The Thugtician 40-Pack

Thugtician is the type of person you just know you couldn’t be friends with. Man is abrasive – but in a good way. Yeah, he won’t win over a lot of friends, but with videos like below, who cares?

Thugtician is a proponent of Men’s Rights, a movement that ranges from benign to backward-assed, formed as a result of men being increasingly marginalized in society. Whether you believe that women, for whatever reason, are the cause of said marginalization, is up to you, nevertheless, Thugtician makes a very effective case for how men should navigate the twenty-first century. What makes his message appealing, is that he makes it specifically for black men, whether it be in a majority, or minority black country, and without the self-pity and self-hatred that on hears in a Sergeant Willy Pete, or a Black Men Venter. That is another reason for his importance, he has given us a vocabulary to use, and it is in the naming of things that makes them visible.

You may have noticed that the volume of the above video has very low volume. Well about two and a half years ago I had downloaded and converted his videos from his Dailymotion account.   The following day he had closed all his online video accounts. I had been planning to do some compression and noise reduction to increase the volume and remove the hiss. I was unable to do so due to a medical emergency.. Come out of the hospital and see the audios uploaded as videos on Youtube. Dudes forgot to do the compression.

So after much procrastinating I leveled the audios, got some more videos, and uploaded them to a file locker for posterity. Didn’t bother to get the hiss out. Get them while there hot. Multiupload link at bottom.

The goods

Thugtician, 46 MP3s at

OK, looks like MultiUpload is dead. Don’t worry. I’ve upped them to Mediafire. Here you go –

Thugtician MP3s at Mediafire (special thanks to Dick Strange for the suggestion of file locker)


9 thoughts on “The Thugtician 40-Pack”

  1. Thugtician was the truth. Didn’t agree with everything he said, but when he spoke the truth it was liquid fire! He was one of the very few on YT who I did listen to regularly, along with TENSpeaks and LawlessLaw.

      1. Okay Great!! Looking forward to it. It’s hard to find all of his recordings anymore as most of them have been taken from youtube. Finding this link is like a gold mind. I really wish this brotha would return for the 2015.

    1. Oh shit. I knew I forgot something. I’ve some work that need s to be finished, so I’m looking at Saturday or Sunday morning.

      Will come back to regular posting in December.

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