyday brotha and sista.

  15. I used to frequent BWE(Black Woman Empowerment) sites when I was first starting college, but I found myself moving away from that ideology as I move further into my college career. At first, I found it very enlightening that Black women’s issues were finally being put at the forefront. It was nice reading and seeing other Black women’s narratives about what they faced in society and in their own communities. What I had failed to realize was how much internalized racism, classism, respectability politics, backstabbing and group think permeated these spaces. I started to see much of it as I frequented it more. These days, I don’t really frequenting these spaces anymore. To me, BWE isn’t much different from the likes of Tommy Sotomayor and the Black men, who hate and bash Black women; I don’t want to be apart of such spaces anymore.

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