Afrocentricism is for bitch-niggas


That Afrocentrism is a failed ideology, mythology and pseudo-history should be obvious to all sensible people today. One such sensible person is Lipton Matthews, the writer of the Gleaner letter of the day for May 26, 2012. Matthew’s letter, entitled “Afrocentrism’s time has expired”, features the usual standard brand arguments and examples. We have the Aristotle/Library of Alexandria affair, the racist role reversal and , most importantly, its function as a therapeutic myth.

What is important (and unfortunately, unsurprising) are the responses in the comments section to the gentleman. The comments consist mostly of statements that condemn the writer as either a  skin bleaching clown , or a brainwashed sellout. For example

Lipton you have been thoroughly brainwashed.

I agree, I’m wondering what his ethnic background is. Also, is he in a biracial(eurocetric relationship), which may explain wanting to bash Afrocentrism and implicitly affirming his social relations.

I had to laugh out loud at this one:

Miseducation and self hatred are enjoying a symbiotic relationship in your mind. It is unfortunate that the Gleaner provides a medium for you to spew this ignorant revisionist crap thinly disguised as acquired knowledge. I am sure a jar of bleaching cream would go a far way in erasing the most enduring remnant of your Africanness. I sincerely hope that your gratuitous display of knowledge is not a reflection of the diminished state of our Jamaican education system.

and lastly:

You see, many of the descendants of the slave regime adore paternalism.  In other words, they believe in the bowing to massa in exchange for a bit of food, shelter and indoctrination of alien culture.

It should seem odd that none of the above – or for that matter – any other response, addresses any of Mr. Matthews arguments. But only if you have never had an encounter with an Afrocentrist. The Afrocentrist’s moral system can be compared to that of a mid-80s Saturday moral cartoon like G.I Joe or ThunderCats. You are either with the good guys, or you are against them. Such moral absolutism allows for no nuance, and has never served as a suitable explanation for people’s motives. Moral absolutism, however, gives what most Afrocentrists want, an easy, simple way for them to view the world, But, such a system is clear, simple, and wrong. Notice that there is no mention of Africanism, Powernomics, Marxism or progressivism.

What makes the Afrocentrist a bitch nigga, instead of merely a absolutist, is that the belief system is wrong on purpose. The point of a bitch nigga belief system is not to create a totalizing system to give one agency over the future, but a covert admittance to oneself that the goals that are being sought are quixotic, like a nation that has decided to commit itself to an endless war to give itself meaning. The Afrocentrist launches into a doomed quest for reparations, repatriations and Pan-Africanism, with no intention of winning but with all intention to fight forever.

In the coming weeks I will be putting forth my own ideas for national and black self-improvement. But before I do that, I will proceed to show that the previous movements that have engaged black people, are bitch nigga systems that are intended to be therapeutic and self-deceptive, rather than self-empowering. These include Rastafarianism, Black Men Vent style “nice guyism” Marxism, Black Nationalism, and of course, Afrocentricism.

See you in a few.


15 thoughts on “Afrocentricism is for bitch-niggas”

  1. I’m not sure about you dude ,so I’ll keep it simple : vulgar profanity as a title for why you disagree with an ideology , a lot of voyeuristic posts of admittly beautiful jamaican females who pose professionally .
    I clicked on to your site from a particularly “to me” mean spirited post at abagonds about his latest picture on his site, thinking you a racist troll.
    But it seems you may be a self hating one (if your black).

    1. vulgar profanity as a title for why you disagree with an ideolog

      Backed up with abbreviated versions of the standard counter-arguments against Afrocentricism, as well as as well as commentary from the Afrocentrists that demonstrate their black/white (no pun intended) thinking style and morality.

      I clicked on to your site from a particularly “to me” mean spirited post at abagonds about his latest picture on his site, thinking you a racist troll.
      But it seems you may be a self hating one (if your black).

      The concept of sarcasm is completely lost on you, isn’t it?

  2. @ Satanforce

    Who was the author of that piece you linked to? Assuming the author is white, one of the problems I have with Anti-Afrocentric posters is how they not only conflate anything outside the status quo with Afrocentrism, but how they never seem to REALLY deny Eurocentrism. Sure, they will come out and “say” that Eurocentrism is bad (only when comparing it to the hated Afrocentrism), but yet in the same breath they will STILL blindly follow/recite the Eurocentric POV of everything African. Which is soon followed by hostility and “clever” roundabout attempts to disregard an African POV from actual Africans.

    Btw, I wasn’t accusing the author of any of this. That was just a thought that has been in the back of my mind for a while now. One that was sparked in reading that author’s piece.

    @ Telcomcorp

    Do you also post on That avatar looks familiar.

    1. Based off his Twitter account, the gentleman is a black Jamaican. If you define “Eurocentric thought” as the racist belief that Africans have never produced art, science or engineering, then he does not engage in this thought system. If, however, Eurocentric thought is defined by the belief that Man can improve himself through control of nature, and using technology, then he definitely falls into that category.

      1. Ah, ok. To clarify, I was mainly hinting towards the former definition, rather than the latter one. Since the former is both patently false and an amusing lie. One that is often used to soothe the fragile, eternally hungry, “black hole like” egos of a certain caliber of whites, who are upset over the realization of just how insignificant/unimportant they really are. Despite all the shameless white American coddling, “pedestaling”, and borderline deifying that they’ve been spoon-fed throughout their lives.

    2. Afrocentrism is still quite Eurocentric in it’s outlook as well. Though it omits the White supremacist ideology that the Black race hasn’t invented anything, their outlook on the world is still pretty Westernized/Eurocentric in many ways.

  3. This sounds like self-annihilation. Black people who voice the same attitudes toward other Blacks as overtly (and for that matter covertly) racist White people illustrate how thoroughly victimized they have been and still are by racism. Such Black people with self-annihilating attitudes have been psychologically traumatized by racism and have become mouth pieces for racist White people.

    1. Oh noess!!! Self-annihiliation!! Wahhh!!! And what has afrocentrism, in the various guises that is taken for the past 150 years , done for black people? The only thing I have seen these guys do is chat a lot of useless bullshit, and marry white (Van Sertima and Anta Diop) or light-skinned (Karenga and Asante).

      I am always amused by the fact that you niggas seem to think that Afrocentrism is the only ideologythat black peoplehave created for themselves. As an ideology, Afrocentrism is sel-annihaliting, as its utopian view fails to account for economics, class differences or technological development, never mind that it is base on a false, therapeutic history.

      If you have any counter to my points, then please, make them, but if your going to come with some crap about ‘self-hating’ and ‘self-annihilation’, then please, stay away.

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