Of Beauty Queens and Babymaddas – Yendi and the New Society

That Miss Jamaica World and Miss Jamaica Universe (and Jamaican sweetheart) Yendi Phillips, is about to become an unwed mother has caused some us who actually write to newspaper to become rather….upset. Of course, this has had happened before…


If you can have a movie made about you then its OK


But even more interesting are the comments:



Maybe Yendi should have just kept this to herself. As a role model to the young people of Jamaica, especially women, it is unfortunate that she has reduced herself to a mere baby mother. (emphasis mine)


Another child to be born out of wedlock and this makes top story/ breaking news? REALLY?? What kind of message are we sending to our young people here? My goodness!!!!!!


Where are the women’s and children’s advocates now.


And the opposing:


Who the hell are you, Cathy Wong and all the other self-righteous pr..ks? I can imagine uno life is soo messed up. Uno rude! Congrats Yendi. If she got pregnant for a Matalon or Issa, I bet there wouldn’t be any “shame” .


Wow, these comments are amazing. Please go to the home page and look at the date. It’s 2012. No longer do women have to get married to validate themselves. Having a baby does not take away her presence, beauty or intelligence. All these hypocrites on here make me sick to my stomach. Jamaicans and their selective conservatism. Ha! If only this website could show the faces and lives of these people, contradictions would blind us. #proud out of wedlock baby. Do us a favour and go to church and leave us.


What none of the above commenters seem to realize is that the idea of marriage, family, community or church, as it was conceived even twenty years ago, is now irrelevant, and will not even be a memory in the mind of Yendi’s (fathers are optional nowadays) child. Look at what is not being noticed:


  • The passive nature of the male counterpart (Steadman and Oprah Syndrome)
  • The obviously fake emoting by Yendi. Like you didn’t know that she was faking.
  • Marriage no longer a milestone, especially with the legal status of common law marriage in Jamaica


Am I saying that we are a becoming a society of emasculated males, without emotions or a sense of meaningful life goals? Perhaps, but consider this; who would stand to gain in such a society, and who would lose?




5 thoughts on “Of Beauty Queens and Babymaddas – Yendi and the New Society”

  1. Yeah, but women aren’t really taking the lead. I have guys at my workplace who earn less than their female counterparts, but still have to do things like pay 100% of the bill etc. What I am worried about is that men are going to stop trying to get into meaningful relationships with their female counterparts, and instead just go for casual sex with lower achieving women – which is already happening.

  2. That was a joke post by the way. It is the reverse of the same old coin. Whatever happened to wanting a decent man who will act as a partner and helpmate?

  3. Satan, more men are becoming stay at home daddies and, they are quite good at it. Gender roles are useless….I’d rather have a strong, decent man who will stand by me than anything else.

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