Black Men Vent. And bitch. And moan.

Black people  who have been on the Internet since the arrival of Web 2.0 will no doubt have at one time come across the “African-American Gender War.” This conflict is representative of the series of changes that are now occurring throughout Western Society,  in this case, the shifting role of men and women , in our relationships, in the home and at work. No where have these shifts been more obvious than in the African American community, which has traditionally served as a canary in the coalmine for future social trends in Western Society. But if the group of men that I am about to discuss are indicator of what the future holds, then we may as well prepare for the extinction of the human race.

Are these guys like, some 15 year old 4channers or something?

What I describe as the Black Men Venters (BMVs) are an Internet subculture that emerged in the middle of the last (2000s) decade . They consist of websites and forums such as the aforementioned Black Men Vent and Diary of  a Tired Black Man among others.  These websites are the epicenter of bitchism on the African-American side of the Internet.  While I will describe the philosophy known as bitchism at a later date, key to the ideology of the bitchist is what Clarence E Walker calls a “therapeutic mythology.” The therapeutic mythology may considered a grand non-narrative, as while a grand narrative provides people  with a view of human history that gives meaning to the past, explains the present, and provides guidance for the future, the therapeutic myth gives false guidance that is explicitly ahistorical. Thus the BMVs mythology.

The Grand Narrative of Black Men Vent

Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society social policies, combined with the Women’s movement, gave black women in the United States no need to put off having sex until marriage, or to get married and start a nuclear family. This is demonstrated by the massive jump in unwed pregnancies from the ’06s to the 70s. As a result of the above social changes the black woman has become a rude, arrogant, self-centered, vulgar, promiscuous, ill-mannered harpy. She no longer desires the company of stable, well-mannered, good black men, but instead seeks out the company of thugs, gangsters, playboys and athletes. The result is that a very small number of black men having access to all the black women they want. This has led to black women being 70% unmarried, with an almost 80% out of wedlock birth rate and an almost 50% STD (herpes) rate.

The problems with the above narrative should be obvious. What exactly is a “good black men?” And who decides what a “good black man ” is? What about that other LBJ “social program” that put thousands of young black men into that little Indochina work program?  If the marriage, out of wedlock rates and STD rates for black women are so high, what are the rates for men? (Answer to last question – 39 percent of blacks have herpes, close to 60 percent of black men have herpes in some age groups, 1 in 16 black men will be diagnosed with HIV, compared to 1 in 32 black women) Haven’t they heard that black women were marginalized in the women’s movement, by middle class white women, or that black women were none too pleased that there concerns were not being articulated?

Let us describe the “good black man” From simply lurking around on the Black Men Vent forum it usually means a nerd who is into Information Technology  (i.e. System Administration and Web Design ) who is not aggressive, and would like a woman to “choose” him.  The “good black man ” is not cocky or overly aggressive, he doesn’t have swagger – but he sure is polite!  But black women don’t want him. Black women don’t want men who are nice them , they want men that are  “rough”, aggressive, flashy and sexually promiscuous. So black women now gravitate towards thugs, athletes, drug dealers and “bad boys.” This applies to all black women – no exceptions.  This is how the BMVs explain  not just their inability to attract black women, but also the various pathologies in the African-American community.

High school was like, years ago. Get over it.

It would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic.

“The girls don’t want me because I’m a nerd!” “They only want thugs!”

If professional black women are hooking up with thugs and players, then where are they? Where are the pictures and social media interactions between these doctors of medicine, esquires, corporate deal makers dating the drug dealers and criminal masterminds in the black community?  Where the hell are they? And why are these men putting themselves in a position that they have to compete with thugs and criminals for women?

Only in the cartoons

Already we have seen four of the essential features of bitchism :

Four features of bitchism

  • A superficial reliance on statistics. The only way the statistics that the bitchist uses can be justified is to completely de-contextualize them and repeat them without giving the “full picture.”  As the BMV bitchist lacks a lucid set of ethics , eschewed tradition and lacks a coherent philosophy, he must rely on the idea of statistical objectivity. Statistical objectivity woks well with widgets, atoms, clouds, People’s National Party politicians and other non-living things, but with something as complex and nebulous as the human being , it is absolutely useless. To assume that individual members of a group have the average characteristics of the group at large is fallacious. Statistics that accurately describe group characteristics do not necessarily apply to individuals within that group.
  • Value Reversal. The bitchist usually is scorned by society due to the fact (in the case of BMV)  of his geekiness, social awkwardness and misogyny. Most people in such a situation would re-evaluate themselves, and improve, or create a completely new subculture outside of mainstream society. Not the  bitchist. He is like the fox that can’t get the grapes he wants, so he says they are sour. The bitchist can’t get the women he wants so the women are “ankles”, and the men become “simps”, “manginas” and “thugs”. The nerd (him in this case) becomes valorized – all other men become losers and all non-black (or non-Western) women are whores and ankles.

  • Binary-world view. The BMV sees the world in absolutes. There are only nerds and jocks. Black women and non black women. Him versus them. Thus the appeal of the movies like 300, complete with the fascist undertones. They see themselves as the few against the many, when all they are the latest set of misogynists to arrive in the black community.
  • Permanent struggle. When the BMV have marshalled all their statistics, and they have slain all the ankles, and when they have shamed all the thugs – what then? What is their endgame? Yes, they will they will marry their non-black woman (yeah right!) but what about the rest of the black community, that they so love to comment on? The BMVs have indeed identified several issues among their female counterparts that are worth discussing. Where they differ from others that focus on such issues is that they propose no solution. They only offer shaming tactics and concern trolling.
I suppose they will achieve this utopia with few thousand more forum posts, and a hundred more statistics on Black women’s STDs

It’s not because the members of Black Men Vent et. al. are nerds that cause black women to reject them. It’s because they are passive-aggressive bitches that want to be the very thing that they claim to hate, but lack the balls to become.

Even sadder still, is that they believe that non-black, primarily white women will see them for the “nice guys” that they are and take pity upon them decide that they should be in relationships with them.

That is an odd belief, seeing that it was white women that that originally identified, mocked and scorned the “nice guy.” It is quite ironic that they would adopt a Steve Urkel like character as their Hero archetype. On the sitcom “Family Matters”, Urkel chased endlessly after Laura, even though Myrna – his female counterpart obsessed over him, and did not hide her obsession from him. Perhaps the BMVs Myrna could be just like that lady in the green ringer T and khaki slacks, just with dark skin? Thy would be perfect for each other, as he, the nice guy, would not need to do any pursuing, as Myrna, the nerd would pursue him. But that’s not what most “nice guys” are truly  attracted to.

In our neo-liberal age almost all militant and civil rights groups have been rendered impotent. From the Black Panther party to the Rastafarian movement, most counter-cultural groups have either been destroyed, converted, or worse, rendered irrelevant. But even before then, these had come to see mainstream middle class and blue collar workers as sell-outs, or apostates, and thus distanced themselves from their daily concerns.  Lacking the external point of view that balances the ideology of those groups, they soon became infected with the quest for ideological purity, internal repression, paranoia and self-exaltation. In other words they became exactly like capitalist system and repressive state that they originally set out to defeat.

The same thing has now happened with these men that became members of Black Men Vent. They have internalized all the negative stereotypes about lower class black men and black men in general, and even created a few more stereotypes about black men and black women. They would rather sit behind a computer screen and shame people to feed their own fragile egos. It’s sad, as their message is filled with so much racism and misogyny that hardly anyone is going to take them seriously enough for them to leave the Internet and reach the real world. And from what is on videos like the below, they may very much like it that way.

Mi nuh want yu likkle nigger gyal, mi want a white gyal!

I don’t think that I need to translate the above quote from patois to English for anyone to realize the level of racist misogyny and contempt that the members of Black Men Vent have towards black women. Now, this is hardly the mainstream belief of most Jamaicans (the main speaker is obviously a minstrel), nevertheless bitchism, in general has gripped Jamaica,just like most of the Western world.

One would think that given the identical problems that black men and black women in the United States that these men would be more than willing to join up with their black women and at least set some sort of think tank or not-for-profit that would help educate poor people wo are at greater risk of catching STIs. Instead , they would rather stay on the Internet and berate black women, in the same way that their female counterparts , the Black Women’s Empowerment movement, disparage black men and the black race.

You’ve gotta start working together….

Black Men Vent, and other misogynists are merely a symptom of the modern world. They are not slacktivists, as the slacktivist actually believes in bis cause. They are nihilists, but rather than openly announce that they have given up on making the world a better place, they adopt the manner of the original community activist, but only to uplift themselves at the expense of others. They are black men who vent, bitch and moan. And isn’t that what the bitchist is? A nihilist in slacktivist’s clothing?

In my next entry in the series on bitchism, I will take on the female version of Black Men Vent, the Black Women Empowerment movement, then go on to Afrocentricism, and finally Rastafarianism on the home stretch.


29 thoughts on “Black Men Vent. And bitch. And moan.”

  1. I remember when I first posted on BMV I was slammed for not being as radical as them; in regards to my approach/feelings towards certain issues that pertained to black women. That blog is on its best day is friggin’ a joke.

    1. Indeed. That Real Jamaican fellow sounds more like a Jamaican version of a black American minstrel. I don’t really think that they want to address the actual negative features of the black “Cult of Womanhood.” That’s the essence of the philosophy of bitchism – the appearance of action while being completely inactive – and knowing that they aren’t doing shit to change.

      1. Reminds me of the posters I had encountered during my “Stormfront Stomping” days. Replace Black Women with Jews/Blacks/Situational Whites/Hispanics/etc…

  2. In My Next Entry In The Series On Bitchism, I Will Take On The Female Version Of Black Men Vent, The Black Women Empowerment Movement

    Maybe the empowerment broads should hook up with these venters , pump each other silly, and call it a day. They seem to be ideal for each other. They seem to be seeking the very characteristics that they each claim the other group do not possess. But of course they would still find excuses to deride, insult, hurl invective anyway. Bunch of retards!

    1. I’m actually surprised that it got so many views, seeing that it is a 2000 word essay. I’ll have the next two ready next week. Each will elaborate on the previous one, as well as make its own case.

      1. No, no i don’t mean anything bad about it. Your comments on Abagond were so sarcastic in nature that it was hard for me to see where you were coming from. Unitl i read your blog.

        I really had no idea that this subset of blacks existed.

        1. Oh, and stop using that Toldson/Marks black marriage study. Its giving black people hope and a sense of humanity and s its very hard to be defeatist with those things.

  3. Not a bad post satanforce.
    However I think thugtician is just as hypocritical as BMV and “Diary of a Tired Black Man” dudes.

      1. Thugtician is simply nothing more than an MRA. The man complains about the whining and bitching of wall of silencers yet what did he do? hmmm.
        Thugtician went on to defend the likes of BlakeBarbieDoll the BWE youtuber spokesperson, yet attacks the youtuber StatuesqueOne. A female youtuber that has seen what feminism has done to the Black american community. While granted everybody has the right to assoociate with whoever they want. It makes Thugtician look inconsistant and hypocritical. While I have very little (0.1%) love for Sgt Willie Pete, I repeat I HAVE VERY LITTLE LOVE FOR SGT WILLIE PETE, he was right to call out thugtician on his flawed reasoning.
        Any black man that doesn’t agree him is an “Uncle Tom”. Well call me an “Uncle Tom” because some of his views are quite flawed IMO.
        For example:
        He complains about black men asking women to let them lead but he believes in republicanism and democracy acting as if those two philosophies are not about the very same thing he complains about. (I won’t even get into the republicanism thing, it’s flawed, monarchies are clearly better!)
        Another example is he believes that romantic relationships are about equal partnership. WRONG!!! You can never love an “equal”. Romantic relationships are about unions of people based on whatever. The participants of the union may not be “equal”.
        There’s some but I don’t want to write to much

        I will say this though. When thugtician is right, he’s very much on point.
        His video on Tiger Woods’ marriage breakdown.
        His video on how to control teen pregnancy.

        Overall he’s simple nothing more than a very intelligent and I’ll admit charismatic MRA. BUT an MRA is simply nothing more than a feminist.

  4. I visited BMV a long time ago to see what they were about. It’s true, they were a bunch of radical, mindless, juvenile misogynists. It’s laughable that they would paint themselves as the victims or the “good guys.” The image section was plastered with misogynist images and messages, and at the very top of the forum, they had an image thread filled with nude women for them to objectify and admire that were from sites that no respectable man would frequent. How can you complain about trashy thug-loving women when you’re worshiping their trashy, violent, slutty behavior at the same time? How can you have threads speaking out against women you consider to be too easily and slutty, and yet parade those same women around at the top of your page. All you’re telling those women is, “We still want you and we’re still ruled by the power of your pussy.”

    And exactly what sort of dialog is created with all of that misogyny? And even more importantly, how does it help the black community when you’re teaching men to be more radical and hateful?

    Their entire purpose is to be like one big high school gang, where black women hurt them, so they create a place where they can hide out and bitch and moan. If they were really tired of black women or didn’t want to associate with them, they wouldn’t fetishize them so much and make them such a huge focus in their lives. They’d just move on to other women. They wouldn’t even spare black women a thought to insult if they were really tired of them. But they aren’t. They are just bitter and want to try to hurt black women, even the good ones, because they were hurt and never grew up.

    The real laughable thing is how they play the victim, as though them being nerdy should have still somehow made them desirable. As if girls were obligated, for reasons they never explain, to be attracted to them when they were younger. They also convince themselves (and others) that now that they are older and have money and success that the same women want them. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a woman hit on a man she knew back in her school days. Hell, I’ve yet to see a woman who still knew any men from her school days. Also, notice that these men never actually say anything about changing or addressing what made them so undesirable in the first place.

    In other words, if they took a good long look at themselves, I think they’d find out where the problems lie.

    1. I’m white, but the reversal of fortunes has been true for me. Women who were hos in h.s. now only wish they could get a place in line.

      1. All in your head. Women lining up for a man doesn’t happen. Sex is too easy to come by and women have too many options. Nice try.

  5. I am guilty of bitchism. I may not be as bad as the dudes you describe in the blog, in fact I was the man in High-school and have a good relationship now but I have took it upon myself to be a cyber warrior against the women’s empower (Black Male Bashing) Phenomenon and while doing so I encounter both the misogynist males looking to shame black women into submission and Nerds trying to undermine the role charisma and gumption (knowing when to kiss the girl before the window closes) play in getting women.

    I strive to criticize only the black women who say stuff about black men but your article makes me question why I even feel the need to do so. It’s like you said there is little valor to it and I only keep the arguing going by acknowledging them. It’s not like they will read my blog and suddenly stop feeling the way they do. I also have to admit that I only started doing so because I was scorned by a black woman who cheated on me and stated a lot black feminist bullshit when she got caught. I mostly vented online because I was still sleeping with her all the while she left me for another dude. I wore my “had it all together” playa mask when I was dealing with her and bitched into cyber-space when she made it apparent I was now her side-piece.

    The whole episode made my blog what it is and I know see the error in that especially now that I am 100% not dealing with that girl and have a relationship with someone else.

  6. I’m a 50-year old black woman and I can honestly say that from the time I was a teenager in the 70’s, I noticed that the older females in my family (grandmom, mom, aunts, and other females living in my neighborhood) were a bunch of angry and bitter bitches. It has been discovered that the worst oppressor of black women are older black females. It is tradition for them to plant the seeds of bitterness into the minds of black girls as early as possible. Black girls get the impression at an early age that many black females (and males) problems stem from their own behavior and actions.

    Ignorant, ghetto-minded, foul-mouthed black females need to be put in their place. Then again, being obnoxious and disrespectful is their specialty. Its no wonder black teenagers turn out to be the exact same way. They were taught by experts. I surely understand why black men aren’t capable of having a good relationship/marriage with these types of black females.

    What black man in his right mind wants a female who doesn’t qualify as good woman/wife material? He’d only be wasting his time, so its best from him to get away and move onto brighter pastures.

    1. You know how I know you’re no a 50 year old black woman. Because that age don’t go around telling people their age. Nice try though. Calling the women in your family “a bunch of angry and bitter bitches?” Sir you have personal issues that are separate and apart from black people.

      It has been discovered that the worst oppressor of black women are older black females. It is tradition for them to plant the seeds of bitterness into the minds of black girls as early as possible.

      Who discovered this? You and the rest of your wierdoes bitch-ass fools? Gedouddahere damn loser…..

  7. Like BWE, they find commonality with white racist men. In this case, it’s white mgtows. Boy, what a bunch of fucking morons. What the fuck is wrong with these guys?

    1. Some things have happened. I will have too make a part two to this. Not encouraging or forgiving anything, but I’ve gotten older and wiser since then, and my ideas have evolved.

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